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Free time activities questions and answers 1. How much free time do you have on an ordinary day? 2. How do you spend it? 3. Have you got any hobbies? 4. Are you a fan of something? 5. Have you got a pet? What is it called? 6. What other animals can people keep as pets? 7. What are the most popular hobbies in England? 8. Which hobbies are typically for women/men? 9. Name some sports! 10. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities? Why? 11. Which do you prefer films or music or computer games? 12. Which book are you reading now? 13. What kinds of books can we read? 14. Is there a library at your living place? 15. Are there any books that cannot be borrowed? 16. Do you subscribe to any papers? 17. Which films do you prefer movie films or TV films? 18. What kinds of films can we watch on TV? 19. Have you ever been to a theatre? 20. What did you last see? 21. What was it like for you? 22. How did you know that the performance was to start? 23. Which are Shakespeare’s most popular dramas?

24. Have you got a hi-fi and CD-s at home? 25. What do you think of the price of CD-s? 26. Why is language learning a good free time activity? 27. What possibilities are there for learning English in Hungary? 28. Can you improve your language abilities by watching TV? 1. I have not too little but not too much free time on an ordinary day 2. I often watch TV, listen to music, read some newspaper or play with my computer. 3. I like playing the guitar and do aerobic 4. No I’m not but I’m fond of movies 5. Yes I have a dog It’s called Hektor 6. Cat, fish, hamster, mouse, rabbit and so on 7. They like sports (football, lacrosse) 8. Typically women hobbies are knitting, doing aerobic, talking with other women Typically men hobbies are DIY jobs, play/watch football. 9. Football, handball, volleyball, basketball, floor ball, combat sports, swimming, chess, aerobic, athletic. 10. I prefer indoor activities because you can do it even if the weather isn’t good 11. I like movies and music

too and I often play with my computer 12. I am reading The Golden Man It’s a novel by Jókai Mór He is a very famous Hungarian novelist. 13. Romantic story, novel, short story, detective book, guidebook, cookbook, magazine, historical book, dictionary and so on. 14. Yes there is not far from my home 15. Yes these are handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and lexicons 16. No I don’t 17. I prefer movie films but it is more expensive than TV films but the screen and effects are better. 18. Action films, romantic films, thrillers, sci-fi, horror films, cartoons and so on 19. Yes I have been 20. I saw Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet It’s a love story 21. It was very good Actors and actresses gave a very good performance 22. The lights are turned off and ringed 23. Lear King, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, 12th night and so on 24. Yes I have 25. They are so expensive 26. Because if you see a subtitled film you can relax but you learn too 27. You can learn at school, language course,

you can watch a lot of subtitled films and English channels. 28. Yes I understand a lot while I am watching TV