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Access to Aizu Approx. 4hr Taipei Approx. 2 hr 30 min Shanghai Approx. 2 hr 10 min Harbin Approx. 1 hr 50 min Seoul Niigata Highway Express Bus Approx. 1 hr 50 min Ban-etsu West Line Approx. 2 hr 50 min train Limited express shinkansen bus taxi Sendai Aizuwakamatsu Taipei ・Aizu Line ・Yagan Line ・Tobu Line Kinugawa Onsen Tohoku Shinkansen Fukushima Airport Fukushima Airport Aizuwakamatsu Tobu Line Asakusa Shinjuku Tokyo International Airport Ban-etsu West Line Approx. 1 hr 15 min Yagan Line・Aizu Line Kinugawa Onsen Approx. 2 hr Aizu Tajima Aizuwakamatsu Approx. 2 hr Shinjuku Shinjuku Highway Express Bus Approx. 4 hr 30 min Aizuwakamatsu Sightseeing information Gokujo-no-Aizu http://gokujo Gokujo-no-Aizu FB http://www.facebookcom/gokujounoaizuiti/ Transportation information East Japan Railway Company http://www.jreastcojp/e (Information by telephone in English, Chinese and Korean) +81-50-2016-1603 Aizu Railway Aizu Bus

Fukushima Transportation, Inc. Fukushima Airport http://www.fukushima-koutucojp Published Koriyama Limousine Bus Approx. 2 hr 30 min Shared taxi Approx. 1 hr 20 min Narita International Airport Tokyo Aizuwakamatsu Aizuwakamatsu Approx. 2 hr 50 min Shanghai Approx. 2 hr 40 min Shanghai Approx. 3 hr 30 min Beijing Approx. 3 hr 15 min Beijing Approx. 4 hr Hong Kong Approx. 3 hr 45 min Hong Kong Approx. 3 hr Taipei Approx. 2 hr 40 min Taipei Approx. 3 hr 20 min Kaohsiung Approx. 6 hr Bangkok Approx. 6 hr 10 min Bangkok Multilingual sightseeing information Central Area Aizuwakamatsu Station Tourist Information Center (English) +81-242-32-0688 Tsurugajo Castle Tourist Information Center (English) +81-242-29-1151 http://www.jntogojp/eng/location/spot/tic/aizu-wakamatsu̲stahtml Central Area http://www.jntogojp/eng/location/spot/tic/tsurugajo̲castlehtml Central Area Roadside Station Aizu Yugawa/Aizubange(English) +81-241-27-8853 Urabandai Tourist

Association (English, Chinese and Korean) +81-241-32-2349 http://www.jntogojp/eng/location/spot/tic/07024740html https://www.aizubuscom http://www.fks-abcojp/en Eastern Area Aizu Japan Tourism Guide Ban-etsu West Line Approx. 1 hr 15 min Asakusa Useful sites http://www.aizutetsudojp/ Approx. 40 min ※Reservation required Omiya Koriyama Tohoku Shinkansen Aizuwakamatsu Transportation to Aizu from Fukushima Airport Transportation to Aizu from Tokyo Approx. 1 hr 20 min Approx.3 hr 20 min Tohoku Shinkansen Takasaki Tokyo Highway Express Bus Aizuwakamatsu Shin-Shirakawa Tobu Nikko Approx. 3 hr 15 min Sendai Fukushima Airport Joetsu Shinkansen Seoul Sendai Airport Koriyama Koide Urasa Approx. 2 hr 10 min Fukushima Tadami Line Aizuwakamatsu Shanghai Transportation to Aizu from Sendai Niigata Aizuwakamatsu Approx. 2 hr 50 min Sendai Airport Ban-etsu West Line Niigata Airport Transportation to Aizu from Niigata Niigata airplane of airline

http://www.jntogojp/eng/location/spot/tic/urabandaihtml Gokujo-no-Aizu Project Council Secretariat/Aizuwakamatsu City Tourism Division 〒965-8601 3-46 Higashisakae-machi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture TEL.+81-242-39-1251 FAX+81-242-39-1433 平成29年度福島特定原子力施設地域振興交付金事業 The information on this brochure is as of July, 2017. 會津 英 語 版 Ashinomaki Onsen Village〈Aizuwakamatsu City ‒ Central Area〉 MAP P.19 C-2 Relax in these onsens while enjoying a view of the breath-taking natural landscape. There is an abundance of natural onsens Historic site of Enichi-ji Temple ‒ Kondo〈Bandai Town ‒ Eastern Area〉 MAP P.19 D-2 The monk Tokuitsu founded this temple nearly 1,200 years ago. Japanese i m p e r i a l c o u r t m u s i c , k n o w n a s gagaku , i s p e r f o r m e d i n t h e b e a u t i f u l , red-lacquered Kondo, or main hall. The building has been reconstructed First Tadami River Bridge Viewpoint

〈Mishima Town ‒ Western Area〉 MAP P.19 B-2 This is a local railway popular for its view of the beautiful valley. Don t miss the sight of the train as it crosses the First Tadami River Bridge. Nishiaizu International Art Village 〈Nishiaizu Town ‒ Northern Area〉 The Aizu Tajima Gion Festival〈Minamiaizu Town ‒ Southern Area〉 Event Dates : July 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Ouchijuku Negi-soba (buckwheat noodles with green leeks) 〈Shimogo Town – Southern Area〉 MAP P.19 B-1 MAP P.19 C-3 MAP P.19 C-3 The art itself is being displayed in a former junior high school building. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the traditional wooden school which houses these works of art. C O N T E N T S 04 08 Winter Nature/History Negi-soba is a dish of buckwheat noodles served with green leeks, to be used as chopsticks. It is a rare opportunity here in Japan 12 Experience/Onsen plenty of fascinating things to do for all tourists. 14 About the Areas Access and Information

Nishiaizu Town Western Kanayama Town have been preserved. A variety of Japanese styled buildings and onsens are also available Aizu has ②Nicchu Line Memorial Motor/ Walkway Lake Inawashiro Yanaizu Town Aizumisato Town ①Tsurugajo Castle ④Karariko in Higashiyama Onsen Aizu consists of 17 distinctive municipalities. For the purpose of including general regional / location images, we have separated the entire Aizu area into five parts: the central area, eastern area, western area, southern area, and northern area. Aizuwakamatsu City ⑤Ouchijuku Central Area Cover Photo Shimogo Town The “Japan” youʼve been picturing can be found here in Aizu. Beautiful and amazing encounters await you~ Kitashiobara Village Aizubange Bandai Town Town Yugawa Inawashiro Town Village Mishima Town Showa Village Tadami Town ①Tsurugajo Castle (Aizuwakamatsu City) ① Southern ②Nicchu Line Memorial Motor/Walkway Minamiaizu Town Area (Kitakata City) ③Oze National Park

(Hinoemata Village) Hinoemata Village ③Oze National Park 2 Area Kitakata City Aizu is rich in nature, whose beauty changes with the seasons. The shrines and temples themselves are surrounded by a sacred, tranquil atmosphere. The ancient spirits of the samurai, culture, and food 20 Eastern Area Area Local Food/Souvenirs Regional Map Northern Natureʼs Four Seasons Aizu : Rich in the History and Culture of Japan 10 19 The Gion festival is a traditional event that has been held for nearly 800 years. It is one of the three biggest gion festivals in Japan Children s kabuki is performed, and portable shrines are paraded through the streets. ④Karariko in Higashiyama Onsen ② ③ ④ ⑤ (Aizuwakamatsu City) ⑤Ouchijuku (Shimogo Town) 3 Breath-taking scenery and the excitement of the snowy landscape Winter Eastern Area MAP P.19 D-2 Aizuʼs four seasons are distinct, so the same place may be enjoyed a variety of ways in each season. Of the seasons, winter is

especially recommended The pure white snow and extreme cold climate produces an a variety of scenery and landscapes which can be found only Aizu. The winter events we offer include not only skiing and snowboarding, but also hands-on activities like ice fishing. Shibuki Go-ri〈Inawashiro Town〉 Best season: Mid-January to Early February Shibuki Go-ri refers to the ice on the trees near the shores of the lake, which are made from the strong winds which pass over the water. It is art made by nature itself Skiing and Snowboarding〈All areas in Aizu〉 We are proud of the excellent, powder snow here in Aizu. Along with skiing, the view of the natural surroundings from the top of the mountains is amazing. Downhill skiing is addictively thrilling! It is just like surfing on a cloud. ※Off-piste skiing and snowboarding are prohibited. Eastern Area MAP P.19 D-1 Ice f ishing for pond smelt 〈Kitashiobara Village〉 Fishing seasons are as follows : Fishing from a Yakata-bune (A

domed boat) : November to March Fishing on the iced-over lake : January to March Enjoy ice fishing by drilling a hole into the iced-over lake. Fishing equipment and temporary ice-houses are available for rent. Eastern Area MAP P.19 D-1 Snow-rafting〈All areas in Aizu〉 Enjoy the thrill of riding in a rubber boat , as it is pulled by a snowmobile across a field of snow. 4 Southern Area MAP P.19 B-4 Takatsue Snowcat Tour 〈Minamiaizu Town〉 Season:Late-January to Mid-March On this tour, you will climb the slopes of the ski resort in a snowmobile, for the magnificent winter view from in a mountain peak. Even if you re not good at winter sports, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. Yellow Fall 〈Inawashiro Town , Kitashiobara Village〉 Best Season: Mid-January to Early February The icicles resemble stalactites, and their various sizes and shapes are breath-taking. 5 Southern Area Nakayama Setsugetsuka〈Shimogo Town〉 Season:Late February MAP P.19 C-3 A

fantastic event that combines the beauty of Aizu’s snow (setsu), the glowing moon (getsu), and the light of candles (ka). Ouchijuku Snow Festival〈Shimogo Town〉 Season:Second Saturday and Sunday of February Winter Southern Area MAP P.19 C-3 Ouchijuku used to be a post town during the Edo era. Even in winter, the town is full of atmosphere Stone-lanterns are lit during the Snow Festival, and provide a warm glow. Central Area MAP P.19 C-2 Aizu Painted Candle Festival 〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 Season:Mid-February I have been there three times already! The candles painted by children are always great. Western Area Snow and Fire Festival〈Mishima Town〉 Season:Second Saturday of February MAP P.19 B-2 The “Sainokami,” is a revival bonfire event to pray for a bountiful harvest. A huge 20 meter bonfire is the center of the event. 6 Southern Area Tadami Snow Festival〈Tadami Town〉 Season:Second Saturday and Sunday of February MAP P.19 A-3 Various

events are held on a giant stage made of snow, and a fireworks show is also held. The fireworks glow vividly against the night sky of winter. 7 Northern Area Shingu Kumano Shrine Nagatoko 〈Kitakata City〉 MAP P.19 C-1 This is the Shinto Shrine from where Yoritomo Minamoto prayed to the gods; it was also used as a secluded mountain dojo for ascetic training by priests. The image of the magnificent Nagatoko worship hall is alluring. Central Area Tsurugajo Castle 〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 MAP P.19 C-2 This is the only castle whose tower boasts the valued red roof tiles in all of Japan. It is amazing to see the view of the stately castle surrounded by a thousand cherry blossom trees. Cherry blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, and a multitude of colored leaves in autumn- outside of winter, Aizu has a variety of landscapes visible only during certain seasons. Additionally, Buddhism has prospered here for more than a thousand years. Aizu is therefore known as one of the

five biggest Buddhism towns in Japan, and it still hosts a number of historical buildings and Buddhist imagery. You can learn about the history and culture of samurai at Tsurugajo Castle Eastern Area MAP P.19 D-2 Southern Area Tou no Hetsuri 〈Shimogo Town〉 MAP P.19 C-3 Historic site : Enichi-ji Temple ‒ Kondo 〈Bandai Town〉 It is interesting to see Japan s religious culture and differences of Buddhism among other countries. Nature / History Nature/ History Exploring the precious nature and history found only in Aizu Hetsuri means cliff in Japanese. This art is created naturally through weathering and erosion. You can feel the history of millions of years. Central Area Northern Area MAP P.19 C-1 Approximately 1,000 cherry trees bloom in the area around the closed Nicchu Line, which spans nearly 3 kilometers. A steam locomotive is also on display. 8 MAP P.19 C-2 Sazaedo 〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 Nicchu Line Memorial Motor/ Walkway 〈Kitakata City〉 Southern Area

MAP P.19 A-4 Oze National Park 〈Hinoemata Village〉 Walking on this trail in the season with bloomed flowers is amazing, and will be a good memory. This Buddhist temple feature unique winding staircases inside. The building itself looks like a turban shell, and hosts two staircases, which allows visitors to climb the stairs without meeting descending visitors. Western Area Fukuman Kokuzobosatsu Enzo-ji Temple 〈Yanaizu Town〉 MAP P.19 B-2 This is one of the three biggest Akasagarbha bodhisattvas in all of Japan. The temple was founded nearly 1,200 years ago. Petting the statue of the bull is meant to bring good luck. 9 Western Area Karamushi-ori 〈Showa Village〉 Luxurious textile with smooth texture woven from ramie fiber that has been continuously cultivated from approximately 250 years ago. Aizu Lacquerware 〈All areas in Aizu〉 Dengaku〈All areas in Aizu〉 Mother-of-pearl, gold lacquer, flowers, etc. are applied to Aizu lacquerware using traditional

techniques. Lacquerware is a traditional art of Japan Dengaku is a rural Aizu dish. A special miso sauce is spread on skewered grilled-tofu, taro root and other food. It is usually grilled and eaten by a hearth Aizu Cotton 〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 Aizu cotton has a tradition of more than 400 years. The thick cotton material is used for various products, and is suitable for daily use. It s distinctive features are the vivid colors, and striped pattern. Local food / Souvenir Local Food/ Souvenirs Central Area Enjoy the local cuisine and traditional techniques of Aizu All of Aizuʼs local cuisine is simple yet sophisticated. It was created using the wisdom and resources of people who survived deep snows in winter, and has inherited the spirit of the local samurai. Japanese sake, using pure and delicious water, is also produced to this day The lacquerware and cotton products of the area are also beautiful and practical, making them very popular as souvenirs. Central Area Aizu

Hongo Pottery 〈Aizumisato Town〉 Aizu Hongo originated with the baking of roof tiles for Tsurugajo castle nearly 400 years ago. Western Area Okuaizu Amikumi-Zaiku 〈Mishima Town〉 These craft products are made using plants as material. They are designated as a recognized traditional craft of Japan. Nishin-no-sanshozuke〈All areas in Aizu〉 A dish of preserved herrings that have been rolled in Japanese pepper-leaves and pickled with soy sauce, vinegar, sake, and so on- it is a regional preserved dish. It is perfect as a snack served with Japanese sake. Aizu Hariko 〈All areas in Aizu〉 Aizu Hariko have been made for nearly 400 years. This traditional toy is a lucky charm in the Aizu regions. Aizu Sake〈All areas in Aizu〉 The local Japanese sake is made from fine rice and water that has been brewed by masters using special techniques. The taste is highly esteemed both inside and outside of Japan. Kozuyu〈All areas in Aizu〉 This is the local food which represents

Aizu. Kozuyu used to be served only for special events, such as New Years day, ceremonial occasions, etc. Soba〈All areas in Aizu〉 Noodles made from buckwheat are called Soba. People enjoy its smooth texture, and rich flavor. There are many kinds of soba, such as negi-soba (served with green leeks), mizu-soba (using water to dip) and tachi-soba (noodles that have been cut). Northern Area Kitakata ramen 〈Kitakata City〉 Kitakata ramen is very good. I love it and eat it every week! 10 Mishirazu-gaki〈All areas in Aizu〉 It is said that these persimmons were named because they are too good to stop eating , and are a favorite of the imperial family. These persimmons will melt in your mouth. 11 Experiences/ Onsen After you have enjoyed experiencing Japanese culture, enjoy the relaxing Onsen( hot springs) If you have an interest in Japanese culture, such as zen meditation, Japanese archery, and traditional crafts, Aizu is highly recommended. The time spent enjoying these

activities will give you something good to remember about your trip. Donʼt miss the onsens either Relax in the bath while enjoying the view outside. The experience will make you forget all your stress Central Area Higashiyama Onsen Village 〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 MAP P.19 C-2 These historical onsens were discovered nearly1,300 years ago. The onsen water is incredibly good, as are the natural surroundings. MAP P.19 C-2 Experience / Onsen Central Area Zen meditation and Japanese archery experience Aizu Clan School Nisshinkan 〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 Learn about the spirit of Japanese zen through zen meditation, and try out Japanese archery with this experience. Your power of concentration will increase (Aizu Samurai sprits) Eastern Area Nakanosawa Onsen Village 〈Inawashiro Town〉 Southern Area MAP P.19 D-1 South Area Indigo dyeing at the Okuaizu Museum 〈Minamiaizu Town〉 Yunokami Onsen Village 〈Shimogo Town〉 MAP P.19 C-3 Enjoy the well-known acid sulfur

Onsen also called shionuki no yu that has one of the largest amount of Onsen water discharge in Japan. Onsen resort with a taste of a rustic mountain town. Yunokami-Onsen Station has a rare thatched roof and a footbath beside the building. MAP P.19 B-4 You can experience the Japanese traditional techniques of dyeing at this old-style farmhouse, featuring a thatched roof. Western Area Tamanashi Onsen Village 〈Kaneyama Town〉 MAP P.19 B-2 The onsen here have water rich in hydrogen, which is said to be rare and good for the skin. Enjoy the extremely fresh onsen water. Northern Area Painting Akabeko (red bull) 〈All areas in Aizu〉 It s so much fun to paint your own akabeko. It s my lucky charm 12 Atsushio Onsen Village 〈Kitakata City〉 MAP P.19 C-1 Tasting and Tour at Sake Breweries〈All areas in Aizu〉 You can learn about the process of making sake, take a tour in the brewery, and enjoy tasting the sake, for which Aizu is famous all over the world. This onsen

water will thoroughly warm your body, due to its high saline concentration. It is also well-known as a spot for good fortune and healthy births. 13 Central Area Northern Area Wakaki Store Brick Warehouse 〈Kitakata City〉 MAP P.19 C-1 Karariko in Higashiyama Onsen〈 Aizuwakamatsu City〉 MAP P.19 C-2 Oyamazumi Shrine〈Nishiaizu Town〉 The Higashiyama geiko (Japanese traditional performers, also known as geisha) have a long history from the Edo period. Enjoy spending time listening to classic songs, dances, and shamisen performances in a traditional Japanese-style room. MAP P.19 B-2 Aizu Buddha in Ganjou-ji Temple〈Kitakata City〉 MAP P.19 C-1 This Buddhist statue was constructed from various pieces of wood Oyakuen Garden〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 Ryuko-ji Temple〈Aizumisato Town〉 MAP P.19 C-2 MAP P.19 C-1 MAP P.19 C-1 Kitakata City Aizubange Town Yugawa Village Aizuwakamatsu City Aizumisato Town Lake Inawashiro A Castle Town with Plenty of Ancient Tradition

Lake Inawashiro Otawarahiki Aizu Shiokawa Balloon Festival 〈Kitakata City〉 〈Aizubange Town and Aizumisato Town〉 Season: January 14th〈Aizubange Town〉 Second Saturday of January 〈Aizumisato Town〉 Season:Mid-October MAP P.19 C-2 Yugawa Village is one of the best places in Aizu for rice farming. There are events where you can experience harvesting and tasting new rice. Agricultural produce is also sold. 〈Aizubange Town〉 Model Course START From Kitakata Station MAP P.19 C-2 ■Websites Aizuwakamatsu City: http://e.samurai-cityjp/ About 30 minutes Making Aizu-Hongo pottery 〈Aizumisato Town〉 MAP P.19 C-2 Aizumisato Town: http://www.townaizumisato About 15 minutes Lunch ‒ Sauce-Katsudon ( katsu: deep fried pork) Roadside Station Aizu Yugawa/Aizubange 〈Yugawa Village〉 MAP P.19 C-2 Yugawa Village: http://www.villyugawa About 40 minutes Tachiki Kannon 〈Aizubange Town〉 MAP P.19 C-2 Higashiyama Onsen

Village (overnight stay) 〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 MAP P.19 C-2 Aizubange Town: http://www.townaizubange MAP P.19 B-1 This event is an autumnal tradition in Aizu, where 30 hot-air balloons gather from all over Japan. The climax of the event occurs as all of the hot-air balloons float into the sky. START From Aizuwakamatsu Station About 30 minutes Season:Early-February MAP P.19 C-1 MAP P.19 C-2 Men in loincloths are divided into red and white teams (east and west) and pull a large rice bale. It is said that the result of the game determines rich harvest or increase in the price of rice. Nishiaizu Snow Festival 〈Nishiaizu Town〉 Season:Mid-October Model Course Tsurugajo Castle 〈Aizuwakamatsu City〉 There are a number of monuments in the Northern Area that have been symbols of religious faith, including the sanzon-zo in Ganjou-ji temple, which is unique to the Tohoku region, the hall in the Shingu Kumano Shrine, and the Oyamazumi Shrine, which will

grant you one wish in your lifetime. The town which features over 4,000 Japanese warehouses is perfect for a stroll And dont miss out on Kitakata ramen, one of the three top ramen in Japan. Recommended Events Yugawa Village New Rice Festival 〈Yugawa Village〉 About 10 minutes Solemn and alluring shrines and temples await Nishiaizu Town The impregnable Tsurugajo Castle is located in the central area. In this area, there are plenty of places where you can feel and experience the history and culture of Aizu. The geisha performance known as karariko is certainly worth seeing. With concern to traditional events, Aizu hosts several festivals and events which are rare and unique even in Japan. You can also enjoy onsen with a great view, and local cuisine. Recommended Events 14 Kitakata Ramen Burger Roadside Station Kita-no-Sato〈Kitakata City〉 in the Kamakura period. The sanzon-zo , the Seishi Bodhisattva triad, and the Kannon Bodhisattvas on both sides of the Seishi, have

been designated a national important cultural asset. Northern Area Central Area MAP P.19 C-2 Basashi (raw horse meat)〈Aizubange Town〉 About 5 minutes About 5minutes Dyeing Factory Renga Aizu-kata cutting and color printing experience 〈Kitakata City〉 MAP P.19 C-1 ■Websites Kitakata City: http://www.kitakata-kankojp/ Some events only made possible by a snowy environment are available at the festival, including: kiri-geta (Japanese wooden sandals) throwing competition, snow sports competitions, snowmobile driving, and more. About 10minutes Sake tasting at the Yamatogawa Sake Brewery 〈Kitakata City〉 MAP P.19 C-1 About 40 minutes Lunch Kitakata ramen 〈Kitakata City〉 MAP P.19 C-1 About 30 minutes Nishiaizu International Art Village 〈Nishiaizu Town〉 MAP P.19 B-1 Lotus Inn (overnight stay) 〈Nishiaizu Town〉 MAP P.19 B-1 Nishiaizu Town: http://www.townnishiaizufukushimajp/ 15 Eastern Area Western Area Yanohara Marsh〈Showa Village〉 MAP

P.19 B-3 Mt. Bandai Trekking 〈Inawashiro Town, Bandai Town, Kitashiobara Village〉 Aizu Chicken grown in Mishima Town Loghouse Donguri〈Mishima Town〉 MAP P.19 D-1 Mt. Bandai is one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan Many mountain climbers visit it every year There are 6 starting points for the Mt. Bandai climb It takes approximately 2 hours from the Happoudai trail route to the top of the mountain Goshikinuma : The mysterious lakes and marshes 〈Kitashiobara Village〉 Nakatsugawa Valley 〈Inawashiro Town, Kitashiobara Village〉 MAP P.19 D-1 Kitashiobara Village Bandai Town Inawashiro Town Lake Inawashiro Soba ice cream Roadside Station Bandai〈Bandai Town〉 Karamushi-ori Experience Roadside Station Karamushi-ori no Sato Showa Orihime Koryukan〈Showa Village〉 MAP P.19 B-3 Awamanju〈Yanaizu Town〉 Karamushi, a rare ramie plant in Japan, are grown in the village. You can make coasters and other items with the karamushi-weaving techniques. MAP P.19 D-2

Quality time surrounded by beautiful nature Kaneyama Town The Eastern Area of Aizu is surrounded by high mountains, including Mt. Bandai, and the area is well-known for its cool summers and good winter snow. Enjoy the amazing landscapes throughout the year. The volcanic activity of Mt Bandai provides the area with plenty of onsen water. Furthermore, Mt Bandai is surrounded by onsen resorts, and located near many beautiful lakes and marshes. Recommended Events Mishima Town Yanaizu Town Lake Inawashiro Showa Village MAP P.19 B-2 Experience the interesting and ancient customs that are connected to the region In the West area, you can experience Japanese culture associated with daily life including “weaving crafts” using plant materials such as wild vines and silver vines, and “ramie cloth” made from ramie plants that have been cultivated for approximately 250 years. This area is where you can enjoy the stunning view of the Tadami Line which is also very popular overseas.

There are many festivals where travelers can socialize with locals. Human contact with simple, warm locals will add color to your trip. Western Area Eastern Area MAP P.19 D-1 MAP P.19 B-2 Recommended Events An evening of lamp light and Buddhist singing Historic site of the Enichiji ruins/Main hall 〈Bandai Town〉 Urabandai Fire Mountain Festival 〈Kitashiobara Village〉 Lake Numazawa Festival 〈Kaneyama Town〉 Season:First Saturday and Sunday of August Season:July 21st Season:Mid to late August In this event, a legendary large snake is recreated. On the first night of the event, a fireworks festival is also held out on the lake. The meeting of the large snake structure and the fireworks are the main event of this festival. Approximately 500 fireworks are displayed while accompanied by music. The fireworks reflected on the surface of Lake Hibara are magnificent. The world s oldest traditional music, Buddhist chants, recited by monks echo throughout the

fantastically lit-up main hall. Season:January 7th MAP P.19 B-2 MAP P.19 D-1 MAP P.19 D-2 Fukuman Kokuzobosatsu Enzo-ji Temple Nanokadou Hadaka Mairi 〈Yanaizu Town〉 MAP P.19 B-2 With the ring of the first bell, nearly 300 men begin their rush to the owaniguchi *. The hall in the temple is filled with the energy of the participating men. Owaniguchi : A Buddhist altar equipment that visitors make a sound by Model Course Model Course START From Inawashiro Station START From Aizuyanaizu Station About 5 minutes About 20 minutes Hanitsu Shrine 〈Inawashiro Town〉 MAP P.19 D-2 ■Websites Inawashiro Town: http://www1.bandaisanorjp/ib/en/ 16 About 30minutes Historic site of Enichi-ji Temple ‒ Kondo 〈Bandai Town〉 MAP P.19 D-2 About 20 minutes Lunch Aizu Yamajio ramen 〈Kitashiobara Village〉 MAP P.19 D-1 Bandai Town: http://www.townbandaifukushimajp/ About 50 minutes Morohashi Modern Museum 〈Kitashiobara Village〉 MAP P.19 D-1 Yokomuki Onsen

Village (overnight stay) 〈Inawashiro Town〉 MAP P.19 D-1 Kitashiobara Village: http://www.villkitashiobarafukushimajp/ docs/2011071200013/ About 10 minutes shaking an attached rope About 15 minutes Fukuman Kokuzobosatsu Enzo-ji Temple 〈Yanaizu Town〉 MAP P.19 B-2 ■Websites Yanaizu Town: http://kankou.townyanaizu About 55 minutes About 50 minutes Mishima Town Seikatsu Kougeikan Lunch ‒ Kyoudoshoku Experience on Amikumi-zaiku Denshoukan Choma-an 〈Mishima Town〉 〈Showa Village〉 MAP P.19 B-2 Mishima Town: http://www.mishima-kankounet/ MAP P.19 B-3 About 40 minutes Takizawa River Potholes 〈Kaneyama Town〉 MAP P.19 A-2 Showa Village: http://www.villshowa Hayato Onsen Village (overnight stay) 〈Mishima Town〉 MAP P.19 B-2 Kaneyama Town: http://www.kaneyamakankounejp/ 17 A Southern Area B C Kitakata City Regional Map of the Area Hinoemata Kabuki〈Hinoemata Village〉 Season:May 12th, August 18th, first

Saturday of September 1 Aizu-kata cutting and color printing experience to Niigata Due to the heavy rain in Niigata and Fukushima, train service has been suspended; however, there will be bus service between Nishiaizu I.C Tadami and Aizukawaguchi. Visit the website of the East Japan Railway Company for information on the bus service status. http://www.jreastcojp/e Section of Tadami Line where operation has been suspended Tadami Line Section where bus service is provided Mishima Town Seikatsu Kougeikan Experience on Amikumi-zaiku 2 Lake Numazawa MAP P.19 B-3 Shingorou 〈Shimogo Town, Minamiaizu Town〉 Fuzawa Beech Forest Iyashi-no-mori(Tadami-machi side) 2 hours round-trip Megumi-no-mori (swamp walking) 3.5 hours round-trip Shingorou is a grilled semi-pounded rice cake on a bamboo skewer. It is covered in a miso paste and topped with wild sesame. 3 Southern Area Minamiaizu Town Hinoemata Village Takatsue Snowcat Tour 18 Aizu-Kogen Oze-Guchi Stn. Minamiaizu

Town 121 Hinoemata Village Office Hinoemata Village Approx. Approx. Yagan Line / Aizu Line Kinugawa Onsen Aizu Tajima Approx. 2hr Lunch ‒ Tachi-soba 〈Hinoemata Village〉 MAP P.19 A-4 About 30 minutes Lake Tagokura 〈Tadami Town〉 MAP P.19 A-3 MAP P.19 B-4 Fukazawa Onsen Village (overnight stay) 〈Tadami Town〉 MAP P.19 A-3 Sendai Airport Expressway bus Hinoemata Village: http://www.oze-infojpetshp Tadami Town: http://www.tadaminavicom/ Tadami Town Office Fukushima Approx. 3 hr 20 min 459 21km Approx. 35min Approx. 13.4km 115 26km Approx. 25min 18km Approx. 35min Aizuwakamatsu City Hall Inawashiro Town Office 49 118 Approx. Approx. Approx. Approx. 24min 36.6km Approx. 43min 400 30km Approx. 40min 41km Approx. 50min 18.6km Approx. 25min Approx. 31km Approx. 52min 401 Showa Village Office 289 Approx. 55km Approx. Approx. 1 hr 10 min Approx. 2hr ※Please see page 20 for other ways to reach Aizu. Minamiaizu

Town: http://www.kanko-aizucom/ Approx. 252 Approx. 252 Kaneyama Town Office Aizuwakamatsu Approx. 27km Approx. 46min Approx. 289 121 352 Shimogo Town Office 289 Minamiaizu Town Office 401 Approx. 12km Approx. 20min 60km Approx. 1 hr 10 min From the airport to Aizu without any transfers. Sendai Airport and Aizu Wakamatsu is now connected by expressway bus. Approx. Approx. 50min Access to Aizu has become even more convenient! Approx. 22min 400 30km Urabandai Government Offices Complex Approx. Aizubange Town Office 18km 31km Approx. 56min 33km Approx. 50min Nishiaizu Town Office Oze National Park Approx. Kitakata City Hall Approx. ※Yagan Railway Via Aizu Kinugawa Line (190.7km) Indigo dyeing at the Okuaizu Museum 〈Minamiaizu Town〉 Shimogo Town to Kinugawa Onsen, Nikko, Asakusa Limited express Outdoor footbath and Japanese hearth at Yunokami Onsen Station 〈Shimogo Town〉 MAP P.19 C-3 and the History of Mt. Minami 121 352 352 4

Asakusa About 90 minutes Outdoor footbath and Japanese hearth 289 The Aizu Tajima Gion Festival Walking with Cherry Blossoms 289 Revaty Aizu Express train has started to operate through-services with Yagan/Aizu Railway. new express train car connects Aizu and the Tokyo metropolitan area. About 90 minutes Yunokami Onsen Village/ Shimogo Town Office 459 Snow which has been saved in a special sheet is used for this event. A beer garden in the snow and a watermelon cracking event are also held, so you can enjoy both the midsummer sunshine and the cold of the snow. About 40 minutes Tou no Hetsuri ine Hinoemata Kabuki START From Yunokami Onsen Station ■Websites Nakayama Setsugetsuka Maiden Lilies in Takashimizu Nature Park Indigo dyeing at the Okuaizu Museum Tobu Line Shimogo Town: Aizutajima Stn. Summer Snow Festival Model Course About 1 minutes Yunokami Onsen Stn. Roadside Station Karamushi-ori no Sato Showa Orihime Koryukan Local

cuisine folklore museum Choma-an 401 MAP P.19 A-4 Enjoy the hospitality of the area while learning about the history of Mt. Minami, while strolling under the later-blooming cherry trees. Minamiaizu Town Office Season:First Saturday and Sunday of August MAP P.19 C-3 Ouchijuku/Negi-soba Ouchijuku Snow Festival Yanohara Marsh Tadami Town Summer Snow Festival 〈Hinoemata Village〉 Season:Late-April Aizuwakamatsu City 401 uL Recommended Events to Koriyama Aizu Painted Candle Festival Higashiyama Onsen Village/Karariko Ramie cloth weaving experience Fukazawa Onsen Village Aizuwakamatsu City Hall Sazaedo Oyakuen Garden Tsurugajo Castle / Aizumisato Town Aiz The South area still enjoys intact nature that shows traditional Japanese scenery such as the beech forest in Tadami Town and Oze. The performance of Hinoemata Kabuki, a traditional performing art with a 270-year tradition, can be enjoyed in this area. You can also experience Kabuki-style make-up here.

This area is full of Japanʼs unique culture including irori fireplaces, footbaths, bent houses and local cuisine. Walking with Cherry Blossoms and the History of Mt. Minami 〈Minamiaizu Town〉 Making Aizu-Hongo pottery Otawarahiki Showa Village Fuzawa Beech Forest 401 Aizu is full of the beautiful scenery for which Japan is famous all over the world. 118 to Koriyama Shibuki Go-ri Lake Inawashiro Ryuko-ji Temple Showa Village Office Lake Tagokura 49 Aizuwakamatsu Stn. Nishiwakamatsu Stn. Yanaizu Town 289 252 Inawashiro Bandaikogen I.C First Tadami River Bridge Viewpoint 400 Tadami Stn. Tadami Snow Festival Tadami Town Office to Koide Nisshinkan Ashinomaki Onsen Village ※We recommend that a (paid) guide accompany you on the above trek. Guide is available only in Japanese Shimogo Town Mishima Town Aizuwakamatsu I.C Awamanju Inawashiro Stn. Aizu clan School Fukuman Kokuzobosatsu Enzo-ji Temple Inawashiro Town Historic site of Enichi-ji

Temple ‒ Kondo/ Yugawa Village Tamanashi Onsen Village 289 This is a popular sightseeing spot where you c a n f e e l a b u n d a n t n a t u r e o f Ta d a m i . Megumi- no - mori and Iyashi- no - mori are recommended. Aizuyanaizu Stn. Hayato Onsen Village Snow and Fire Festival Kaneyama Town Lake Numazawa Festival Office Takizawa River Potholes Aizubange Town Office Aizubange Stn. Bandai Town Roadside Station Bandai Spring Gagaku Concert Hanitsu Shrine Soba ice cream Inawashiro Town Office Nanokadou Hadaka Mairi 252 Nakanosawa Onsen Village e Lin st We Aizukawaguchi Stn. Aizumiyashita Stn. Kaneyama Town Beech Forests in Tadami Town 〈Tadami Town〉 400 Donguri/ Loghouse Aizu Chicken grown in Mishima Town Museum Mt. Bandai Trekking Aizu Shiokawa Balloon Festival 115 Morohashi Modern Yellow Fall tsu n-e Ba Maiden Lilies in Takashimizu Nature Park 〈Minamiaizu Town〉 MAP P.19 B-3 Nakatsugawa Valley Urabandai Government Offices

Complex Yokomuki Onsen Goshikinuma : The mysterious lakes and marshes 459 Kitakata Stn. Nicchu Line Memorial Motor/ Walkway Shingu Kumano Shrine Nagatoko Aizubange Town Nishiaizu Town Office Tachiki Kannon Roadside Station Otawarahiki Yugawa Village New Rice Festival Oyamazumi Shrine Ice fishing for pond smelt Urabandai Fire Mountain Festival Lake Hibara Kitakata City Hall Kitashiobara Village Yamato Stn. Ban-etsu West Line Nishiaizu Lotus Inn Snow Festival to Niigata Aizu Yamajio ramen Aizu Buddha in Ganjou-ji Temple Nishiaizu International Art Village Ban-etsu Expressway Tadami Town Atsushio Onsen Village Sake tasting at the Yamatogawa Sake Brewery Wakaki Store Brick Warehouse Roadside Station Kita-no-sato Kitakata ramen Kitakata Ramen Burger 459 MAP P.19 A-4 Lake Inawashiro 121 Dyeing Factory Renga Nishiaizu Town N D Routes and Estimated Time 54km Approx. 60min 352 Aizuwakamatsu Hinoemata Village Office The distances indicated on the map

are approximations. The required time listed applies to travel by car under good highway conditions. 19