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ENJOY TEA LI FE Its delicious, fun, and feels great. There are so many wonderful things appealing about Japanese tea! Its delicious, fun, and feels great • • • TEA • "•·· ~-:•: --::::: , . -.~l . •:•:•:-: -················. ) ··················••1. ······················•·-· ··························· Go experience TEAI Enjoy brewing tea to your own taste Enjoy selecting unique tea varieties Spend time leisurely Various ways to brewing tea with ateapot drink tea The flavor and aroma change depending on the waler temperature and steeping time. Once you learn the basics about brewing tea, you can enjoy making tea to your preferred lasle. A wide variety of regions, tea varieties, and processing methods are involved in Japanese tea production. Leaming about the different varieties and their unique characteristics expands the enjoyment of selecting a tea tor

particular situations and moods in your daily lfe. The process and trouble of preheating lhe leacup and cooling lhe hol water provides an invaluable time tor tocusing on the tea leaves and calming your mind. Brew il slowly in cold water tor iced tea, mix it with shochu , or mix malcha wilh milk tor a matcha latte. The wide variety of ways to enjoy tea is one factor thai makes tea so appealing. A cup of hospitality that Apowerful friend for achieving brings people closer together beauty, health, and long life Matcha from Japan, now loved throughout the world Tea from ateacup at home and athermos when away The expressions "have tea", "tea room" "tea friends" all indicate ho~ Japanese tea is a beverage thai facilitates communication by gently complementing any situation intended to calm the mind and body. Tea, which was drunk tor medicinai purposes in ancient times, in recent years has attracted attention tor its Matcha tea, a healthy and delicious

tea thai conveys a feeling of traditional Japanese culture, has become popular around the world. ln beverages, confections, 11 you have a teapot, teacup, and thermos bottle, you can enjoy tea repeatedly wherever you are, whether at home or away. 11 is also an eco-friendly habit Ihat reduces disposable container waste. various chemical components and benefits. Japanese tea is now associated wilh the keyword "heallh" lhroughout lheworld. Tea Demand Creation Council Office: Japan Tea Commerce &lndustry Cooperative Association 81 Kitabancho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka-ken TEL: 054-271-6161 FAX: 054-254-0415 https://www.zenchareninfo/ cuisine, or other applications, the possible uses are limilless. The information in this brochure is also available on the website. 8hizuoka Shizuoka Prefecture Japanese Tea Experience Guide Map , .;;~·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=· •.•······················•"•

······························., ····························· ~ , ··=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·=·· ································ ••. •r•••••••••••••••••••••••,~ .•,? ·•······················•• ,. ••·=•:!:•~•!•=•:!::::· ,,.,A --,~. , Tea Experience Action in SHIZUOKA • • • TEA Tea Experience Action Welcome to this guide of tea specialty shops in Shizuoka, wnere you can explore the wonders of tea! Learning about the wonders of tea makes life more fun. For example, 8hizuoka E~perience the wonders of tea at feading Japanese tea houses ! Shizuoka prefecture is known as the leading ragion for fine tea production in Japan. The topography, climate, and other factors make Shizuoka an ideal environment for growing tea. Blessed with mountains, rivers, tablelands, and other

natural features, each ragion within Shizuoka produces tea with its own ~ try these ways of enjoying tea . First thing in themoming Sencha This type is the most representative of Japanese tea ancl the most commonly consumec:I. Steep in slightly hotter water for an eye-opening refreshed feel! Before meals Genmaicha This is sencha mixed with toasted rice. The toasted aroma stimulates appetite! Aftermeals Hojicha This tea is sencha roasted to provide a toasted aroma. The slightly bitter astringency leaves a refreshing mouth feel! With afternoon Bancha snacks Foraftemoon Sencha tea This tea is made from the largest part of the tea leaves. lt has a clean finish and less bitterness! Aftersports This cold tea is steeped in oold water. lt is perfect far summer or after a hat bath! Reicha Taking the time to steep it slowly will change your mood and help you relax! After drinking Bancha alcohol During work or Gyokuro studies This tea is grown shaded from sunlight. The theanine

content helps improve memory! Before bed With less caffeine and a gentle aroma, this is perfect far small children, too! Genmaicha The secret is te steep it in hotter water. lt even helps cure a hangover! 2 8hizuoka Hamamatsu-city, Kosai-city 0 Located in western Shizuoka prefecture, this lon g north-south region extends from the plateaus to the foothills and produces a variety of teas, ranging from lightly or moderately steamed to deeply steamed, and with distinctive characteristics Ihat are unique to respective districts. A Pif1ffl • Steeping instructions liIJil•m•.:: • Steeping • Comparison • instructions . sampling, etc •-••" ~ 9 = Comparison • sampling, etc. Blend sampling A W Blend • sampling Facilities tour W ~ Cafe/ restaurant -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. Facilities tour A Accepts ~F W eredi! cards V ree w· F. , , o Confection sales, etc. G Parking lat Kaneta Otaen ••••e 36-1

Nishifujidaira, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu-city 9 053-928-0007 EJ Nishikajima Station lí;íl No fixed closed days @ 9:00-19:00 (until 18:00 on Sal./Sun/holidays) Our !amily has continued to cultivate, process, and sell teas far many generations. lf you tim e it just right, you can also visit the tea fields (reservations required). f) Tea-shop ISSAN 1158-1 Futamata, Futamata-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu-city •••ooe 9 053-925-2433 EJ Futamatanakamachi (bus) @ 8:00-19:30 (í;í) New Years Day Founded in 1878. This shop specializes in Temyu tea tediously finished in small batches by drying leaves on washi paper. Come try the old-fashioned aromatic flavor. A lshida-Chaya V [Miyakoda shop] 3-1-1 Shinmiyakoda, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-city lnside lhe CAINZ mali M~akoda •••ooee . 9 053-428-7777 .i::,a @ 9:30-20:00 EJ CAINZ mali Miyakoda (í;í) New Years Day The lshida Tea Store is located near the front entrance to the Miyakoda Cainz mali. lt specializes in selling delicious teas

selected far their smooth taste. 0 lshida-Chaya 320-2 Sunayama-cho, Naka-ku, HamamalsiK:ly Entetsu Department store Main build. 81 F •••ooee 9 053-457-6583 EJ Hamamalsu Station @ 10:00-19:00 (í;í) NewYearsDay The lshida Tea Store located on the first basement floor of lhe Entetsu Department Store near Hamamatsu Station offers teas specifically selected far their smoothness. A lshida-Chaya V [Kosai shop] 4040 Akebono, Nakanogo, Arai-ctm, Kosai-cly lnside the COOK MART Hamanako-nishi store •••ooe 9 053-543-7000 @ 9:30-20:00 The lshida Tea Store, which is located inside the Hamanako Cook Mart store, offers teas specifically selected far their smoothness. 3 r Leisurely savor carefully brewed tea while 8hizuoka contemplating the historical atmosphere from Enshu little Kyoto, the Morimachi tea production region made famous by Mori-no-Ishimatsu, and Fukuroi city, the lodging station at the halfway point of the 53 Tokaido Road stations. Fukuroi city,

Morimachi 0 Pif1ffl • jat,@.§ • •-••" ~ A Steeping instructions 9 Comparison • sampling, etc. Steeping instruclions A Comparison TI sampling, etc. A W Facilities tour W restaurant -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. - ~ Blend -" sampling A W Facilities tour A Aocepts ~F N •••o•• t t 9 0538-89-7010 E! Totoumi-lchinomiya @ 9:00-17:30 @ No closed days P,, the main Mori-no-Cha tea shop, we offer tea Ihat t Mari ••••o•• 3822 lchimiya, Monmachi, Shuchi district w·, F, G Parking lot (i) Matsuura Seicha 165-1 Shirashita, Marimachi, Shuchi dislricl •••o••= 581-1 Amenomiya, Morimachi, Shuchi dislrict 0538-84-2020 9 0538-85-3039 E) Totoumi-lchinomiya @ 9:00-16:00 @ Tue (Open in Jun, Apr, May, Nov, Dec) Tea specialist shop markod by a red teapot on Myojin street at Okuni Shrine. Come enjoy a reslful tea break surrounded by rich nature. ~ E)Towata Station @ 8:00-17:00 @ SIIV!dö), befure/all,r New Yea,,

and su"""days Established over 100 years aga. Wth teas manuractured and sold Iram our award-Mnnu,g ractory (Minister of the Mnistry of Agnrulture, Forestry and FishenesAward), we confident~offerlhe highest qually atthe bestpnces. L J . t,,;,: 1522-1 Mari, Morimachi, Shuchi district 874-2 Mukaiamagata, Morimachi, •••o•• Shuchi district @ No closed days 9 0538-85-2158 E! Enshu-Monmachi (bus) @ 9:00-18:00 @ Fu>tlhreedaysoltheNewYear @ 9:00-18:00 (Cafe: 10:00-17j))with 16:301aslorder) We offer carefully selected teas and confections in anticipation of your visit. We also provide detailed advioe about how to enjoy tea in a way Ihat best suits each customer. (Nenkiri cake making and table tea oeremony expenenoes: Fee charged) 0 ree New outdoor eating space. We also offer homemade sencha and matcha gelato. Please stop by. (Tea brewing experience: Reservation required) e ;~;~ti"~t;n 9 0538-85-1500 EJ Molimadh Byoinmae Station V 9

0538-85-4188 E) Enshu-mon StaUon @ 9:00-17:00 @ Before/afterNewYears sets the standard far tea qualily and also offer awide assortment of tea equipment and other products. After tryu,g tea brewing and comparison tasting, purchase some of our poplJar Japanese confeclionery items. eeoo• credit cards Confection sales, etc. CD ••••o••~-- Okuni-Kotomachi Yokocho Q OSADAEN HONTEN W o Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. okuni-kotomachi-side-street Mori-no-Cha Honpo 3956-1 lchimiya, Morimachi, Shuchi district 9 ~ Cafe/ Blend sampling We demonstrate how to brew delicious tea in front of customers. We also welcome customer questions. lshida-Chaya [Morimachi-Honten] ••••o•• 1525-1 Mari, Marimachi, Shuchi distnct ., 9 0538-85-2446 EJ Morimachi Byoinmae Station @ 9:00-17:30 @ NewYears Day Direct """ ol teas !rom Morimacli in ShiZlXlka prefecture, we olrar spedally-soeded smooth teas shipped direclly Iram lhe

region where they are produced. 0ur homemade senchasofliceaeamconesarealsoverypopular. C, Hishidai Seicha 1553 Muramatsu, Fukuroi-city 8 0G 9 0538-42-3231 @ 9:00-17:30 EJ Fukuroi Station @ SaUSun/holidays We are a Japanese tea shop operated directly by a tea manufacturer. ln addition to sencha and genmaicha teas, we also offer an extensive line of hojicha teas made by roasting sencha over charooal. 5 (. .:;·-;, . lt is also known as the head temple of the ancient Aki ha sect of the Soto school established in the Muromachi eriod. 9 0538-43-2417 EJ Fukurni Station/,Ajro Station G} 10:00-17:00 @ No closed days We area tea specialy shop Ihat manufactures and sells mainly first-pick teas from our own fields, where no agnrullural chemicals are applied. We offer teas fermented from sencha. (Facilities touc Seasonal oruy) L J .i LaLaport lwata • t .r ) e Hattasan Soneiji t - - -- ~ The dango machi balls sold to ward off evil within the ancient grounds of the

Shingon sect temple established in the Nara period are exceptional. i 6 0 8hizuoka :~~e:e;~~~e~m~~7:a:s.:r~~~~d~: the first harvest of new leaves in tea fieHs spread out among the surrounding foothills. -- · Kakegawa city (1) 0 !:~~ sightseeing spots, such as Kakegawa Castle. From late April to early May, you can witness Pif1ffl • jftt,fü.&J • •-••" A Steeping instructions 9 Comparison • sampling, etc. Steeping 1nstruct1ons A Comparison TI sampllng, etc. .!J - A ~ Cafe/ Blend samplIng W Facili1ies tour W nestaurant Blend sampling A W Facilities tour A W Accepts ~ cneditcards v FreeWi-Fi Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. 0-cha-no- Hayashien o • Confection sales, etc. G Parking lat A Cha-no-kura V Kanemo N 1519 Hongo, Kakegawa city -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. 70 Kakegawa, Kakegawa city CD eeeoo• @ 9:00-17:00 ml] Sun/holidays Rich flavors and intense aroma are the secret to the

popularity of our deep-steamed only 100 % Kakegawa tea proudly sold at Hayashien. 6]0537-22-3145 EI Kakegawa Station @ 9:00-17:00 ml] sun/Mon (open daily during Golden Week) Esta~ished • 1872. Good tasling tea relaxes lhe mir<I and pro•des mental brealhu,g space. We offero~anic tea grown in our own le~s. Chocolate ,rade IIÓ!h specially grown sencha is also available. "SeianTea Room ~---- f) AKIHA-CHAEN f t Japanese-tea V Kimikura 2735-1 Oike, Kakegawa city 510-5 ltasawa, Kakegawa city 6] 0537-26-1321 EJ Haranoya Station ,-----, 6] 0537-23-6266 @ 9:00-17:30 Theretailsl"oponlhetilS!floorofferaJapaneseteasfromall acrossJapan0nlhesecondfloor,)Uucan!Jyteaand cor/ections we make, while enj0)1ng lhe vklw of lhe Japanese garden.(Brewingexpeoonce: UnschediJedworkshops) We manufacture and sell Kakegawa teas. Tea-tasling is also available. You can try a wide variety of teas !rom Kakegawa. • L---==~ A Mikasaen V [Saida shop] 267-1 Saida, Kakegawa city ••••

9 0537-24-5050 --- EJ Kakegawa Station ml] SaVSun/holidays [llnd,lyduilgnewteaharostardSatulÓlj! eM,ylJoo•dN~ro~) We offer delicious tea based on the motto of making tea with soul. 9 0537-28-7077 EI Kakegawa Station @ 10:00-18:00 ml] Wednesdays We offer a relaxing and therapeutic space for tasling delicious Japanese tea while enjoying the expansive view of tea fields in all four seasons. We look forward to your visit 0 Mikasaen JR Tokaldo Shlnkao"". 1-15-5 Shironishi, Kakegawa city 6] 0537-24-0011 E) Kakegawa Station @ 8:00-16:45 ml] SaVSun/holidays Tea shop specalizing in Shizuoka and deep-steamed Kakegawa teas, inciuding teas made by lhe lraditional tea-grass integrated melhod registered as aglobally important agricullural herilage asset. ------ ) e Kiwifruit Country C, Ohamaen Japan 2-1 Renjaku, Kakegawa city 1[ 9 0537-22-2346 El Kakegawa Station @ 8:30-18:30 ml] Sundays Manufacturer-direct sales shop established in 1926. We offer fine teas at affordable

producer-direct prices, !rom teas tor gifts to teas for persona! or commercial use. 7 A multipurpose general playground surrounded by nature -8 This re gion practices the traditional tea-g rass inte grated method reg istered as a globally important agricultural heritage asset. Blessed with rich nature, beautiful hilly tea fields are visible everywhere. Kikugawa city is also known as the birthplace of deep-steamed tea. 8hizuoka Kakegawa city (2)/Kikugawa city Piftlffl j$J.tjk± • •-••" ~ ••oo A Steeping instructions :I sampling, etc. Comparison Steeping instructions A Comparison :I sampling, etc. • A W Facilities tour W restaurant - ~ Blend " sampling A W Facilities tour W A Accepts 0537-27-1104 E) Ono/Miedai-Seicha mae (bus) G} 8:00-17:00 lí;íl2nd/4th Sal and Sun/holidays Kakegawa We are dai~ devoted to making delicious teas based on our company philosophy Ihat "line treasures are produced by skilled artisans, meaning a

tea masters skill produoes everlasting treasures. G Parikinglot ~ . creditcards v FreeW,-F, 9 0537-36-1200 E) Kikugawa Station @ B:00-17:00 (í;í) SaVSun/holidays (l,lh ~angesdu"1J peak tea season) esayo no Nakayama J This old tea shop was established well over 100 years aga. We offer teas with authentic flavors and aromas produced by deep-steaming and sold in Kikugawa, the birthplaoe of tea. e Hitsurugisan Campsite 1664 Ono, Kakegawa city 0537-27-0411 @ B:00-17:00 Confection sales, etc. •••oo f) Maruchu 9 o 2561-1 Nishikata, Kikugawa-city ~ 9 -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. (i) Marumatsu Tea D 707-1 Ono, Kakegawa city ~ Cafe/ Blend sampling Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. eAwagatake O MIEDAITEA • f) sangrams green tea & garden cafe KIKUGAWA 1-1 Horinouchi, Kikugawa-city G ••••ooe 9 0537-36-1201 El Kikugawa Station @ 10:00-17:00 (í;í) Tue and 2nd Thu We serve individual cups of carefully brewed teas,

mostly deep-steamed teas from Kikugawa city, but also single teas or Japanese black teas full of unique charectenstics from regions throughout Japan. . J EJ Nissaka (bus) (í;í) Sundays Established in 1930. aromatic teas. .J believed to grant any wish. .J Q YAMAEI 121 Nissaka, Kakegawa city 9 0120-27-1024 @ 9:00-17:00 Kikugawa El Nissaka (bus) (í;í) Sun/holidays Yamaei manufactures tea based on principles of safety, peace of mind, and heallh and a direct connect to tea growers. 0 ochadokoro Higashiyama [Michi-no-Eki Kakegawa] 882-1 Yasaka, Kakegawa city lnside the Roadside Station ~ Kakegawa V ••••ooe 9 0537-27-2255 @ 9:00-17:00 Miyamura/Hachimangu-mae, Kotonomama-Hachimangu (bus) lí;íl 2nd Mon (with some variations) We mainly offer Kakegawa tea deep-steamed • at the Kakegawa Roadside Statlon. ------ EJ t e Tsumagoi Resort Sai no Sato C) HOWAEN 920-5 Dategata, Kakegawa-city •••••• 9 0537-27-1166 @ 9:00-17:00 We have been making

environmentally-friendly teas thai are kind to nature far many years. We offer fresh teas, rather than stocking manufactured products. 9 -r ---- J 70 This region includes the Makinohara Plateau, which produces more unrefined tea than any other regioninJapan. vVhen the plump tea leavesgrown on this plateau are steamed, they result in smooth tea with low astringency levels. 8hizuoka Shimada city/Makinohara city (1) 0 Pif1ffl • jat,@.§ • •-••" ~ A Steeping instructions 9 Comparison • sampling, etc. Steeping instructions A Comparison TI sampling, etc. A ~ Cafe/ Blend sampling W Facilities tour W restaurant - ~ Blend -" sampling A W Facilities tour W A Accepts -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. ~ . creditcards v FreeW,-F, 0 Kawanecha Senmonten Meichadonya 0otaen Takeshimaen o Confection sales, etc. G Parking lat • ••• 1340-1 Kanayanikenya, Shimada-city 3-6 Oi-cho, Shimada-city ••• 9 0547-37-6052 @ 9:00--18:30

9 0547-46-3041 @ 7:30-17:00 This store specializes in Kawane tea. Various kinds are available, so we look forward to your visit. This is an old style tea shop. We make tea in an earnest and serious-minded way. f) HIT0K0T0 •••oo• 1-2-2 Doetsu, Shimada-city 9 0120-37-7887 EJ Rokugo Station @ 9:00--17:00 Q Takayanagi Seicha ••••oo• 9 N .,,, .,,, ,,, .,,, .,,, ,,, 2310-4 Katsuta, Makinohara-city 0548-27-2325 E) Chagyo Kenkyu Center (bus) @ 9:00-17:00 [g} No closed days ln addition to Shizuoka Makinohara tea and unique confectionery items, we also offer our own very popular homemade tea soft ice cream. (The ice cream is only available at the main store.) ~---~ CD -r Saguchiya R· 1ver O Arahataen 257 Nunohikihara, Makinohara-city eeoo• 9 0548-27-2517 @ 9:15--16:30 This tea shop specializes in deep-steamed tea, with fully-integraled operations extending from our own tea fields and manufacturing to • sales. We also make and sell heallh teas ~---~ ,.

0 gurinpia-makinohara 1151 Nishihagima Makinohara-city r;/ ®&OEIOGG 9 0548-27-2988 EJ Kikugawa Station @ 10:00--17:00 [g} BeforelafterNewYears We offer tea factory lours and, depending on lhe season, even lea-picking expenences. ln addttion lo tea, our store also seíls gelato and chocolate. (Tea-pid<ng is offered for afee and ony du ring lhe season.) 77 .■ -====-=--i < ( • f i~-W-it-h viewing=th"-e thec=o water, -m"ple"tstrolling iccon°"o"fa=loo=pc.cro along the --ad fo r ; lake --- Suruga Bay can be enjoyed year-round. Tannoike Parke -r 72 8hizuoka The first leaves from the earliest tea harvest in the southern-most tea fields in Shizuoka prefecture fiU the mouth with a smooth fresh cooling sensation and conjure images of a bright spring green season. Omaezaki city/Makinohara city (2) • Will*WI ■-■- jat,tik± • •-••" ~ Steeping • instructions • - Steeping instructions Comparison •

sampling, etc. A Comparison TI sampling, etc. Blend • sampling - ~ Blend " sampling A W Facilities tour W ~ Cafe/ restaurant -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. Facilities tour A Accepts ~F •• W eredi! cards V ree w·, F", o Confection sales, etc. G Parking lat Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. 0 YAMAMA MASUDAEN 1687 Kamiasahina, Omaezaki-city &SOG E) O sagara bussan 102 Hazu, Makinohara-city &SOGGG 0537-87-2056 9 0120-06-2323 E) Kikugawa Station 9 8:30--17:00 li1i) SaUSun/holidays Yamama Masudaen, atea manufacturer in Omaezaki, Shizuoka prefecture, received the Emperor Cup and Minister of lhe Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Awartl for lheir teas. 9 8:00--17:00 E) Sagarakyoku-mae (bus) @ Sun/holiday (open holidays during first pick: Late Apr to late May) Established 300 years ago. Try our deep-steamed tea with low bitter astringency and strong smooth Havor. ■ The view is spectacular, with

the f) Maruyochaya white sandy beaches, green pines, Mt. Fuji, and the string of lzu mountains. •••••oo 1950-2 Kadoya, Omaezaki-city 9 sawada Yukihei Shoten •••ooe 1241-1 Susuki, Makinohara-city ~~ Cafe, housewares, foods, and w v confecföns E)0120-04-6089 El Kikugawa Station milWed (open holidays) 9 9:00--18:00 (cafe blend tasting 16:30) Our tea shop specializes in deep-steamed tea integrated in daily lives to draw people together with cafes and tea using plenty of delicious leaves from Enshu. 9 0548-52-0046 9 8:00-18:00 ---- kinohara Q Nagashima Saen •••• 2494-5 lkeshinden, Omaezaki-city We are an old tea manufacturer thai makes a variety of teas, including sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, and herb teas. (!) Oguri Noen 2090-3 Shinsho, ••••ooe Makinohara-city -- E) 0537-86-2525 -■--- El Hamaoka-Chugakko mae 9 9:00--18:00 li1i) Sun (open when new leaves are available) Here, you can compare the taste ofYabukita and Tsuyuhikari

varieties grown in Omaezaki, on the southern-most edge of Shizuoka. E) 0548-58-0680 9 9:00-17:00 EJ Kanaya Station li1i) Sundays Japanese tea instructors are available to help suggest a tea thai best suits the customers lifestyle. N r -r eHamaoka-Sakyu (Sand dune) < These are the largest sand dunes on the Pacific Ocean side Sur.uga Bay CD of Japan, stretching all the way to lhe Enshu Sea. eomaezaki Port Emshunada 73 The row of palm trees planted down the center of the road evokes a generous dose of a southem Japan feel. < You can experience a 360-degree panorama of Shizuoka prefecture, from the lzu Peninsula in the far south to Mount Fuji, the Southem Alps, and Enshu Sea. eomaezaki-todai (lighthouse) lli 8hizuoka Fujieda city (1) 0 ln the old days, the tea produced in land tucked between the foothills along the Sete River was called "Shida-chá. Those areas also produced a unique tea variety reminiscent of Fuji I<aori, which has a jasmine-like

fragrance. Pif1ffl • j$J.tik± • •-••" ~ A Steeping instructions 9 Comparison • sampling, etc. Steeping instructions A Comparison TI sampling, etc. A ~ Cafe/ Blend sampling W Facilities tour W restaurant - ~ Blend " sampling A W Facilities tour W A Accepts Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. Matsuba Seicha -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. ~ . creditcards v FreeW,-F, o Confection sales, etc. G Parking lat G)Tomeya eooe 1-14-1 Horinouchi, Fujieda-city 2-6-8 Honmachi, Fujieda-city ····••&---. :==- 9 054-641-1248 9 9:00--18:00 9 054-641-3055 9 8:00--17:00 Winner of Min isler of Ministry of Agrioulture, Forestry and Fishenes Award atthe 45th National Fair ofTea (Zenkoku Cha Hinpyokai) Feel free to ask us about tea for anything from persona! use to agm. We have been a tea wholesaler for over 70 years to deliver delicious teas made with a keen eye and time-consuming tea-making skills. a f)

Shinchaen 1-10-29 Chamachi, Fujieda-city Tea ceremony classes in general: Feecharged 964-36 Utsutani, Okabe-cho, Fujieda-city ••••e A O •••••oo 9 054-667-2288 l!] 9:00-17:00 9 054-641-6228 EJ Kamitenma (bus) 1!] 10:00--18:00 @ Sundays Founded as a tea wholesaler over 220 years aga, confections made using select teas and premium matcha are very popular. L- J A Marutou Hitokoto V Shoten ; 9 ; ;eda, Fujieda-city 054-641-0431 9 9:00--17:00 Asahina Gyokuro V como E) Okabe Office (bus) @ No closed days We carry 13 types of gyokuro teas! During the summer, try our shaved ice made with plenty of matcha !rom Asahina. J N CD El Fujieda Station @} SaUSun/holidays Thanks to customer loyalty, we have been in business for over 100 years. We remain committed to ottering delicious teas in the fulure as well. 0 Yamauchi Shoten •••• 1-3-8 Chamachi, Fujieda-city . ~~e( 9 054-641-1685 E) Kamilenma (bus) 9 8:00--17:00 @} SaUSun/holidays (but will

open if requested in advance) Officially, we do not sell to the public, so we have no signage. Look far a spring green refrigerator. 0t e Rengeji-ike Park This park includes a childrens playground with flowers, water, bircls, and smiles, a Japanese garden, a music amphitheater, and more. r 75 76 This region is bounded bythe Oi and Seto Rivers and Suruga Bay ln Fujieda city; which has a long history of making superior teas, you can enjoy the delight of tasting tea while feeling the natural breezes from the mountains, rivers, oceans, and the fishing town of Yaizu, one of the leading fishing ports in Japan. 8hizuoka Fujieda city (2)/Yaizu city Pif1ffl • jat,tik± • •-••" ~ A Steeping instructions 9 Steeping instructions A Comparison TI sampling, etc. A Blend sampling W Facilities tour W ~ Cafe/ restaurant -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. - ~ Blend " sampling A W Facilities tour A Accepts ~F Comparison • sampling, etc. Scan the QR code

to display a detailed map of the store. 0 TOEI SEICHA •••• 1-1-11 Chamachi, Fujieda-city eredi! cards V ree w·, F", Confection sales, etc. G Parking lat A Cafe karen serving V organic Fujieda tea 1-13-22 2F Ekimae, Fujieda-city •••• 9 054-641-0054 E) Fujieda Station @ 8:30-16:30 @ SaVSun/holidays (except summer, before/after New Years, or other days off) We mainly offer medium-steamed premium sencha teas. We offer tea at direct processer/ wholesaler pricing. We ship to other regions 9 054-625-8008 E) Fujieda Station Gl tt:00-15:30 @ Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed Our shop is small but highly motivated! Try comparison tasting organic teas made in Fujieda. Look far the Shizuoka tea shop banner. This park includes a childrens playground with flowers, water, birds, and smiles, a Japanese garden, a music amphitheater, and more. f) Maruka-Muramatsu 2-6-26 Fujieda, Fujieda-city W o . f t Gashoan V [Yaizu NishiKogawa shop] 6-5-1 Nishikogawa, Yaizu-city We have

been a tea broker in Fujieda, Shizuoka prefecture, since about 1910. We also conduct ciasses to teach how to brew tea. 9 054-620-7800 @} NewYears Day El Kogawa-Higashi (bus) Gl 10:00-19:oo Cafe: weekda) 11:00-17:00 ,.;th 16:00 last order SaUSun/holida) 11 :00-18:00 wilh 17:00 last order We offer Shizuoka tea and confections made with Shizuoka tea. Q Hitokoto Q Takayanagi Seicha 2-2-21 Chamachi, Fujieda-city 555 Negishima, Yaizu-city lnside the AEON Yaizu 1F 9 054-643-1280 E) Kachikusabashi(bus) ~ - - - ~ @ 10:00-17:30 (17:00 last order) @ Wed (open holidays) eeoeoo Fujieda 9 054-641-0045 E) Fujieda Station @ 9:00-17:00 @} Sun/holidays, before/after New Years D We area tea shop in a Shizuoka tea town, Fujieda. We also sell unique tea equipment and confections. Feel free to stop by f • At 0 Nanaya [Fujiedashop] 141-1 Uchiseto, Fujieda-city ~ 89 054-646-7783 8 fDSOGG !f ,:re EJ Fujieda Station/Sogo-chosha mae (bus) @ 10:00-18:00 Japanese luxury car dealers, where

their popularity is booming! T m -0 Ol @ Wed (open holidays) Weusematchaproducedinateafieldthatreceivedanaward fromtheMinisteroftheMinistryofAgriculture,Farestryand Fisheries,tomakeourgelatowilhthestrongestmatcllaflavor intheworld.Wealsoofferavarietyofchocolatesthatwon secondprizeinanintemationalcompetition.(Aportionofthe Yaizu± 9 054-656-2413 E) Negishima-minami (bus) @ 9:00-21 :00 @ No closed days ln addition to tea and sweets, our premium bottled tea is used by luxury hotels and C/1 C/1 • teaprocessingoperalionscanbevowedfromwilhinlheslnre.) - - - - - - - This popular planetarium, based on the themes of space, ocean, and nature, recreates a star-filled sky to convey the dramatic impact of space. C, Matsudaen 2-7-26 Ekimae, Fujieda-city 9 054-641-0411 @ 10:00-19:00 With over 100 years since we were established in the Fujieda tea area, our shop offers an extensive selection of tea far persona! use or as gifts. 77 ,. e Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Sh,zuhama Air

Base < ( 78 8hizuoka 5hízuoka city (1) This is considered the heartland ofShizuoka tea jltoduction, stretching írom the Motoyama region, which has avery long history of producing famous teas, to Shizuoka city, the prefectural capital where Ieyasu Tokugawa spent his twilight years, and the port ofShirnizu, which served as the gateway for Japanese tea exports in the early 20th century. Pif1ffl • jat,@.§ • •-••" ~ A Steeping instructions 9 Steeping instructions A Comparison TI sampling, etc. A Blend sampling W Facilities tour W ~ Cafe/ restaurant -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. - ~ Blend " sampling A W Facilities tour A Aocepts ~F Comparison • sampling, etc. W eredi! cards V ree w·, F", o Confection sales, etc. G Parking lat N eShimizu Port CD ~ y. Kusanagi ~ Kentít: u,Bijutsukan-mae ~~ Shizuoka ~ e Prefectural Museum of Art Features exhibits by a local artist based on a Mt. Fuji motif and modem

sculptures based on Rodin works. Be amazed by the beautiful 360-degree 1[ view of Mt. Fuji and other landmarks, such as Miho no Matsubara, Suruga Bay, and Shizuoka city, from this observation deck built on top of Nihondaira plateau. 0 Chanome 1827 Ohara, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city (ö)flHtOG ·, 9 054-270-1313 E) Shizuoka Station @ to:00-16:30 mii Mon/4th Tue (and day after holidays) Surl!lga Ba111 Let us explain how to best steep the tea you order. Enjoy relaxing with good-tasting tea and Japanese sweets. Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. e Gashoan f) SATOEN ocha-cafe 1107 Ohara, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city ooeeooe G 8 054-270-1188 EJ Nakawarashina-Hoikuen (bus) @ Tue, 2nd/4th Wed @ 9:30-17:00 (with changes far holidays) 35 Tomoe-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city eoeooe 9 054-253-0368 @ 9:00-15:00 ElAkiyama-cho (bus) @ SaVSun/holidays/before-afler New Yea,s and before-afler 8/15 (advance notice required) Exhibits inciude machine,y, tools, and other items !rom the

1945-65 period when tea manufacturing methods were being modem~ed (free admission). ~ - - - ~ 9 054-245-0750 Awalking path extends pasi a 1.11 Gashoan W [oyaizu seicha honten] 1198-1 Mukoshikiji, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-city oeeooe 9 054-259-6786 @ New Yea,s Day El Mukoshikijikami (bus) 9 Weekdays/Sat 8:30-17:30 Sun/holidays 10:00-17:30 We offer Shizuoka tea and confections made with Shizuoka tea. We also have many flavors of gelato made with tea. 79 A Shíotaníyoshíkazu Shoten V [Kamiashiarai shop] 2-4-11 Kamiashiarai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city giant pirate ship playground equipment, a lake with beach access, a viewing hill, and the Mochimune fishing port. --- .--■- eoeoo 9 054-245-6839 E) Chuden-Shataku-mae/Zenzamachi (bus) @ 9:00-17:00 @ sun/holidays Tea leaves obsessively selected by a tea master are lnished in our own facto,y. Select the tea you prefer, such as Honyama tea or deep-steamed tea. ~ - - - ~ Sl!l nuga Bay -- E) Tomoe-cho (bus) @ Sun/holidays 9 9:00-18:00

We offer fine teas painstakingly selected tor superior flavor and aroma since we were established in 1935. Also feel free to ask about shipping. [Chiyoda honten] 7-1-47 Chiyoda, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city oeeooe 9 054-267-3008 @ New Yea,s Day E) Chiyoda 7-chome Tobu-Taiikukan lriguchi (bus) 9 10:00-19:00 Cafe: weekdays 11:00-17:00 wilh 16:00 last mder Sat/Sunlhoidays 11 :00-18:00 .,;th 17:00 last order We offer Shizuoka tea and confections made with Shizuoka tea. A Gashoan Q Yamanashi Shoten V 6-17-24 Chiyoda, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city 8-1 Komagoe-Kitamachi, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city lnside the Bay Dream Shimizu 1F 9 054-263-1710 El Kutsunoya-5 chome (bus) 9 10:00-17:00 @ Sat/Sun/holidays We area tea processer/wholesaler thai also retails tea from Yamanashi Shoten. Tea can also be prepared as gifts or shipped to other regions. [Baydream-shimizu shop] OOGGG 9 054-368-7380 E) Komagoe-kita (bus) 9 10:00-20:00 @ No closed days We offer Shizuoka tea and confections made with Shizuoka

tea. 20 WUJW • -■-■- 8hizuoka jftt,fü.&J • 5hizuoka-city (2) •-••" A Steeping instructions 9 Comparison • sampling, etc. Steeping 1nstruct1ons A Comparison TI sampllng, etc. .!J - A W Facililies tour W restaurant Blend sampling A W Facilities tour W A Accepts Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. Denshiro O Shirakata Shoten e Ando-Kumano jinja f) Wada Chouji Shoten 4-51 Anzai, Aoi-ku, ••••• Shizuoka-city This museum of the historical shrine where the "genpuku-shiki" coming-of-age ceremony was held far leyasu Tokugawa includes various artifacts related to Shogun leyasu. • 9 054-252-4300 E) Anzai 4-chome (bus) @ 8:00-17:00 @J SaUSun/holidays Shizuoka Sengen Jinja ~ íi1il SaUSunlholidays, Obon, and before/after New Years %~- (aoosometirrosclosedfurctangedoru„choouloodays) "Tea & Sweets· is a new Takezawa Select brand forfood products created by Takezawa Seicha.

Established 70 years ago in 1950. We intend to create new innovative traditions while also preserving the old. i A MARUHIDE IWAZAKI Q Yamanashi Shoten TEA FACTORY 80 lchibancho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city 40-21 Kitabancho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city • ••••oe 9 054-271-1010 E) Shizuoka Station @ 9:00-17:00 @ Wed/Sun/holidays One day monthly, we gather delicious teas and foods from Shizuoka to conduct a Maruhide "department store". The most popular item, Kuradashi tea, which is only available in the fali and winter, is also sold online. 9 054-252-0503 El Anzai 4-chome (bus) @ 8:00-17:00 @J SaUSun/holidays We manufacture sencha, hojicha, and fermented teas (oolong and puerh) from tea leaves produced in Shizuoka city. Marukakatsuyama 0 Shoten O chaya suzuwa ••••• 2-24-7 Shintomi-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-<:ily 3-68 Anzai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city 9 054-271-1238 9 054-253-7787 E) Shizuoka Station/lchibancho (bus) @ 9:00-18:00 @ SaUSun/holidays @ 10:00-16:30

@ Thu/Sun/holidays, and non-2nd/4th Saturdays eShizuoka Established over 170 years ago. We offer a luxuriant experience through teas. Science Museum, RUKURU A Homme Asakichi V We have two Japanese tea advisors available to carefully advise visitors how to prepare tea, brew the best-tasting tea, and select a tea Ihat matches their preferences. t::::::::::::::::J i!f: Shiotaniyoshikazu Shoten ~ [Nibancho shop] Shoten 3-65 Anzai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city 13-1 Nibancho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city &G 8880G 9 054-271-1352 E) Shizuoka Welfare Hospital (bus) @ 9:00-17:00 @:I SaUSun/holidays Founded in Shizuoka in 1868. We have won gold and gold grand prizes at world green tea contests many limes. 27 HAMASA SHOTEN A corner of the factory is open for selling seasonal teas at factory prices!! We are also offering confectionery items made with liberal amounts of tea!! 61-2 Kitabancho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-<:ity EJ Shizuoka Station Parikinglot 9 054-251-1515 @ 10:00-17:00 A

TAKEZAWA SELECT V Shop •••• G eeeoo This tea wholesaler was established in 1923. Japanese tea instructors are available to help suggest a tea that best suits customer preferences. V Confection sales, etc. Shizuoka-city 9 054-271-3238 E) Shizuoka Station/Shinmeicho (bus) @ 9:00-17:30 @l SaUSun/holidays 9 054-271-3355 E)Shizuoka Welfare Hospial (bus) ~ creditcards v FreeWi-Fi o 3-11 Anzai, Aoi-ku, eeooee @ 10:00-17:00 (closed 12:00-13:00) ., Tea equipment E sales, etc. A TEA FACTORY V 96-1 Shinmei-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city eeooe ~ Cafe/ Blend sampling e1kama Jinja le- f>e -~1><: • Shizuoka Prefectural Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center ~ ~,,:.ll , 9 054-252-6548 E) lchibancho (bus) - ~ -=-- 1- @ 9:00-17:00 @J Sun/holidays (closed some Saturdays) We manufacture and sell teas made !rom obsessively selected tea leaves processed in our own factory. Come find the tea you prefer, such as Honyama tea and deep-steamed tea. , c

J 22 8hizuoka 5hízuoka city (:3) There are many companies and stores near Shizuoka Station thai are involved in the tea business. It is a great place to casually try various tea, exee ri e11ces, V~ile.als<J enj oying sh oeri ng i11 the commercial district or station building. Pif1ffl • jat,@.§ • •-••" ~ A Steeping instructions 9 Comparison • sampling, etc. Steeping instructions A Comparison TI sampling, etc. A W Facilities tour W restaurant - ~ Blend " sampling A W Facilities tour W A Aocepts 0 Maruzen Tea Roastery Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. O cHAMACHI KINZABURO - ~ - - ••••••• 21 Dodayu-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city A~ OA WOV e Ando-Kumano jinja Senjuen @ Sundays Q Kojima Chaten [Shizuoka shop] EJ 054-251-7783 ---=-- @] 11 :00-19:00 We offer gelato with the worlds strongesl matcha, serious tea chocolate voted as having the second-strongest tea flavor at an

international competition, and lots of gifts and souvenirs. A bar oounter and seating are available on the second floor. L:::::::::L::=J Shizuoka Shizuoka Tea Market • O Koyamaen •••••• [Gofukucho hon1en] 2-8-18 Gofuku-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city ••oo• EJ 054-252-1955 EJ lchibancho (bus) @] 8:00-19:00 @ Sun/holidays (closed some Saturdays) EJ 0120-580118 @] 10:00-19:00 We offer aromatic Honyama tea and other inas teas from other regions of the prefecture. Our tea packs and other products are also popular. Established in 1865. We hava remained committed to this one path. Offering tea Ihat tastes lika the first tea you ever tried at Koyamaen. 0 0 Sugiyama-en Kanoh Chaya •••o 9 Nishiki-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city 1-3-1 Takajo,Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city f>OGG EJ 054-253-0620 EJ Shin-Shizuoka Station/Shin-Shizuoka (bus) @] 9:00-19:00 (g) sundays EJ 054-252-2783 EJ Shizuoka Station @] 10:00-16:00 @ Sun/holidays (closed some Saturdays) Established in

1915. Try tasting various Shizuoka teas. Our tea instructors will help you select the tea with the flavors you prefer. Enjoy using the various teas selected by the shop owner, who is a certiled Japanese tea instructor, to try blending or comparing teas. Q MARUKA ~ chagama 49-1 Kurogane-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-<ity (underground plaza at the North entrance of JR Shizuoka Station) 2-2-1 Chamachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city 0 23 e Nanaya ••••o•e This museum of the historical shrine where the "genpuku-shiki" coming-of-age ceremony was held far leyasu Tokugawa includes various artifacts related to Shogun leyasu. 19 Nishiki-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city • • EJ Shizuoka Station EJ Sheuoka Station @] 10:00--19:00 Oast order 18:30) @] 9:00-15:00 @ SaUSunlholidays (g) Wed (ar<I day after holidays), befmelafter New Yeara • Shizuoka Prefectural Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center 2-10-7Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city Passage-TAKAJO 1F EJ 054-253-0030 EJ

o54-253-7166 This tea shop feels lika an old building. Parking lat 2-5-12 Gofuku-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city 60 Aoi-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city Serving Only Deep-Steamed Sencha Teas Established 100 years aga. Reliable products cultivated over our long history. G EJ Shizuoka Station @] 11:00-18:00 @ Tuesdays Tea gelato cafe where you can choose the roasting temperature. An in-store roasting operation can roast teas at different temperature ranges. f) Fukamushicha-no- @] 8:30-19:00 Confection sales, etc. EJ 054-204-1737 showonTV. Chaffles andotherteaconfectioos,induding11 kindsoffreetea,areavailableinlhesecondfloorindoor eatingarea.lnthesummer,shavediceisalsoserved EJ Shizuoka Station ~ . creditcards v FreeW,-F, o ••o•e EJ 054-252-2098 EJ Anzai 2-chome (bus) @] 9:30--18:00 (eat-11 unrn 17:00) @ Wednesdays Sunlholidays 10:00--17:00 This store features the champion of afamous tea competitioo EJ 054-255-0970 -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. 2-2-5 Gofuku-cho, Aoi-ku,

Shizuoka-city Reservationsrequired twoweeksinadvanceforteaexperiences wee days) f>G ~ Cafe/ Blend sampling ltems selected by tea artisans at about 50 companies within the city far sale at a price of 500 yen or less. You can also try tea thai changes weekly. EJ 054-260-4775 @] 10:00-19:00 EJ Hiyoshicho Station @ Mondays With over 100 types of tea ready to be tasted at any time, you are sure to find the tea Ihat is perfect far you. 8hizuoka ltocity «#1 This bright hot spring resort sightseeing destination faces toward Sagami Bay and is backed by the Amagi mountain range. Guri tea is famous for its strong flavor without astringency or bitterness and its rounded shape. ■Hl■ • i®:h® • Steeping • instructions M Comparison • sampling, etc. Steeping • Comparison • instructions Nil sampling, etc. -" N CD 0 • Blend sampling Facilities tour • Blend . sampling Facilities tour e Guricha-no-Sugiyama [Honten] 7-25

Ginza-motomachi, lto city 6] 0557-37-1202 [§] 9:00-17:00 EJ I10Station @ No dosed days (except far NewYeara and ~ - - - ~ summer days posted on the website) f) lchikawa Seicha • Accepls creditcards A V G confection sales, etc. . G Free w,-F, Parking lat lchikawa Seicha [Yoshida shop] 574-2 Yoshida, lto city 0 8009 "Guri" tea made by our deep-steaming process is popular not just as a regional specialty souvenir for tourists but also with local customers. On the east side of the lzu peninsula, our tea is so firrnly established that tea is often generically referred to as "Guri" tea, whetherfor use at home or as gifts. ~ - - - ~ Kawanazaki-todai (lighthouse) Tea equipment o sales, etc. Cafe/ • restaurant [Yunohanadori shop] 1-2-1 Shishido, lto city 6]0557-45-0263 [§]8:30-17:30 (:J Shinmachi (bus) r@ Wednesdays Our Guri tea soft ice cream is especially popular so we added a new Guri tea hard ice cream product to the menu! A V

Guricha-no-Sugiyama [lzukougen shop] 1105-120 Yawatano, lto city oeeooe 6]0557-37-1202 @ Tue/Wed [§]9:00-17:00 EJJogasaki-Kaigan Station "Guri" tea made by our deep-steaming process is popular not just as a regional specialty souvenir far tourists but also with local customers. On the east side of the lzu peninsula, our tea is so firmly established that tea is often generically referred to as "Guri" tea, whether far use at home or as gifts. ~r t r A eMatsukawako V Sometimes referred to as the eye of lzu, lppeki Lake is a beautiful lake with amazing scenery in all seasons. lchikawa Seicha [ltoginzamotomachi shop] 5-2 Ginza-motomachi, lto city e Lake lppeki e 0557-55-9222 [§] 10:00-18:00 EJ lto Station @ Fridays ■ t.::=::::::::::J ft lchikawa Seicha V [lzukougen shop] 1151 Yawatano, lto city 6]0557-53-2262 [§]9:00-17:00 Our shop is located in the Yamamo Plaza inside the lzu-Kogen Station! We mainly sell regional souvenirs and Guri tea. 0 ,

< lchikawa Seicha [Honten] 2-12 Yuda-cho, lto city ( Enjoy the wonderful view of Mount Fuji, lzu lslands, and Sagami Bay /rom the cable car to the volcano crater at a 580 m elevation. Scan the QR code to display a detailed map of the store. lzu Oc:anic Park / 25 26 Kawane: This tea-growing region is located in the upper areas of the Oi River and produces tea characterized by crisp astringency and distinctive umami. Fuji: This tea allows enjoying flavor refined by clean air, pure waters, and pristine mist. 8hizuoka Kawane/Fuji city 0 Pif1ffl • jat,@.§ • •-••" ~ A Steeping instructions 9 Steeping instructions A Compalison TI sampling, etc. Blend sampling W Facilities tour W ~ Cafe/ restaurant .ím" Tea equipment sales, etc. - ~ Blend " sampling A W Facilities tour A Accepts ~F Compalison • sampling, etc. A W cnedit cards V ree w·, F, o Confection sales, etc. G Parking lot Scan the QR code to display a

detailed map of the store. Kawane bussan 1216 Senzu, Kawanehoncho, Haibara district 2-9-1 Yoshiwara, Fuji city eoeoeoo G CD oeeoe 9 0547-59-2044 E) Senzu Station Cg] 8:00-17:00 @ Beforelafter New Years We manufacture and sell tea made wilh stale-of-the-art technology used la carefully protect the unique flavors and aroma of traditional Kawane tea. We also sell sofl ice • cream made on-site with Kawane tea. ~---~ 9 0545.52-0224 [g] g:00-11:30 E)Yoshiwara-honcho Station ml] Sundays Offers a wide selection of teas from famous tea regions within Shizuoka prefecture and over This is the only museum in the world with exhibits about the story of Princess Kaguya returning to Mount Fuji. f) Sakamotoen 110 Kamikishi, kawanehon-cho, Haibara district 9 0547-59-2155 [g] 9:00-17:00 0 Fujimeicha Kubotaen N ~~r Fuji EJ Senzu Station @ SaUSun Localed in a quiet valley, we sell tea directly Iram the manufacturer. We offer hospitality based on delicious tea Iram Kawane. ,., . 100

tea equipmenl products. Tea novices are especially welcome. Reservations required far tea experiences. Paid parking is available across the street (ask far a parking voucher). f) OCHA NO YAMADAIEN 2-5-18 Chuo-cho, Fuji city eoeoeoo GG 9 0545-52-2540 ElYoshiwara chuoeki (bus) @ 9:00-18:30 @ 2nd Sundays Founded in 1889. Let us share, with heartfelt earnestness, the enjoyment of brewing tea and the true deliciousness of brewing tea with a teapot. E)Asahien [Ekimaehonten] The longest suspension bridge on the Oi River. The unusual suspension bridge straddles a prefeciural highway, railroad, and private homes. 372-1 Kawanechoieyama, Shimada-city OEDOGG 9 0547-53-2058 [g] 9:00-17:00 ln front of leyama Station (Oigawa Railway) Please stop by when visiting the leyama Slalion area, whether by ar, train, or steam locomotive. C,YAMASEKIEN·SEICHA 3533 Kawanechominari, ~ Shimada-city V 1 aoeeooe · 9 0547-53-2406 @ NewYearsDay . , t 27 E) leyama Station[gl 10:00-17:00 Kawane tea offers

a rich aroma Ihat gently blooms in lhe throat. lt is characlerized by a delicate richness with refined smoolhness and just the righl amounl of aslringency. Try picking taa (seasonal) or roasling your original hojicha. ~ - - - ~ Take your family to enjoy the spectacular view of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay !rom the park observation deck or play on the grass alhlelic field. wwww / --- 28 8hizuoka Numazu city, 5himizu-cho, Gotemlia city Numazu: Numazu is known for refreshing ~:::~~~~e:;~~:~~~ warm environme~i Gotemba: This lush green hi ghland city is located on the eastern slopes ofMt. Fuji, a world heritage site --· Pif1ffl • jftt,fü.&J • •-••" A A Steeping instnuctions 9 Comparison • sampling, etc. Blend sampl1ng W Steeping instnuctions TI sampling, etc. A Comparison Blend sampllng W • A Facilities tour W ~ Cafe/ restaurant -~• Tea equipment sales, etc. Facilities tour W A Accepts ~ creditcards v FreeWi-Fi o

Confection sales, etc. G Parikinglot • Scan the QR code to display a delailed map of the store. 0 TEA HOUSE ARAI-EN N 301-3 Higashihara, Higashi-shiiji, Numazu-city LaLaport Numazu 1F J- CD eeooee 9 05&-941-5191 9 10:00-19:30 EJ Numazu Stationlí;íl Same wlh L.alaPort Numazu Rediscover lhe delicious laste of Japanese tea. We especially recommend lhe matcha latte overllowing with umarri, lhe intensely aromatic hojicha seft ice 1 D cream, or matcha paired with seasonal Japanese • confections. (Experience: Try grinding matcha) ------ J f) Maruyo Misu-Chaen Gotemba ® 311-3 Nagasawa, Shimizu-cho, Sunto district e&eOGGG -=~ - This park with an artificial turf soccer field and play equipment is perfect for laking great pictures of Mount Fuji and trains. 9 055-972-2368 E) Nagasawanaka (bus) 9 8:30-18:00 lí;ílsun/holidays J Because you drink tea every day, enjoy Shizuoka tea far its umami and aroma, either as a gifl or for persona! use. 0 Araien Tea

80 Gotenba, Gotemba-city -- Kano River Shimizucho Near the summit is an observaüon deck with an expansive view of Numazu city and Suruga Bay. I 29 1312 Fukazawa, Gotemba-city This park offers a great view of Gotemba city and the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are particularly impressive when viewed with Mount F i in the back round. • ••ooee - -~-9 0550-78-1201 E) Gotenba Stalion 91í;í) Same as Gotemba Premium Outlet Our tea stand is located on the top floor of the Gotemba Premium Outlet mali. On sunny days, the view of Mount Fuji is spectacular. t.::=-: : ::::J 30