About us

Zoltan Fabian

Founder of the original Hungarian site, doksi.hu. In 2000, he decided to start a site for sharing high school documents. The early website was hosted by a free hosting company, and proved to be a great success among high school students. This site was called soktetel.fw.hu and one year after its launch it had a hundred visitors, three years later it had a thousand. In 2005 its successor, doksi.hu came, emerging as the best known document sharing platform among students in Hungary.

Tamas Fabian

He was the editor of doksi.hu for years. He was the one who built our Business Plan section from zero to hero. Right now he is using his experience in the financial sector, mainly on the field of data warehouses. Today he helps in the planning and implementation of our strategy, also taking part in testing of new features. He is happy to help regarding topics of data warehouses, risk management and economics in general.

Petra Jarvas

As the project associate of Doksi, her job is mainly to get some new articles together, refresh older documents and research new topics. Her duty is to check out new features when we finish a development, even considering those functionalities that may go wrong thanks to our programming work. She is a watchful tester, who regularly stands for ergonomics. Her sense of beauty is well known all over the globe, so she is the one who tells the first opinion about design subjects.

Diana Bertok

Current editor of Doksi. You can say thank you to her for checking, editing and categorizing the uploads of our visitors week by week. She is truly adherent to literary property, so she is always watchful for copyright signs in documents. Only one thing can make an exception: when the author of a document sends us some documents to publish.

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Doksi.net is a document sharing site with millions of pages of textbooks, lecture notes and articles. Ads are available in banner format, in the weekly newsletter and as a PR article. For further information please contact us in e-mail.

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