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The Crux of Amazon Advertising Certifications Date: May 02. 16:51:37, 2022
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Advertising on the online marketplace giant reached almost $10 billion ad revenue in USA lately, a number that represents nearly 8% of the digital ad market. If you really want to realize the platform’s potential, you should learn as much as you can, even passing some certifications to be sure.

Before covering the techniques of passing the Amazon Advertising exams to gain certifications, let’s see what this platform is and why it is so important these days.

Amazon helps us to survive
There is a study written by a Marketing Agency, MBLM, guiding the readers through some interesting facts of Americans’ priority about brand-usage. It reveals that Google’s products are essential in daily life and consumers show vital importance to their products. Apple and Amazon are their recent followers.

The main problem of finding and covering a niche market as a small marketer or a new player, or just conquering an existing market segment on Amazon – needs some skills to tackle yourself. Sometimes large advertisers have no intention to develop these qualities and skills, because they are more into their core business with much larger budgets than you. So, they prefer to find professionals who are aware of the techniques and wise enough to see behind the marketing clichés.

Overall, for those who sell their products or services online it’s a great opportunity to dig deep into Amazon’s platform before doing digital marketing and online campaigns.

Get your feet wet first
The first thing you should do is visiting the advertising page where you can see available certifications as presented below:
- Amazon DSP
- Amazon DSP Advanced
- Amazon Retail for Advertisers
- Sizmek Ad Suite
- Sponsored Ads
- Twitch Gameplan

After finding the best topic you are interested in, start to practice in a proper- and time efficient way. For this the best approach is to find a certificate you intend to take.

Go to the learning console to sign up with the same e-mail address and password you plan to use for handling your Amazon Ads Campaign. If you have not signed yet, you can create a new account easily.

Amazon Advertising Learning Console
The Amazon Advertising Learning Console is a great solution to provide a holistic learning path. You have everything to go through several learning modules while gaining real and proven expertise.

Individuals must achieve a result of 80% or above to be certified. If you failed on your first try, you can retake it in 24 hours. Before trying to accomplish it’s truly recommended to go through the course materials and take it seriously because you have only two attempts to pass it per account!

Please keep in mind that this field is changing rapidly and exams can be difficult at first, so it’s truly recommended to practice with some exam question and answers, especially if you are short on time. You can spare much effort with an up-to-date Q&A database, especially if it provides lifetime updates and verified answers. You can search for other free materials also, but be prepared enough to avoid obsolete or even fake learning materials.

After getting it, own it proudly
Unfortunately, there is no downloadable digital badge to prove your craftsmanship on Linkedin, but your Amazon user profile will be in glory after your successful exam for a year. After that you should start the renewal process and take the exam again.

If you are a marketing student it is a must to have certifications to show your credibility to potential clients and employers. It will definitely cost you time but it’s comparable to real life experiences as a newbie at your workplace. You can go with Udemy courses like Advanced Amazon Marketing - The Complete Amazon Ads Course, but it’s better to start with learning console for free. Getting some focused badges from various platforms can show your drive and enthusiasm in the labor market (without overdoing).

If you passed your exam you can turn to another badge to become AWS certified, but it needs a deeper technical awareness and some hands-on IT background. It is not really similar to Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads.

Is Amazon Ads better than Google Ads?
The short answer is: it depends on what you want to promote (what a surprise).

Before you start your first campaign you need to understand some facts (2018), that will help you see a longer and more pragmatic answer to the question above:

1. Nearly 55% of Consumer Package Goods (CPG) ad-spendings have moved from Google to Amazon.

2. More than the half of the product searches take place on Amazon, so Google has lost a significant volume lately.

3. The year over year growth in revenue is 117% at Amazon, while Google can show off only 17%.

4. The average conversion rate for Amazon Ads is 10%, while Google has only 3.75%.

5. Annual Ad Revenue is 10 billion USD at Amazon, while Google has 17 billion USD. If you are a shareholder, it can be relevant, in other cases it’s not that important (while the difference is small).

6. The average Cost Per Click (CPC) is 0.96$ at Amazon, while Google will charge you 2.69$.

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