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Év, oldalszám:2003, 1 oldal
Letöltések száma:2532
Feltöltve:2006. október 08
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Letter Inquiry Szép Alak Ruhagyártó Kft. Budapest P. O B 587 1357 Hungary 13 April 2003 Ref.: 28/2003 Textil Bt. Budapest Kiss János u. 72 1031 Hungary Dear Sirs, We are a newly established firm specialising in the supply of women’ s skirt and blouses. Currently we are in the process of buying in stock We need some good quality material for our summer collection. We are looking for supplier, who can supply us with the material mentioned above. We will send further information, through our purchase agent The name of your firm was given us by one of our client. We would be grateful, if you could supply us the material mentioned above. Please send us all of the material samples and your detailed quotation, terms of payment and the carry of the deadline within two weeks, as we would like to be ready for the coming season. We look forward to a prompt reply. Yours faithfully, Nikolett Kovács Export Manager