Preview: Tips for Taxi Drivers to Assist Blind and Partially Sighted Passengers

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Tips for taxi drivers to assist blind and partially sighted passengers. • Don’t sound your horn outside their home, go to the door and collect your blind or partially sighted passenger. • Dont be afraid to ask how you can help to guide your passenger to your vehicle. • Make sure your passenger is seated and secure before moving off. • If your passenger has a guide dog, make sure that the dog is in the foot well or hatchback of the vehicle. • If possible, make sure that the passenger airbag is turned off if a guide dog is in the front foot well of your vehicle. • Tell your passenger about delays and diversions to their journey. • Tell your passenger when you have arrived at their destination. • Tell your passenger what the fare is or meter reading. • Make sure you guide your passenger from your vehicle to the door at the end of the journey. • If you can’t take a guide dog for medical reasons, make sure that your passenger is provided with a driver who can. 1