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Analysis of Blemish in LCD Panels TOF-SIMS(Time of Flight –Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy) and Resonant Raman spectroscopy has been successfully applied to analysis of blemish in Liquid Crystal Display panel. Images of blemish Green Red Blue 101 Blemish Normal 100 10-2 NH4+ Na+ C2H5O+ C3H7O+ Cu+ C6H5+ GC/MS * Intensity / arb. unit GC Ion Chromatography ICP-MS Etc. O- F- Br- C4H5O2- HSO4- Cl- * Extraction by organic solvent ①Surface analysis TOF-SIMS CH- * Raman spectrum at blemish Examples of analysis 10-3 In+ Raman spectrum of LC Dismantling of LCD Alignment film Normal 10-1 10-2 10-3 Blemsh 100 10-1 Preparation procedure LC 101 Peak intensity normalized by CN- blemish Peak intensity normalized by C2H3+ Gray TOF-SIMS analysis on alignment film * * * * TOF-SIMS analysis shows higher concentration of Cu and Br at blemished area. * Cu-Phthalocyanine (Blue) Phthalocyanine related compounds are detected by resonant Raman

spectrum. Halogenide Phthalocyanine(Green) ②bulk analysis Micro-IR 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 -1 Wavenumber / cm 600 400 F Imaging depth profiles using TOF-SIMS R G Br B G B in AF (Horizontal image) 300μm Total ion R in CF ( Horizontal image ) depth F Br R G B ITO R G B CF Cross section image AF Br elemental images given by TOF-SIMS depth profiles clearly shows a pinhole between R and G pixel through the alignment film and ITO. The pinhole may be a path through which green pigment has diffused into liquid crystal. 2007PS No.Ⅳ-2 2007P055 P00468 構造化学第2研究室 070828 STC:開(20070829)