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GLOBAL COMMAND SERIES AMERIKA™- GLOBAL WAR COMPANION A Global War 2nd Edition Expansion Late in the war the United States developed a number of advanced weapon designs, many of which never made it past the prototype stage. Now its time to let these weapons loose on the battlefield. The units in this set were originally released as Kickstarter bonus units to Historical Board Gaming’s Amerika™. These rules are designed for Global War -2nd Edition. This is expansion is designated as “COF” for reference in future rule sets. 2 American Units  B-47 Bomber x3  P-59 Jet Fighter x3  M-6 Heavy Tank x3  T-28 Tank Destroyerx3  M-36 Tank Destroyer x3 3 1.0 Technological Development & Weapons Acquisition: There are two ways in which a nation may acquire the ability to purchase the units in this set. These are listed under Availability section of each unit. By Availability Date: Some units simply become available for purchase on certain dates. Since each game

year consists of two turns, these are listed as January or July of the game year (e.g July of 1945 etc) Thus the first turn of a standard World War II game is July 1939, the second turn January 1940 etc By Technological Development: Some units require certain technology to be developed at which point they become available for purchase (e.g the B-47 requires long range bomber and jet technology). Boeing B-47 Stratojet Long Range Jet Heavy Strategic Bomber The B-47 was a six-engine jet bomber designed to deliver nuclear bombs to targets in the Soviet Union. The aircraft had a 2,000 mile range with a 25,000lb bomb load. For defense, the B-47 mounted two 20mm cannons in remote-controlled turrets. 2,032 of these aircraft were built * Value for strategic bombing interception Attack Unit (Interception) Defense Move Cost B-47 Carpet Bombing (2)* 4 7 12 Availability: The B-47 is available to the U.S when it has acquired both the Jet Aircraft and Long Range Aircraft Technology.

Fast Bomber: When a fast bomber is the only viable target of propeller driven (non-jet) fighters, their interception value is reduced by 1. 4 Bell P-59 Airacomet Jet Fighter The P-59 was the first American production jet fighter ever built, taking its first flight in 1942. The aircraft had a powerful 37mm cannon and three .50 caliber machineguns It could also carry up to eight 60LB rockets or 2,000lb payload. The jet had a top speed of 413mph but a range of only 375 miles. Its overall poor flight characters led to cancellation of production after only 66 had been produced. The jet was a poor second to the British Glouster jets which could fly 600 miles and travel at 600mph. Attack Unit (Interception) Defense Move Cost P-59 7 (4)* 7 (4)* 4 12 * Value for strategic bombing interception Availability: The US can build Bell P-59s when it reaches Stage 3 Jet Fighter Technology. M-6 Heavy Tank The M6 was a 50-ton heavy tank design that never saw production. The final

design of this tank fielded a 762mm main gun with a 37mm coaxil. Two 50 and two 30 machine guns rounded out the vehicles weapons. Ultimately the vehicle’s high silhouette, heavy weight and mechanical issues lead the army to find better alternatives. Attack Unit (Interception) Defense Move Cost M6 7 7 2 8 5 Availability: When the USA develops Stage 3 Heavy Armor. Target Selection: 1 – Armor class units T-28 Super Heavy Tank The T-28 is a Super Heavy Tank designed to break through German defenses of the Siegfried Line. The vehicle weighed 100 tons and mounted a 105mm gun. At this weight, (with 300mm of armor) it moved only eight miles per hour. The T-28 would have been a match for German heavy tanks and was also considered for use in the proposed invasion of Japan. Attack Unit (Interception) Defense Move Cost T-28 9 4 1 10 Availability: The T-28 is available when the US develops Heavy Tank Technology. Target Selection: 1-3 (Armor) Super Heavy: The T-28

cannot be the subject of target selection. No Blitz: The T-28 cannot blitz. M-36 Jackson Tank Destroyer The M-36 Jackson is a late-war, open-topped tank destroyer equipped with a 90mm main gun. The M-36 was designed to counter heavier German armor such as the Tiger and Panther tanks. 6 Attack Unit (Interception) Defense Move Cost M-36 5 5 2 5 Availability: M-36 is available July 1944 Target Selection: 1-3 (Armor-class units) No Blitz: The T-36 cannot blitz. Attack Defense Unit (Interception) (Interception) Move Cost B-47 Carpet Bombing 4 7 12 7 (4)* 2 11 Strategic Bomber Bell P-59 Early War Jet T-28 Super Hvy Tank M-6 Heavy Armor M-36 Jackson Tank Destroyer (2)* 7 (4)* Notes Requires Jet and Long Range Tech. Fast Bomber (-1 Interception) Requires Stage 3 Jet Tech. Requires Heavy Tank Tech. 9 4 1 10 Target Selection 1-3 (Armor) Can’t be target selected or blitz 7 7 2 8 Requires Stage 3 Heavy Armor Available July 1944 5 5 2 5

Target Selection 1-3 (Armor) No Blitz Historical Board Gaming 7 Global War 1936-1945 - The Ultimate War Game Welcome to the Global War game family. Global War is a strategic level war game - one of the most heavily supported and expanded games on the market. Visit our website to see our full line of games, expansions, markers, units and other accessories. You can find Global War 1936-1945 here. You can view our Global War expansion sets here. You can view more Global War expansion sets here. Historical Board Gaming.com Historical Board Gaming.Eu