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Corporate Profile Another dining room of yours satisfies your heart as well OOTOYA Holdings Co., Ltd 005 0092832261907.indd PDF010 0092832261907.indd2 1 2019/07/12 2019/07/16 3:55:44 16:58:16 History of OOTOYA Offering meals to everyone for 60 years Our Founding Concept The origin of OOTOYA is a Japanese diner called OOTOYA Shokudo in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It opened in 1958, the year when Tokyo Tower was completed. The diner offered a variety of home-style Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. Its Established OOTOYA CO., Ltd to launch the Wayoshoku No OOTOYA restaurant chain Renovated OOTOYA Kichijoji as a model restaurant for the chain Registered its stock as an over-the-counter stock with the Japan Securities Dealers Association in August Opened the 100th OOTOYA restaurant in December Opened the first franchised restaurant in March OOTOYA Shokudo diner 2005 2006 First OOTOYA restaurant in Thailand First OOTOYA restaurant in Indonesia 2008 First OOTOYA restaurant

in Hong Kong First OOTOYA restaurant in China 2009 2012 First OOTOYA restaurant in Singapore 2015 2019 Recognized as a “Health & Productivity Management Organization for 2019” (White 500) by Nippon Kenko Kaigi or the Japan Health Council 2003 Declaration” Opened Vietnam’s first OOTOYA restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City 2002 Opened the first OOTOYA restaurant in Taiwan 2001 Opened Thailand’s first OOTOYA restaurant in Bangkok 1992 Opened the OOTOYA Shokudo diner in Ikebukuro, Tokyo First OOTOYA restaurant in Taiwan Opened the United States’ first OOTOYA restaurant in New York Opened China’s first OOTOYA restaurant in Shanghai restaurant.” Opened the first OOTOYA restaurant in Singapore Shokudo became known as a “50 yen 1983 Mild flavors created with a lot of effort and with consideration of the health of the family. Just as your mother always did for you, so will OOTOYA. “Mother’s With our customers in mind, we put our heart and soul into each

and every dish. Opened the first OOTOYA restaurant in Indonesia Opened the first OOTOYA restaurant in Hong Kong attracted many customers, and OOTOYA 1958 OOTOYA aims to provide “meals like Mother’s cooking.” Nowadays, we have seen significant changes in eating habits at home. Our mission is, however, to become an agent providing home cooking, safe and delicious dishes for the physical and mental health of our customers, so that the existence of an OOTOYA restaurant will reassure them. strategy to offer any dish at around 50 yen OOTOYA Kichijoji, Tokyo “Providing customers with the taste of home” First OOTOYA restaurant in Vietnam First OOTOYA restaurant in the USA 1 090 0092832261907.indd すべてのページ PDF010 0092832261907.indd 2-3 2 2019/07/16 16:52:10 16:58:16 Greetings Business Philosophy Another dining room of yours Help people promote their physical and mental health, and contribute to the development of humankind through food business

satisfies your heart as well Brings “authentic Japanese home cooking” to the world Basic Policies - We impress our customers with heartfelt kindness and consideration. President and Representative Director Kenichi Kubota - We impress our customers by quickly serving delicious, lovingly-made dishes food at reasonable prices. - We impress our customers with our neat and clean restaurants and hospitality. In 1958, the year when Tokyo Tower was completed, a Japanese diner called OOTOYA Shokudo opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Hisami Mitsumori, founder of the company, subsequently made it a restaurant chain, hoping to make a diner where - We will always strive to develop human resources that contribute to society, to create restaurants, and to help the local community to feel affection, excitement and peace of mind. a woman would feel no reluctance to eat alone. In those days, no one imagined that a diner would be able to turn into a restaurant chain. OOTOYA, however, flourished and

established its current business model after facing a number of obstacles and gradually evolving its business. We are proud to say that OOTOYA is a pioneer among diner chains. Japan is a super-aging society with increasing single-person households and Brand Identity double-income households. As the structure of families and society experiences drastic change, many people are keen to save time and effort, and thus view mak- “Becoming a Health Providing Enterprise” ing meals at home to be a burden. Meanwhile, the need for food that is safe, secure and of high nutritional value is increasingly growing We are what we eat Eating is part of our everyday lives and what we eat each day is very important. Being healthy is not as simple as just eating one specific super food. OOTOYA Declaration of Health-conscious Management OOTOYA, an agent providing home cooking, takes the utmost care in cooking In embodying OOTOYA’s business philosophy of “helping people promote their physical

and each and every dish in the kitchen of each restaurant after receiving your order. mental health, and contributing to the development of humankind through food business,” it We provide “everyday meals you would have at a Japanese home,” which are “the is one of the management’s goals to “promote the mental and physical health of employees food you want every day as the basis for your life” as it is vital to your daily dietary and their families.” We, therefore, intend to work proactively and consistently toward a bet- needs and health. This is the value we keep providing as “Another dining room of ter work-life balance for our employees. yours.” We believe that it is the raison d’etre of OOTOYA Taking “Japanese home cooking” as a model, OOTOYA will continue providing people around the world OOTOYA declares that it will contribute to the society through its business activities by help- with exquisitely delicious meals made with great care and

attention. ing all people around the world become healthy. 3 010 0092832261907.indd 3 PDF010 0092832261907.indd 4 4-5 2019/07/12 4:21:51 010 0092832261907.indd 4 2019/07/12 2019/07/16 4:21:51 16:58:16 For providing safe food Initiatives to Practice Health-conscious Management of the Company Launch of the Rejuvenation Project Food Safety In July 2018, we established the Rejuvenation Project Promotion Office to handle the mental and physical health issues of employees and their families. We will appoint dedicated staff to oversee different divisions across the company, including those responsible for human resources, education, food education and sales, to achieve an optimal work-life balance by encouraging employees to use all the paid leave that they are granted and promoting proper working hours. In addition, we will strive to help employees improve their mental and physical health by ensuring that every employee undergoes a medical checkup and a stress check and

conducting better follow-ups with our employees. We use ingredients only if information such as where they came from, where they were processed, what they are made of and how they were made is disclosed. When buying vegetables, regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas, we always visit the production site to check how they are cultivated, how the use of pesticides and fertilizers is managed and the test results of pesticide residue. We also visit factories that produce seasonings, meat products and other products delivered to our restaurant on a daily basis as well as frozen foods in order to check the sanitary conditions, the production flows, and temperature control of the factories, refrigerators and freezers. Accredited as a Health & Productivity Management Organization (White 500) Sanitary Management We believe that health-conscious management of the company is an investment in the maintenance and promotion of employee health, which in turn will lead to improved

performance and corporate value. Based on this philosophy, we put health management into practice from a viewpoint of corporate management In 2019, The Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council) selected OOTOYA as a Health & Productivity Management Organization (White 500) among large-scale corporations. The organization appreciated OOTOYA’s contribution to people’s health since the establishment of the company and other initiatives such as the establishment of the OOTOYA Declaration of Health-conscious Management. To ensure the proper management and safe provision of food, not only our restaurant staff conducts regular checks but also our Food Hygiene Research Institute and third-party organizations conduct sanitary inspections at our restaurants. The inspectors check many things, including the cleanliness of the store, handling of food and cooking utensils, washing of hands and appearance of employees. Initiatives for Health Education Quality Inspection OOTOYA provides

health education courses to employees so that they can offer correct information about diet to customers. Also, since March 2010, we have been holding periodic “food education seminars” supervised by a dietitian for customers at all OOTOYA restaurants. The seminars have been quite popular as worthwhile opportunities to learn the fundamentals of one’s dietary needs. 大戸屋 食育 The state of sanitary at all restaurants is checked through both visual inspections and bacterial examination of food samples as well as swab samples of parts of the restaurants to prevent food poisoning and the rotting of food. Bacteriological examinations are conducted by the Food Hygiene Research Institute and third-party organizations. https://shokuiku.ootoyacom/ Dietary Seminars for Adults 5 010 0092832261907.indd 5 PDF010 0092832261907.indd 6 6-7 2019/07/12 4:21:55 010 0092832261907.indd 6 2019/07/12 2019/07/16 4:21:56 16:58:16 Business Development Introducing Japanese-style Set

Meals to the World Overseas Business Outside Japan, local subsidiaries of OOTOYA Group directly operate 13 OOTOYA restaurants, while companies that have signed a franchise agreement with us operate 97 OOTOYA restaurants. (As of December 31, 2018) Our model is “Japanese home cooking.” Today, many people are constantly crossing national borders. The OOTOYA Group is bringing “Japan’s delicious and healthy home cooking” to the rest of the world. Domestic Business China OOTOYA Restaurant Japan Hong Kong Meals made with love and care that have long since been a part of Japanese homes, or home cooking that looks out for the health of the family by creating meals that are both nutritious and delicious. OOTOYA is providing exactly these kinds of Japanese heartfelt home cooking at the 143 restaurants that the company directly manages in Japan, 207 franchised restaurants in Japan, totaling 350 restaurants (as of March 31, 2019). America Taiwan Thailand Restaurants with a New

Business Style Vietnam We opened restaurants in succession under two new brands. One is TABEDOKORO-MIKAMI which has employed the concept “Good Food, Good Mood” with the aim of offering volume meals to young students and male office workers. The restaurant opened in Kichijoji, the No 1 town in the ranking of Tokyo towns that people de s ire to live in. T he other brand is KAKOMI SHOKUTAKU, which embraces the concept of “a restaurant run by a mother who loves cooking and is skilled at food arrangements.” We o p e n e d t w o K A K O M I S H O K U TA K U r e s t a u rantsone in Ikebukuro and the other in Sengawa, both located in Tokyo. The two brands aim to prov ide you with “Another dining room of yours” in an atmosphere where you can enjoy a meal while feeling relaxed as though at home. Singapore TABEDOKORO-MIKAMI Kichijoji Minamiguchi (Tokyo) Indonesia Kakomi Shokutaku Minamiikebukuro (Tokyo) Introducing Japanese-style Set Meals to the World Externalization of meals

(home deliveries, etc.) We began offering a service that delivers “OOTOYA Bento” to households. The service was intended to address the home delivery needs of elderly people with health concerns and busy parenting households. At present, the service can be ordered at the websites of Uber Eats and Fine Dine. The areas covered by the service are expanding from the central parts of the cities to their surrounding areas. Images from the Michelin Guide New York City 2017 official website The OOTOYA restaurants in New York were featur ed in the New Yor k ed ition of the M ichelin Guide, a restaurant guide known for awarding up to three stars to evaluate restaurants. Our restaurants in New York have received much support from New Yorkers. Organizational Structure OOTOYA Holdings Co., Ltd Overseas In Japan OOTOYA CO., LTD Providing the tastes of Japan without localizing HONG KONG OOTOYA CO., LTD Our policy is to provide the same taste and quality at our overseas restaurants as

those of our restaurants in Japan by sending as many seasonings and ingredients as possible from Japan, deliberately avoiding localizing meals. As in Japan, we are committed to cooking in the kitchens of our restaurants outside Japan. OOTOYA ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD AMERICA OOTOYA INC. M OOTOYA (THAILAND) CO., LTD VIETNAM OOTOYA CO., LTD OOTOYA Chelsea (New York) THREE FOREST (THAILAND) CO., LTD 7 010 0092832261907.indd 7 PDF010 0092832261907.indd 8 8-9 2019/07/12 4:21:57 010 0092832261907.indd 8 2019/07/12 2019/07/16 4:22:01 16:58:17 What supports the OOTOYA Brand Sources of Strength We make tofu by hand at the restaurant. OOTOYA’s hand-made tofu is, as the name suggests, all made by hand at the restaurant. All tofu we use is made of Toyomasari soybeans, a cultivar of soybeans of Hokkaido which have a wonderfully strong sweet flavor. The high concentration of soy milk produced from the squeezed beans is then solidified using natural bittern called nigari drawn from

the seawater of the Sea of Okhotsk. Tofu made of only soy milk and nigari without any additives is safe and healthy. As it is freshly made, the taste is exceptional. Cooking in the Kitchen of the Restaurant Cooking in the Kitchen of the Restaurant is the key to realizing OOTOYA’s philosophy. After receiving an order from a customer, each dish is made by hand with the utmost care. That is why we can deliver such great tastes of freshlymade dishes with our ingredients Daikon radish is grated moments just before it is served. We prepare vegetables in the kitchen of the restaurant. Grated daikon radish is served as part of the grilled fish menu. At our restaurants, daikon is grated moments before it is served to customers. When grated, daikon produces a pungent-tasting element called isothiocyanate, which enhances the fat of the fish, making it even tastier. Grated daikon brings out the naturally sharp taste of the daikon radish, and when freshly grated it complements the fish

perfectly. To make the best use of an ingredient is to draw out its natural qualities. Maximizing such qualities is all about the extra effort. OOTOYA does not use precut vegetables. All are fresh and washed, peeled, and prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant Naturally we are very particular about the origins of our vegetables and the distribution route taken. Therefore, we always take the time to visit those sites and thoroughly check the cultivation methods of the vegetables, which remain whole and not cut. From the moment the products arrive at the restaurant, they are kept at the optimum temperature until served to our customers. By managing the product freshness thoroughly, we can provide fresh crisp vegetables to customers every day. We wash, cut and cook vegetables in the kitchen of the restaurant. It is our desire to provide well-balanced meals with fresh vegetables. That is why we put in the extra effort from the preparation stage and take great care when cooking each meal

at the kitchen of the restaurant. The secret taste comes from “pickling.” The techniques of malting and fermentation have been around a long time in Japanese history. These are part of the Japanese food culture we are proud of to the world. Some fermented foods include soy sauce, miso, vinegar and other seasonings, as well as natto and tsukemono (preserved vegetables). OOTOYA actively looks for and appreciates these natural umami (good flavors) and tastes that have existed for many years. By marinating meat or fish in fermented seasonings such as moromi (main mash) and soy sauce koji, the natural taste of the product is accentuated, creating a much stronger depth of flavor. To create a natural and mild taste with ingredients and fermented seasonings, OOTOYA makes a point of carefully pickling meat and fish when the time is right for each serving of them in-store. We grill fish on charcoal. Each ingredient is freshly coated in bread crumbs and fried just before being served.

OOTOYA grills fish and meat using charcoal highly effective in heating. Charcoal emits far-infrared rays, which make the surfaces of fish and meat hot quicker than gas burners do. That prevents glutamic acid, a source of umami or savory taste, in the ingredients from flowing out from fish and meat, giving them a depth of flavor. The addition of the unique fragrant flavor of charcoal makes you enjoy the crispy texture it offers. As fish and meat are grilled upon receiving an order, it takes a little extra time until the meal is ready. However, in order to provide the most delicious meals, OOTOYA takes great pride in ensuring that every dish is grilled to perfection. OOTOYA’s cutlets are covered with raw bread crumbs. Upon receiving an order, cutlets are coated in the raw bread crumbs and fried on low heat in-store. Raw bread crumbs contain a certain amount of moisture and when fried protect the taste of ingredients. If a moderate amount of moisture is left, the bread crumbs come out

light and crunchy. Each grain is larger than that of dried bread crumbs and gives much greater volume when cooked. The texture of these bread crumbs when eaten is exceptional When frying, we make sure to maintain the optimal frying time and temperature required for each ingredient, to ensure the most deliciously appetizing finish. *Some OOTOYA restaurants grill fish and meat on an open flame. We shave dried bonito at the restaurant every day. We make dashi (soup stock) at the restaurant. OOTOYA makes fresh dashi at the restaurant every day. Our dashi is made from katsuo hon-karebushi freshly shaved at the restaurant. The dashi is drawn out of carefully selected kelp. It is a combination of sardine, auxis and mackerel flakes. At our restaurants, we maximize the characteristics of each type of dashi to create a synergistic combination that brings out the umami of ingredients. Umami is one of the five flavors that have been long since been cultivated in Japanese cuisine, alongside the

sweet, salty, bitter and sour. To bring out this umami, dashi made from bonito and kelp is essential as part of the Japanese cuisine. Moreover, by intensifying dashi, you can reduce your salt intake and still enjoy the rich umami. OOTOYA spares no effort to go that extra mile to make the perfect dashi at the restaurant. When bonito flakes are exposed to air, they get oxidized and lose flavor. To ensure that customers can enjoy the full flavor of flakes of high-end katsuo hon-karebushi, a piece of dried bonito covered with mold, we independently developed a small shaving machine, which allows us to shave dried bonito at the restaurant anytime we need. Katsuo hon-karebushi is made of the finest bonito made with the traditional methods that have been handed down from one generation to another for about 300 years in Makurazaki, Kagoshima Prefecture. It takes more than six months to complete the entire process to produce katsuo hon-karebushi. The bonito is repeatedly covered in mold and

left in the sun to dry until it has a condensed umami of the most delightful smell and taste. 9 010 0092832261907.indd 9 PDF010 0092832261907.indd 10 10-11 2019/07/12 4:22:04 010 0092832261907.indd 10 2019/07/12 2019/07/16 4:22:05 16:58:18 Vision Statement To us, the table at home is where the best food is enjoyed. That is why we always create our home cooking with a lot of effort and the utmost care. Our meals are different from the heavy and oily tastes that you get when eating out at other restaurants. OOTOYA’s Vision The flavors we provide bring genuine delight to customers. We carefully create the meals you are accustomed to, but with subtle difference that makes the flavors Reminiscent of something you enjoyed at home, but with subtle overflow with nostalgia. difference. We have created a home-style menu that you could eat every day without ever getting tired of it. OOTOYA always bears in mind that it is important to carefully cook The meals that your

mother made every day in the kitchen at home are part of who you are. each meals at the kitchen of the restaurant after receiving an order. What OOTOYA has been offering is the food you want to eat every day as the basis for your life. Whether alone, with someone, or in a group. We provide a place where you can relax and be yourself. Whet h er al on e or wi t h s omeon e el s e. Lively conversations about the delicious food make you feel closer to those dining with you. P er f ect f or al l ages . We w ill m a k e y ou f eel at h ome n o mat t er wh o y ou ar e. Th i s i s wh at OOTOY A ai ms f or Another dining room of yours The taste of a freshly made meal can rid you of fatigue and provide you with new energy. The smiles shared over good meal become wonderful memories. 11 010 0092832261907.indd 11 12-13 PDF010 0092832261907.indd 12 2019/07/12 4:22:06 010 0092832261907.indd 12 2019/07/12 2019/07/16 4:22:07 16:58:19 OOTOYA Group’s Contribution to Society OOTOYA

Group recognizes the importance of fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of society, and thus is engaged in “activities for social contribution” to support the development of society. Project to encourage “Children’s Learning” Since 2012, OOTOYA has donated part of the profits from Tohoku-related dishes on its menu to the children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. In 2014, we began offering support to schools in affected areas through afterschool programs called “Collaboration Schools” operated by the certified nonprofit organization Katariba. We are cooperating with the organization to provide a safe environment where children affected by the disaster can learn. In FY2018, we worked with students of Futaba Future High School in Fukushima Prefecture to develop special dishes called “meals from my hometown,” which are designed to raise awareness of Fukushima’s food among customers across Japan. In FY2019, we will provide the ingredients and recipes

of OOTOYA to the children attending Adachi Base, a program operated by Katariba to facilitate “learning” through food. The dishes developed in collaboration with the high school students of Fukushima Prefecture Received the “Eco Mark” at all domestic stores OOTOYA is aware of the environmental impact of its business activities and has established the “OOTOYA Environmental Policy” with the aim of engaging in environmental activities. OOTOYA is increasing efforts to encourage the sustainable development of society and create a society that values recycling. In August 2018, all OOTOYA restaurants in Japan received the “Eco Mark Restaurant” certification from the Japan Environment Association Towards the discontinuation of plastic straw usage The escalation of ocean pollution from waste plastic has become a social issue. In April 2019, the Group terminated the stocking of straws for the drink bar and stopped using plastic straws in principle so as to help reduce plastic

waste as much as possible. 13 010 0092832261907.indd 13 14-15 PDF010 0092832261907.indd 2019/07/12 4:22:11 2019/07/16 16:58:20 Another dining room of yours OOTOYA Holdings Co., Ltd 5F, Taiju Seimei Mitaka Building, 1-20-8, Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0006 TEL 0422-26-2600 (representative) FAX 0422-26-2605 https://www.ootoyajp/ 005 0092832261907.indd 1 PDF010 0092832261907.indd 16 2019/07/12 2019/07/16 3:55:44 16:58:20