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New Student Handbook For additional information, please visit http://www.sutroelementarycom/ 1 Table of Contents Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures 3 Classroom Supplies 4 School Meals 5 Kindergarten School Day Schedule 6 School Communication 7 On-Site/ Off-Site Afterschool Program Information 8 Sutro PTA 9 School Staff 9 Sutro Elementary School Calendar 10 2 Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures School starts at 8:40 AM. Gates are opened at 8:20 AM with Staff Supervision We do have early drop off in the Cafeteria at 7:45 with a Noon Monitor. The gates to the schoolyard are opened in the morning at 8:20 AM. There is a staff member on duty to supervise. Children may play on the lower yard and play structure until the bell rings Also breakfast is available in the cafeteria. The bell rings at 8:40 AM for line up. Children line up by class on the lower yard Your child’s kindergarten teacher is present to help direct the children. Depending on the day, announcements are

made, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited, birthdays are celebrated, or everyone participates in morning stretches. After several minutes of morning announcements, the children will walk into their classroom together. They carry their lunches and backpacks with them during line-up On rainy days, please go to the cafeteria. If your student arrives after 8:40 AM they must come to the office and get a late pass. They must bring this pass with them to class, so please make sure they go to the office and not straight to class. Drop Off There are two gates to the school: One on the west side of the school, on Funston Ave, and one on the east side of the school, on 12th Ave. All other gates are to be kept closed during the day for safety reasons. Please use one of the two gates specified above. If you are walking your child to school . You can walk your child to the schoolyard through the gates on 12th Ave. or Funston Ave after 8:20AM If you are driving your child to school . You have

the option to drive up and drop off your child at school without the need to park from 8:20 to 8:40 AM, please drop your child off on Funston Avenue. Do not park across the street and jay-walk your kids to school! This is both dangerous and illegal! Please DO NOT use 12th Ave. for drop off; the WHITE ZONE it is reserved for school buses Pick up The school day ends at 2:40 PM. We suggest parents of kindergarteners arrive by 2:35PM for pick up Your child’s teacher will personally hand off your child to whoever is designated to pick up your child. You should wait for your child near the classroom door. 3 Classroom Supplies Extra clothing: Before the first day of class, please pack an extra set of clothing in a plastic bag for your child, with their name on the bag, in case of accidents. Please label the bag and give it to your child’s teacher so it can be stored in the classroom. (Not all accidents are bathroom accidents) Classroom supplies: We are always in need of supplies! If

you are able to do so, donations of the following items would be greatly appreciated! They are listed in order of importance: Glue Sticks Baby wipes Kleenex Ziploc baggies (any size) Crayons Hand sanitizer Markers Paper towels Playdough Reminder: Students often misplace their belongings. Please label their personal belongings including lunch bags, backpacks and jackets with their names. Items not picked up from the cafeteria lost-andfound will be donated periodically 4 School Meals/Snacks Please pack a reusable water bottle and a snack for your child since lunch for kindergarteners is not until 11:45 a.m Snacks need to be healthy: A fruit, half a sandwich, water Please, no chips, cookies, soft drinks, candy or gum. Due to potential allergy risks, we ask that the children do not share snacks If you are bringing a treat to share with the class on a special occasion (such as for birthdays or classroom parties), please make sure it does not include any nuts or nut products. Also,

please check with your classroom teacher to see if there are any additional requirements. The Food Service Department of the SFUSD operates school breakfast and lunch programs for students and district staff. Meals are provided by an Oakland based company, Revolution Foods and are prepared in Oakland and delivered fresh. Meals served to the students do not contain peanut products. Peanuts and peanut products were discontinued at SFUSD several years ago. Also, the food provided is not produced with equipment that contains peanut residue. Sample Menus Breakfast: cinnamon raisin bagel and cream cheese plus milk Lunch: Spaghetti w/meatballs or marinara, baby carrots, plus milk Monthly menus are also distributed in our weekly blue Wednesday folder. You can check this webpage for the monthly menu: http://www.sfusdedu/en/nutrition-schoolmeals/menushtml Price Student: $1.50 for breakfast; $300 for lunch You can pay in advance online at: https://www.mypaymentspluscom/ All students will

receive an application to participate in the free and reduced lunch program. The school is expected to collect 100% of these applications. Even if you are not interested in the program, please complete the application and write “not interested” across the financial section. Bringing a school lunch For those who prefer to bring a lunch from home, please be aware there is no microwave for reheating food nor is there a refrigerator to store food. Also it is our school policy that no soda, candy or unhealthy chips are allowed. Please refrain from packing such items Please include a napkin and any utensils your child will need for their lunch, along with water or another healthy drink. 5 Sample School Day Schedule The following represents a typical Kindergarten day: 8:40 AM Bell rings, Morning Intake 8:45 AM Read Aloud 8:55 AM Reading Workshop 9:15 AM Language Arts 10:10 AM Recess 10:35 AM Math 11:45 PM Lunch 12:25 PM Science/Social studies 1:35 PM Recess 1:55

PM English Language Development 2:25 PM Free Choice 2:40 PM Dismissal There are also special curriculum items such as Music, Movement, Art, PE, and Library etc., that are scheduled throughout the week as well. 6 School Communications There are a variety of ways to stay informed of the latest news and updates at Sutro Elementary. Sutro Elementary Website We have recently updated and improved our website which we hope to be a resource for general school news and information. Please visit http://wwwsutroelementarycom/ to see the Sutro Elementary website. SFUSD Website For general information about what may be happening with the school district at large, please refer to This is where you can find the school district calendar, information about school meals, public notices and more. Monthly Newsletter: A monthly newsletter will go home to let you know what the students will be learning in class. It will also include any upcoming important events or field trips

for that month. There will also be a month newsletter from our Principal that will go home each month to update families on school wide events. Volunteers: If you are available to volunteer, please let your teacher know! Volunteering could be working with students in class or helping with classroom/lesson preparation. If you can help cut or prepare materials at home, that would be appreciated as well. Homework: Homework will consist of a homework packet and a daily reading component. Homework should be about 30 minutes a day. 7 Afterschool Program Information On Site: YMCA After School Program The Presidio Community YMCA offers afterschool programming for Sutro Elementary School students daily from 2:40-6:00 p.m during the school year. Sutro Afterschool uses Youth Development practices to instill a lifelong love of learning and encourage youth to develop skills, interpersonal relationships, and self-confidence. Sutro Afterschool participants receive help with their homework,

outside physical activity and exercise, and hands-on learning with enrichment activities like science, cooking, gardening, music, sports, group games, outdoor adventures, art, crafts, dancing, bike riding, wood-working, community service projects, and more! For more information about Sutro Afterschool, enrollment, fees and scholarships, email or call 415-606-6654 On Site: OST EED After School Program Daily from 2:40pm - 6:00pm Contact Early Education OST program for more details: 20 Cook Street San Francisco, CA 94118 PH: (415) 750-4500 FAX: (415) 750-8653 Email: Accessible to: Jewish Community Center After School Program Pick-up daily from Sutro Elementary Visit the JCCSF for more details: 3200 California Street San Francisco, CA 94118 PH: (415) 292-1200 FAX: (415) 276-1550 Email: 8 Sutro PTA The Sutro PTA consists of parents, guardians and Sutro teachers dedicated to organizing educational activities, school events and

gatherings to enhance the students’ experience at Sutro. The PTA also organizes fundraising activities to support enrichment programs and provide school supplies. Be a part of our organization and join the Sutro PTA today! 2019-20 Sutro PTA Board and Committee Chairs President – Jenny Quintal Vice President – Irene Fung Treasurer – Dennis Bourg Auditor – Jonathan Fong Financial Secretary – Alona Davis Secretary – Jun Ng Communications Chair – Jason Quintal Reflection Chair – Kevin Mauer Health Officer – David Pursell Communication/Translation – OPEN Volunteer Coordinator – OPEN The PTA can be reached at School Staff Principal: Ms. Marian Currell School secretary: Ms. Lisa Louie Food Service Worker: Ms. Juliana Wong School Social Worker: Mr. Kirk Whitelaw Librarian: Ms. Nancy Lucero Literacy Coach: Ms. Christina Tirbeni RSP SpEd Teacher: Ms. Rebecca Fedorko Artiff: Ms Micah Woogen Photos of all our wonderful teachers are posted

inside the school office. School mailing address: 235 12th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118 9 School phone number: 415-750-8525 School Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, M-F 10