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Basic Travel Japanese Guide INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3 Learn Japanese Pod Learn essential Japanese for your trip to Japan ! 1 Basic useful expressions 2 Directions 2 When you get lost 3 Shopping 3 Eating out 3 Accommodation 4 Transportation 5 Basic Kanji and Kana 6 Kanji for reading menus 7 Numbers 8 A word from the author 9 LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM FALL 2007 INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3 LEARN JAPANESE POD . COM FALL 2007 Essential Travel Japanese Basic Useful Expressions Excuse me / I’m sorry sumimasen Do you understand English? eigo wakarimasu ka? I understand (Japanese) I don’t understand (Japanese) (Nihongo) wakarimasu (Nihongo) wakarimasen Can I (have). ? . onegaishimasu the bill map water pay by card pay by cash okaikei chizu omizu kaado de genkin de Is there a / Are there any. . arimasu ka? ATM / convenience store / drinks vending machine ei tee emu / konbini / jido hanbaiki Directions Where is . .wa doko desu ka? bathroom

station temple shrine castle festival police box toire eki otera jinja oshiro matsuri koban It’s over there left / right go straight next to. close / far go straight (to the end of a street or corridor) asoko desu hidari / migi massugu .no tonari chikai / toi tsuki atari ! 2 LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3 LEARN JAPANESE POD . COM FALL 2007 When you get lost Excuse me, I’m lost sumimasen, michi ni mayotte imasu Can you show me where we are koko wa chizu de doko desu ka? on this map? Shopping I’m looking for . . o sagashiterun desu kedo souvenirs | postcards | presents shoes | hat | dress glasses | bag | accessories (jewelry) omiyage | hagaki | purezento kutsu | boshi | doresu megane | kaban | akusesari How much is this? ikura desu ka? Please show this to me kore o misete kudasai Do you have a (bigger) one? motto (ōkii) no wa arimasu ka small(er) cheap(er) light(er) new(er) chiisai yasui karui atarashii I’d like to pay in cash

genkin de onegaishimasu I’d like to charge this to my card kaado de onegaishimasu I’ll take this one kore o kudasai Eating out Welcome! (said by shopkeeper or waiter) irasshaimase! Can I have a menu please? menyuu onegaishimasu Are you ready to order? gochuumon wa okimari desu ka Yes | not yet hai | mada desu I’ll have this (Then point at food or menu) kore kudasai (I’ll have) one (I’ll have) two three four five 1: (kore o) hitotsu 2: (kore o) futatsu 3: mitsu 4: yotsu 5: itsutsu ! 3 six seven eight nine ten 6: mutsu 7: nanatsu 8: yatsu 9: kokonatsu 10: tō LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3 LEARN JAPANESE POD . COM FALL 2007 Cheers! Kanpai! Who’s drinking (beer)? (biiru) nomu hito? sake wine non-alcoholic drinks orange juice plum wine nihonshu wain juusu orenji juusu umeshu Can we get the bill please? okaikei kudasai Smoking | Non-smoking seats kitsu-en seki | Kin-en seki Japanese style pub sushi restaurant sushi train

restaurant ramen restaurant drink all you want eat all you want izakaya sushiya-san kaiten-zushi ramen-ya nomihodai tabehōdai Accommodation I’m Alex, I have a reservation Alex desu. Yoyaku shite arimasu Do you have a room? Heya arimasu ka I’d like to stay . .tomaritain desu one night (two days) two nights (three days) three nights (four days) ippaku (futsuka) nihaku (mikka) sanpaku (yokka) I’d like to (check in) check out (chekkuin) shitain desu ga chekku auto I’d like to change some money ryōgae shitain desu ga hotel ryokan (traditional Japanese bed and breakfast) hot spring outdoor hot bath Western style room Japanese style room hoteru ryokan onsen rotenburo yoshiki heya washiki heya Can I leave my luggage here? nimotsu o azukatte moraimasu ka ! 4 LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3 LEARN JAPANESE POD . COM FALL 2007 Transportation How much is it to Shinjuku? shinjuku made ikura desu ka How do I get to Osaka? do yatte ōsaka ni

ikimasu ka Take the Yamanote line yamanote sen ni noru Change at Shibuya shibuya de norikaeru airport kuko station eki platform one way round trip ticket Pre-paid IC Card homu katamichi ofuku chiketto / kippu suika / pasumo / ikoka train Is this train bound for Nagoya? Which platform? densha nagoya yuki no densha desu ka? nanban sen desu ka? first train last train local train express train norikae shihatsu densha shuden kaku eki teisha kaisoku densha change trains subway chikatestu bus basu coach rimujin basu taxi takushii to shinjuku please please let me off here shinjuku made onegaishimasu koko de oroshite kudasai ! 5 LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3 LEARN JAPANESE POD . COM FALL 2007 Kanji and Kana お手洗い 女 男 出口 / 入口 北/南 東/西 otearai Bathroom onna Women otoko Men deguchi / iriguchi Exit / Entrance kita / minami North / South higashi / nishi East / West Trains 新宿方面 大阪行き

ホーム 始発 / 終電 各駅停車 快速電車 急行電車 新幹線 出発 到着 ! 6 shinjuku homen Shinjuku bound osaka yuki to Osaka homu Platform shihatsu / shuden First train / last train kakueki teisha Local train kaisoku densha Rapid train kyuuko densha Express train shinkansen Bullet train shuppatsu Departure tōchaku Arrival LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3 LEARN JAPANESE POD . COM FALL 2007 Kanji for reading menus メニュー 肉 魚 野菜 飲み物 定食 日替わり ランチセット デザート 寿司 刺身 天婦羅 味噌汁 豆腐 焼き鳥 お好み焼き たこ焼き 醤油 ! 7 menyu Menu niku Meat sakana Fish yasai Vegetables nomimono Drinks teishoku Set meal / special higawari Daily special ranchi setto Lunch set dezaato Dessert sushi Sushi sashimi Sashimi tenpura Tempura miso shiru Miso soup tōfu Tofu yakitori BBQ chicken okonomiyaki Okonomiyaki takoyaki Octopus fried in

batter shōyu Soy Sauce LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3 LEARN JAPANESE POD . COM FALL 2007 Numbers 1 - 10 1) ichi 2) ni 3) san 4) yon 5) go 6) roku 7) nana 8) hachi 9) kyuu 10) ju 10 - 20 10) juu 11) juu-ichi 12) juu-ni 13) juu-san 14) juu-yon 15) juu-go 16) juu-roku 17) juu-nana 18) juu-hachi 19) juu-kyu 20) ni-juu 10 - 100 10) juu 20) ni-juu 30) san-juu 40) yon-juu 50) go-juu 60) roku-juu 70) nana-juu 80) hachi-juu 90) kyu-juu 100) hyaku 100 - 1000 100) hyaku 200) ni-hyaku 300) sambyaku 400) yon-hyaku 500) go-hyaku 600) roppyaku 700) nana-hyaku 800) happyaku 900) kyu-hyaku 1000) sen 1000 - 1,000,000 1000) sen 2000) ni-sen 3000) sanzen 4000) yon-sen 5000) go-sen 6000) roku-sen 7000) nana-sen 8000) hassen 9000) kyu-sen 10,000) ichiman 100,000) ju-man 1,000,000) hyaku-man Counters for things 1) hitotsu 2) futatsu 3) mitsu 4) yotsu 5) itsutsu 6) mutsu 7) nanatsu 8) yatsu 9) kokonatsu 10) tō ! 8 LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM INVESTOR NEWSLETTER

ISSUE N°3 LEARN JAPANESE POD . COM FALL 2007 Hi, I’m Alex. Thank you for downloading this travel Japanese guide My aim was to make an easy and useful travel Japanese guide to help you have a more enjoyable and smoother trip to Japan. This is the cheat sheet that I wish I’d been given when I first came to Japan. I’ve lived and traveled around Japan for the last 20 years, so I know what a fantastic country it is to visit and explore. I also know how overwhelming it is to be in a different culture with limited language skills. However, there is some good news. First, the Japanese are extremely patient and appreciative of people who make the effort to try and speak even a little Japanese. A simple sumimasen (excuse me) and arigato (thank you) go a long way in Japan. Second and most importantly, you probably need a lot less Japanese than you think to travel around Japan and really enjoy your trip. You don’t need to have a huge vocabulary, you just need the right vocabulary. That

means knowing the words and phrases that are the most commonly used in the widest number of situations. This is what I’ve put together here for you This guide provides a list some of the most useful and effective vocabulary and phrases I have used on my own travels in Japan. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. I’d love to get your feedback on this guide, so please send your comments, ideas and questions to me at Happy travels in Japan! Alex Brooke ! 9 LEARNJAPANESEPOD.COM