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Misconceptions & Facts about Dust Date: June 10. 11:26:28, 2022
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There is a common misunderstanding spread on the internet that says 70% of household dust is dead skin. The truth is: only a little of your environment is composed of dead body cells, it mostly comes from outside of your home as dirt on your shoes, sand, soot and pollen, but it also consists of carpet fluff, fabric fibers and mites also.

A very little may even come from the space!

However, if you feel the urban legend might be the truth, ask yourself: why would an abandoned house get so dusty? Anyway, if you are still doubtful, please accept the fact that you rub off most of your dead skin during the daily shower (except the French, who do not have a shower every day), or some will be captured in clothes and bed and be rinsed out in the wash. We must add that skin cells are light and small enough to become airborne. Everyone shed their dead skin cells continuously. These cells in the air also contain about one million microbes in a form of a cloud that spreads out to a radius of 1 meter from our body. This means everyone is surrounded by a unique cloud of their own bacteria.

A bit of Africa, a bit of sunshine
Did you know that most atmospheric dust comes from Africa? Unfortunately, the average dust particle can stay in the air for five days, so you can inhale a little bit of Sahara Desert, no matter where you live in the world.

Dust is directly responsible for sunrises and sunsets. The dust in the air soaks up all the green and blue light around the sun, but it doesn’t work with yellow, orange and red. That’s the reason of beautiful oranges and reds in the sky during sunset.

The Future of Microbial Dust
There is a study that reveals an interesting result of an inspection. An individual stepped in a sterilized room for one and a half hour; after that, scientists identified who had been in the room, not using their DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), but using the characteristic fingerprint of their microbial cloud. Scientists also add that one day we will be able to use microbial dust cloud to wrap up criminal cases.

To know more about microbial dust, check out this video!

You are like a Snake
Cells of epidermis gradually pushes to the surface of the skin by newer cells. Every hour you create twenty million skin cells; as they form, they push old skin cells up through the layers of the outer layer, called epidermis. Over a period of weeks, they smooth out and harden, forming the barrier that protects our bodies from the outside world. Ultimately these dead skin cells fall off usually one by one for healthy skin. So, we are constantly molting like a snake.

Fun fact, the tiniest fragments of our lives are shed more rapidly from your forearms than from your back. And more rapidly from your back than your abdomen. You are shedding more than nineteen million dead skin cells per hour, which means half a billion dead skin cells per day. That weighs between one and two grams. A single year you give off around 180 billion dead skin cells.

It’s easy to admit that most of our dead skin cells are in our beds and around, where we spend third of our lives. Now you know that we are all shedding a third of our skin while sleeping. So do not believe everything you find on the internet: the truth is, only a very little percentage of your home dust is made of your molted skin.

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