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Source: http://www.doksinet SCORES4CHEM! Safety, Control & Optimization:! Research, Education and Services! for the chemicals and life sciences industry | About SCORES4CHEM enormous growth in computer power, communication bandwidth and available data, and the various needs in society for effective use of these opportunities. A major driving force of the research is the diverse use of generic information-processing methods based on applied mathematics: (multi-)linear algebra, statistics, discrete mathematics, differential geometry, and optimization. SCORES4CHEM is a knowledge platform aimed at SAFETY, CONTROL & OPTIMIZATION: RESEARCH, EDUCATION AND SERVICES FOR THE CHEMICALS AND LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY. The platform is funded by the Industrial Research Fund of the KU Leuven, and co-financed by essenscia, the association of the (bio)chemical industry and life sciences in Belgium. SCORES4CHEM is a project under the Flemish Initiative for Sustainable CHemistry

(FISCH/SusChemFlanders). PROMIL (Lessius University College) | Mission statement The mission of SCORES4CHEM is to bring academia and industry closer together in a major knowledge center for process modelling, safety engineering, optimization, and control for the (bio)chemical industry. The sector is the second-largest industry sector in Belgium. SCORES4CHEM supports the chemical and biochemical process industry to further strengthen or consolidate its competitive position by answering the growing need for Advanced Data Mining and Advanced Process Control, always in conjunction with process safety. The need for Advanced Data Mining and Advanced Process Control was recently indicated by a strategic study for the chemical industry in Flanders, which states that “innovation is the key to survival”. The current economic crisis, unprecedented in almost 100 years, further corroborates the need for more cost- and resource-efficient production processes. | Objectives The explicit goals

of SCORES4CHEM are: Get key players of the (bio)chemical industry around the same table with academia. Contacts between academic and industrial partners exist on a smaller scale (BIRA, ACTA, VCPT, the Industrial Advisory Board of the Chemical Engineering Department, of the KU Leuven,.) However, no coordinated large-scale research effort exists between academia and industry. SCORES4CHEM consolidates these contacts and brings the following academic and industrial partners around the same table: ◆ The KU Leuven Association ◆ Industry ✧ Small & medium enterprises ✧ Large companies ◆ Government Bridge the gap between academic research and industrial demands. More specifically, the academic members ensure the knowledge transfer of scientific results to the chemical industry ( t e c h n o l o g y p u s h ) . R e s e a rc h w i t h i n t h e SCORES4CHEM platform is driven by the current industrial needs (market pull). | essenscia Chair Safety Engineering essenscia, the

federation of (bio)chemical industry and life sciences co-finances SCORES4CHEM via the essenscia Chair Safety Engineering held by Prof. Jan Van Impe. This industry-financed chair organizes the course “Master in Safety Engineering”. | Teams CIT-BIOTEC (KU Leuven) BioTeC is the Chemical and Biochemical Process Technology and Control division of the department of Chemical Engineering (CIT), Faculty of Engineering (KU Leuven). Prof Jan Van Impe heads BioTeC, and is the chairman of SCORES4CHEM. BioTeC’s research concentrates on model-based design, optimization and control of (bio)chemical conversion processes. The underlying motivation is that model-based solutions to process design, optimization and control problems are superior in performance and robustness as compared to plain heuristic approaches. Inter-disciplinary research forms the basis of BioTeC’s activities: concepts and techniques from mathe-matical modelling, numerical simulation, and sys-tems and control, as well as

detailed (bio)chemical and/or (micro)biological knowledge are essential building blocks for highperformance optimization algorithms. ProMil is the research groep “Environmental and Process Technology” of the Department of Engineering Tech-nology at Lessius University College (Campus De Nayer). Prof Raf Dewil is the SCORES4CHEM promotor. The group conducts process technological research within two domains. The subgroup Water Technology mainly focuses on physicochemical wastewater treatment using Advanced Oxydation Processes. The subgroup Sustainable Process Engineering studies the conversion of biomass and waste to energy and renewable raw materials, with main focus on anaerobic digestion and thermochemical conversion in fluidized beds. E&A (Catholic University College Ghent) E&A is the Electricity and Automatization division of the Catholic University College Ghent, KU Leuven Association. Prof Jos De Brabanter is the SCORES4CHEM promotor within E&A. Central research

aspects are the design of modelbased predictive controllers for chemical processes, the use of predictive PID techniques for HVAC systems, and the study, design and implementation of algorithms for modelling complex industrial processes. E&A is also an active player in the Belgian Institute for Control Technology and Automation (BIRA). fundamental! research technology push | Contact! ! ! Jan Van Impe! Platform chairman! jan.vanimpe@citkuleuvenbe! ! ESAT-SCD (KU Leuven) SCD is a division of the department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Faculty of Engineering (KU Leuven). Prof Bart De Moor is the SCORES4CHEM promotor within SCD. SCD’s major research objective is to design and build advanced methods for solving crucial problems in information processing. It builds on the enormous market pull contract! research Geert Gins! Platform coordinator! geert.gins@citkuleuvenbe! ! Jan Degrève! Programme director! Master Safety Engineering! jan.degreve@citkuleuvenbe! ! !