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Levél formátumok angolul Üzleti levél: Kens Cheese House 34 Chatley Avenue Seattle, WA 98765 Tel: (206) 456 8967 Fax: (206) 456 6745 Email: kenny@cheese.com Fred Flintstone Sales Manager Cheese Specialists Inc. 456 Rubble Road Rockville, IL 896756 Dear Mr Flintstone: With reference to our telephone conversation today, I am writing to confirm your order for: 120 x Cheddar Deluxe Ref. No 856 The order will be shipped within three days via UPS and should arrive at your store in about 10 days. Please contact us again if we can help in any way. Yours sincerely, Kenneth Beare Director of Kens Cheese House Állásra jelentkezés: 2520 Vista Avenue Olympia, Washington 98501 April 19, 2001 Mr. Bob Trimm, Personnel Manager Importers Inc. 587 Lilly Road Dear Mr. Trimm: I am writing to you in response to your advertisement for a Legal Assistant specializing in Port Regulatory Law, which appeared in the Seattle Times on Sunday, June 15. As you can see from my enclosed resume, my experience and

qualifications match this positions requirements. I especially would like to point out that I graduated Cum Laude from The University of Tacoma and was hired directly upon graduation due to my expertise in port authority regulations. During the four years that I worked for Shoreman and Co., I furthered deepened my knowledge of the fast changing regulatory laws in our state. My employer also thought highly enough of my abilities to promote me to head legal researcher after my first year of employment. I look forward to an opportunity to personally discuss the position with you. I will call you within the next five days to arrange an interview. Sincerely, Kenneth Beare Enclosure Baráti levél: 506 Country Lane North Baysville, CA 53286 December 16, 2004 Dear Susan, It feels like such a long time since the last time I saw you. I know its only been several weeks since I saw you. So far my summer has been great! I spend my all my weekends at the beach. I am getting a nice tan and you

can no longer say I am paler than you. I have been playing lots of volleyball, surfing and building a nice collection of sea shells. Just this past weekend I took second place in a sandcastle building contest! On the weekdays I work. I drive an ice cream truck around and sell ice cream to the kids. It is so cool It is a combination of the two things I love most, ice cream and kids. The pay isnt too great but I love the job so much I hope the summers been going well for you too. Theres only a month and a half left in summer vacation and after that its back to school. Would you like to meet up some time to before school starts? Your friend, Signature P.S John Austin says hi