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Federal Ombudsman of Pakistan


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HANDBOOK FOR OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS HAFIZ AHSAN AHMAD KHOKHAR Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis Federal Ombudsman Secretariat, 36-Constituion Avenue, Islamabad Phone: 92-51-9217206-10, Fax: 92-51-9217224 Email :hafizahsaan1973@ Website: www.overseaspakistanisombudsmangovpk 1 INTRODUCTION The Honorable Federal Ombudsman appointed Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmed Khokhar, Senior Advisor (Law), Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat as the Grievance Commissioner for overseas Pakistanis with the objective to, inter alia, advance the welfare of Pakistanis working or settled abroad and their families living in Pakistan by identifying their problems and by contributing to the solution of those problems within the scope of Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat. The Grievance Commissioner cell prepared a plan of action to quickly bring the relevant Ministries, Divisions, De partments and other relevant agencies on board. A detailed study of the problems of the overseas Pakistanis was carried out and

extensive discussions were undertaken with all the relevant agencies to redress the complaints of overseas Pakistanis through a multi -pronged strategy. This strategy also envisaged some immediate measures aimed at resolving individual and systemic issues of overseas Pakistanis and to advance their welfare and that of their families living in or outside Pakistan. These measures have now started bearing fruit and a well-coordinated effort is in hand to build upon the initiatives taken and to consolidate the arrangements for quick and meaningful resolution of complaints of overseas Pakistanis. It is encouraging to note that there has been a good response from the Pakistani diaspora and some useful proposals have been received from them for improvement of the system. Regular meetings are being convened in Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat with all stakeholders including Federal Ministries and Departments. It is presumed that with the latest introduction of One Window Facilitation Desks at the

international airports in Pakistan a consi derable chunk of complaints of Overseas Pakistanis will be adequately addressed. Similarly, the introduction of online complaint resolution mechanism will facilitate quick redressal and proper tracking of the complaints. The Foreign Office has been requested to make necessary arrangement for hearing of complaints through video l ink between Federal Ombudsman’s Secretariat and the Pakistan Missions where concentration of Pakistanis is higher i.e USA, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia and UAE This booklet contains information on various decisions taken during the meetings held between the Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat and the concerned Agencies from time to time and the steps taken to implement those decisions. It also enumerates the steps taken by the Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat in collaboration with Federal Government Agencies for the welfare of overseas Pakistanis. Besides, it contains details of the focal persons in the Ministries and Government

Agencies as well as in Pakistan Missions abroad and describes the Standard Operating Procedure for the recently established One Window Facilitation Desk at various international airports in Pakistan. The booklet has been brought out to further facilitate the overseas Pakistanis to establish quick contact with the relevant Agencies for seeking the required assistance. 2 DETAILS OF CONTACT OF THE GRIEVANCE COMMISSIONER FOR OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS, WAFAQI MOHTASIB SECRETARIAT, ISLAMABAD Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmed Khokhar Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis Contact: E-mail: Tell No: 051-9217243 Cell No: 0300-8487161 Fax: 92-51-9217224 Website: www.overseaspakistanisombudsmangovpk Address: Federal Ombudsman Secretariat, 36-Constituion Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan 3 SUMMARY OF STEPS TAKEN BY THE GRIEVANCE COMMISSIONER FOR OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS, WAFAQI MOHTASIB (FEDERAL OMBUDSMAN) SECRETARIAT IN COLLABORATION WITH FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MINISTRIES FOR THE WELFARE

OF OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS. W EBSITE Online mechanism for resolution of complaints of Overseas Pakistanis has been established with independent website www.overseaspakistanisombudsmangovpk This system is connected online with all relevant Ministries/Departments. FOCAL PERSONS Focal persons have been appointed in all the relevant Ministries, Government Agencies and in all the concerned Pakistan Missions abroad. TOLL FREE NUMBER Toll Free Number has been activated for Overseas Pakistanis. SYSTEMIC ISSUES Urgent resolution of systemic issues faced by Overseas Pakistanis is a priority area for the Grievance Commissioner. COORDINATION W ITH PAKISTAN MISSIONS ABROAD The office of Grievance Commissioner coordinates with community Welfare Attaches (CWA) and Information Officers posted in Pakistan Missions abroad for launching awareness campaign for overseas Pakistanis and for resolution of complaints of the aggrieved Pakistanis. ADVISORY COUNCILS Agencies have constituted Advisory Councils

comprising senior officers and members from the civil society to identify and resolve systemic issues relating to overseas Pakistanis. ONLINE SYSTEM Agencies are developing online system for tracking of complaints lodged by overseas Pakistanis. 4 REMITTANCES BY OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has been requested to further facilitate overseas Pakistanis to send remittances through the formal channel. MRP FACILITY Machine Readable Passport (MRP) has been recommended to be provided through Pakistan Missions in those countries where more than 10 thousand Pakistanis are residing. PIA SERVICES PIA authorities have been advised to improve their services to the passengers traveling through PIA. ONE W INDOW FACILITATION DESK One Window Facilitation Desks are being established at all international airports in Pakistan to facilitate incoming and outgoing overseas Pakistanis. Such Desks have already been established at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad, Allama

Iqbal International Airport, Lahore and Jinnah international Airport, Karachi. These Desks will be operational round the clock (24/7) and will be manned by the officers from the concerned agencies. RESERVATION OF SEATS IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS OPF will arrange for reservation of seats for the children of the poor overseas Pakistanis in professional educational institutions in Pakistan. TAXI SERVICE The concerned authorities have been advised to ensure availability of taxies at all international airports in Pakistan. W EBSITE IN ENGLISH AND URDU The relevant Ministries have been advised to include Urdu version in their respective websites. INVESTMENT BY OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS Board of Investment has been advised to especially prepare policies to attract Overseas Pakistanis to make investment in Pakistan. 5 HOUSING SOCIETIES OFFERING PLOTS AND BUILT-HOUSES TO OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS Development Authorities throughout Pakistan have been advised to publish lists of registered housing

societies. OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS COMPANIES & TAX REGISTRATION SECP, FBR and PRAL have been advised to streamline the process of registration of companies etc. so that Pakistanis could register their companies within the shortest possible time. PROVISION OF FACILITIES AT AIRPORTS Civil Aviation Authority has been advised to provide all the required facilities at airports and take steps for early clearance of luggage of the passengers at all international airports in Pakistan. HEARING OF COMPLAINTS THROUGH VIDEO LINK Foreign office has been advised to coordinate with Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for establishing video links with the Pakistan Missions in UK, Canada, Saudi Arab and UAE for hearing of complaints with the Wafaqi Mohtasib. First such link with the Pakistan Consulate General, New York is likely be activated shortly. The Foreign office has further been requested to advise all heads of Pakistan Missions abroad to fix a day every week for hearing of complaints of overseas

Pakistanis in their respective Missions. OVERSEAS PAKISTANI PRISONERS Foreign office has been asked to take necessary steps for early release of Pakistani prisoners in different jails abroad and to provide the detailed country wise data of such prisoners. ATTESTATION OF DOCUMENTS Foreign office and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan have been requested to make SOP for early attestation of documents submitted by Pakistanis and to ensure security of their documents. 6 RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS Ministry of Interior, FIA and Foreign office have been requested to make online verification system of Temporary Residence Permit of overseas Pakistanis working or living in South Africa, Greece or any other country. It will resolve multiple issues of immigration of overseas Pakistanis. E-GATE IMMIGRATION FACILITY AT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS OF PAKISTAN Instruction have been issued to FIA, Directorate of Passport and Immigration, NADRA, Civil Aviation Authority and other

relevant agencies for submitting their views and implementation strategy for E-gate Immigration at all international airports of Pakistan. This will facilitate millions of Pakistanis at airports 7 FOCAL PERSONS IN PAKISTAN MISSIONS ABROAD FOR OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS Location of Pakistan Mission Ankara, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey Bern, Switzerland Male’, Maldives Shanghai, China Name of Focal Person Contact Number Mr. Atif Sharif, First Secretary Mr. Dildar Ali Abro, Vice Consul 0090-549-7849291 Mobile atif.sharif@mofagovpk 0090-5377-809918 Mobile 0090-212-3249154 0041-31-3501796 office 0041-31-3501799 Fax muradbaseer@mofa.govpk Mr. Murad Baseer, First Secretary/Head of Chancery (HOC) Mr. ShahidMehmood, Head of Chancery (HOC) Ms. Farhat Ayesha, Head of Chancery (HOC) Bucharest, Romania Mr.MuhammadSheryar Khan, Second Secretary Sana’a, Yemen Mr. Khalid Hussain Khan Gudaro, Head of Chancery (HOC) Mr. Falak Sher, First Secretary Mr. SM Hasan Akhtar, Vice

Consul Pretoria, South Africa Guangzhou, China Damascus, Syria Barcelona, Spain Chicago, USA Chengdu, China Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Syed FarrukhMehboob, Head of Chancery (HOC) Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ghauri, Community Welfare Attache Ms. SamanMuneeb, Vice Consul Mr. Naveed SafdarBokhari, Consul Mr. Shafeeur Rahman Awan, Charge’dAffiares (a.i) 8 (+960) 332 3005 0086-21-62377266 0086-21-62377000 Ext.802 0086-21-62377066 Fax parepshanghai@mofa.govpk (0040-21) 318.7873, 318.7876 (+967) 1-434 045 / 4 (+27-12) 3624324 Tel: 0086-20-8550-5057 Fax: 0086-20-8550-5682 parepguangzhou@mofa.govpk (+963-11) 6132696 Res: 0034-936673439 Mob:0034-66318475 Fax: 0034-934514865 00312-781-1834 Tel: 0086-28-85268051 Mobile: 0086-18683786251 00993-12-482128-29 0093-65850213 (mobile) Abdu Dhabi, UAE Tunis Beirut Seoul, South Korea

Dushanbe, Tajikistan Kabul, Afghanistan Dhaka, Bangladesh Los Angeles, USA Jakarta, Indonesia Addis Ababa Sofia Nairobi, Kenya Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Colombo, Sri Lanka New York (CG), USA Pretoria Tashkent Beijing, Dr. Faisal Aziz Ahmed, Tel: +971-2-444-8282 Deputy Head of Mission/ Community Welfare Attache (a.i) Mr. Marwan Alex Ayyash, (+216) 71 871 330 / 1 First Secretary Deputy Head of Mission Tel: No. 00961-01-790327 00961-01-790471 Fax: 00961-01-790471 parepbeirut@mofa.govpk Mr. Muhammad Humair 0082-2-796-8252 Karim, Community Welfare 0082-2-796-0312 Ext 120 Attache Fax: 0082-2-796-0316 Mr. Muhammad Aslam (+992-37) 2510065 Khan, First Secretary Mr. Mohammad Atif, (+93 20) 2202 746 Third Secretary thirdsecretary@pakembassyka Mr. Nasir AftabBhaba, First +88028825388 Secretary (Consular Affairs) Malik Qamar Abbas Tel: 0013104415145 Khokhar, Consul/ Head of Fax: 0013104419256 Mission Mr. Giyan Chand, Tel (off) 00622157851836-37 Second Secretary/ Head of

Mob: 006285881238221 Chancery Mr. Adeel Ashraf, (+251-11) 6188395 Head of Chancery (HOC) Mr. Saeed urRehman, (+359-2) 9712316 Third Secretary Mr. M SaleemUllah Khan, Ph: +254204440503 First Secretary +254204443911-2 Pahicnairobi@mofa.govpk info@pakhe.orke Mr. Muhammad Junaid (966-2) 6652867 Wazir, Head of Chancery Mr. Shehyar Malik, 0094-11-2055756 First Secretary (Culture) Mr. Muhammad Rahimoon, 0012128796088 (off) Counsellar, (Community 0013105620222 (Cell) Welfare) Mr. Falak Sher, First Secretary Mr. Naveed Anjum, Second Secretary Mr. Khalid Majid, 9 (+27-12) 3624324 (+998-71) 2281524 (Off)00861065323411 China Counsellor Havana, Cuba Mr. Naeemullah Khan, Charged’ Affairs(a.i) Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Consellor Kyiv, Ukraine Muscat Baku, Azerbaijan Canberra Sydney, Australia Kuwait Ottawa, Canada Brasilia Cairo, Egypt Frankfurt, Germany Belgrade Khartoum, Sudan Manila, Philippines Amman, Jordan Budapest, Harare Algiers Argentina

Austria Bahrian Belgium (M)008618810773142 (+53-7) 2141172 (+380-44) 2542540 Mr. ShahidJaved, 24603343, Community Welfare Attache (M): 96250158 (Fax): 24601206 Mr. Mubashar Ahmed 0099452079188 Tahir, Head of Chancery Mr. Asima Rabbani, +61 2 92221806 Deputy Head of Chancery, enquiry@pakistan.orgau Shifaat Ahmed Kaleem, Consul Mr. Noor ud Din, 0096525327651 (Tel) Community Welfare Attache 0096525322917 (Fax) Mr. Abrar H Hashmi, +1-604-569-1415 Charge d’ Affairs Mr. MubeenMehr, (+5561-33641632 & 34) Second Secretary mubeenmehr@mofa.govpk Mr. Farhan Ali, (+20-2) 33379139 Third Secretary Mr. Waqas Ahmed, Head of Pakmissionfrankfurtde Chancery Mr. Mirza Salman Baber (+381 11) 6304947 Baig, First Secretary Mr. Shahbaz Mustafa, 00249-927000047 Charged’ Affairs(a.i) 00249-183262099 Mr. Taimur Zulfiqar, (+63-2) 8172776 Head of Chancery Mr. Masood Gul,

(00962-6-4622787)/Ext 103 Head of Chancery Mr. Azeem Khan, +263-4-762018 Deputy Head of Mission Mr. JunaidSadiq, 0021321792804 Second Secretary Mr. ShahrasAsim, 00541147722782 Third Secretary Mrs. ZaibTayyabAbbasi, 00431368787381 Second Secretary Mr. Muhammad Ahad, 0097317423069 Second Secretary Mrs. Sara Ijaz, 006632726 Second Secretary 10 Brazil Bulgaria Cambodia Mr. MobeenMehr, 00556133641632 Second Secretary Mr. Saeed urRehman, Third 0035929713976 Secretary Mr. Nazar Jamal, 0088523996895 Second Secretary Denmark Mr. Muddassar Chaudhary, 004539625207 First Secretary Ethiopia Mr. Muhammad Adeel Ashraf, Second Secretary Mr. Ammar Amin, Third Secretary Mr. ShafiqatUllah, Third Secretary 00251116188395 Iran Mr. Saqib Rauf, First Secretary 0066944891 Iraq Mr. Iqbal Hussain, Second Secretary 009647704843092 Italy Mr. Aamar Saeed, Second Secretary 00390687695065 Japan Mr. Adnan Javed, Third Secretary 0054213603 Lebanon Mr. SibtainAfzzal, Third Secretary

009611785574 Libya Mr. Liaqat Ali Warich, Third Secretary 00218213610878 Malaysia Mr. Murad Ali, First Secretary Mr. Ahmed Nadeem Mustafa, Second Secretary Mr. UzairZahid Sher, Third Secretary Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui, Second Secretary 0021610167 Mr. Nazar Hussain, Third Secretary Mr. Syed Faraz Hussain Zaidi, First Secretary 0097714374013 France Greece Mauritius Mexico Myanmar Nepal Netherlands 11 0033145626467 00302107220675 002306987669 00525552033636 00951221867 0031703645238 New Zealand Nigeria Norway Philippine Qatar Romania Saudi Arabia Senegal Singapore South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Serbia Tajikistan Thailand Turkey Ukraine U.AE U.K Mr. Abdul Malik, Head of Chancery Mr. Asim Ali Khan, Third Secretary Mr. Ibrar Hussain Khan, Head of Chancery Mr. TaimourZulifiqar, Second Secretary Mr. Wajid Hussain Hashmi, First Secretary Mr. Muhammad Sheryar Khan, Head of Chancery Mr. Abbas Sarwar Qureshi, Second Secretary/Head of Chancery 006444970075

Mr. Shamas urRehman, Third Secretary Mr. Suleman Athar, First Secretary Mr. Falk Sher, Second Secretary Mr. Farhana Asif, Second Secretary Mr. Hasan Ali Zaigham, First Secretary 00221338246137 Mr. NajeebDurani, Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Murad Baseer, Head of Chancery 0046824543 Mr. Mirza Sulaman Baber Baig, First Secretary Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan,FirstSecretary Ms. Aqsa Nawaz, First Secretary Mian AtifSharif, First Secretary Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Counsellor 381116304947 Ms. FaizaHaseeb, Third Secretary Mr. Syed Mustaf Rabbani, Head of Chancery 4449101 12 002349461737 004723136092 006140354 0044831714 0040213187875 (00966-11)4807604 6567320144 27123624342 0034911393371 20556698 0041313501796 992372510165 6622530719 009031246620 00380442542540 00442076649242 LIST OF COMMUNITY WELFARE ATTACHES IN PAKISTAN MISSIONS ABROAD Location, City and Office Tel Residence Tel Fax No/ email Country W ise EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , ABU DHABI 009712- --- 4449334 009712-4447037

009712-4447172 009712-4447800Exch EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , 00973-17245799 00973- 00973-17263807 BAHRAIN 00973- 17754184-R 00973-17255960 Mr. MaqsoodQadir Shah 17244113/104- 00973- Dip Exch 39120960-M cwabahrain@hotmail .com CONSULATE GENERAL OF 0034-934510708 0034- 0034-934514865 PAKISTAN , BARCELONA 0034-934512756 936673439-R 0034-934510709 Mr. Muhammad Exch 0034-66318475- Dip M cwabarcelona@gmail. AslamGhauriPathan com EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , 00974-44836708 0074-44638844 00974-44832227 DOHA 00974-44832525- (R) Rashid nizam786@Y Mr. Rashid Nizam Exch 00974- 33704250-M CONSULATE GENERAL OF 00971-43966651 00971- 00971-43971364 PAKISTAN , DUBAI -II 00971- 42388243-R 00971-43971975 Dr. RiazHussainLaang 43973600/117- 00971- 118 551551682-M 00971-43971748 00971- 00971-43971364 567015168-M 00971-43971975 CONSULATE GENERAL OF PAKISTAN , DUBAI –I Mr. Haroon Waqar haroonwmalik@yaho 13 CONSULATE GENERAL OF

009662-6611661 PAKISTAN , JEDDAH – I 009662- --- 6692371/225 0096612- 6606275 00966126693309 dip Vcw1@pakconsulatej CONSULATE GENERAL OF 00966-2-6633605 00966- 00966-12- 6606275 PAKISTAN , JEDDAH – II 00966-2- 582850517-M 00966126693309 Syed Tehseem-ul-Haq 6692371/225 dip vcw2@pakconsulatej HIGH COMMISSION OF 00603-21645949 PAKISTAN , KUALA LUMPUR 00603-21618877- Syed Azhar Raza Hashmi 79 --- 0060321648220 00603-21624515 cwamalaysia@gmail. com EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , 00965-25327649 0096525648869- 00965-25322917 00965-25327651 R 00965-25327648 Mr. Noor U Din, 0096555044759 Dip Community Welfare M Rz khan25@hotmail. KUWAIT Attache com CONSULATE GENERAL OF 0044-1612253368 PAKISTAN , MANCHESTER 0044- 0044-1612253281 798350922-M dip Mr. SajidMehmoodQazi, Community Welfare Attache CONSULATE GENERAL OF 0039-02- 00393279160000 0039-02-67479076 PAKISTAN , MILAN 66703271(Exch) (M) (CWA) Dr. Akhtar Abbas,

0039-02-66718727 00390267479076 Community Welfare (Direct) (Dip) Attache EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , 00968-24603343 00968- 00968- MUSCAT 24699771-R 24601206 Tele-fax Mr. ShahidJaved 00968- 00968-24697462 96250158-M m 14 EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , 00966-544458935 00966-1- 00966-114887953 RIYADH – I 4607870-R mueenanwar1@gmail Mr. Mueenudin 00966-540- .com 497567-M EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , 00966-14826473 00966- 00966-11488795 RIYADH –II 14632051-R shammada@yahoo.c Syed HammadAbid 00966-54- 1517192-M EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , 00822 7968252 & 00822 7960315- 00822 7960313 SEOUL 3& R 00822 7960316- CW Mr. Muhammad 00822 7960312 008210 Wing HumairKarim (Extension # 120 or 65056895-M mhumairkarim@yah 110) 00822 7960314 (Off Direct) EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , 001-310-441-5114 --- ATHENS (GREECE) 001-281-890-1433 consul@pakconsulat CONSULATE GENERAL OF 001-212-879-6088 PAKISTAN , NEW YORK (direct)

Mr. MureedRahimoon 001-212-879- 001-212-517-6987 5800/234 (Ext) (CWA) EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN , BAGHDAD (IRAQ) --- 00964- --- 750595905741-M Mr. AmirRehman 15 001-212-517-6987 (Dip) --- FOCAL PERSONS IN THE MINISTRIES AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES DEALING WITH OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS Name of Ministry/ Government Agency Name of Focal Person Designation Phone Number Email Address M/O Foreign Affairs Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Syed Mosawwir Abbas Syed Khalid Ali Deputy Director(W& S) Mr.MArshad Director Ali Coordination 03315422202 051-9207972 03004034924 m M/O Foreign Affairs Director General (NASA & OP) Assistant Director 051-921458 03215105544 md@opf.orgpk 0519206122 03335156781 arshad@opf.orgpk Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Overseas Pakistanis Foundation M/O Overseas Pakistanis Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis M/O Interior mosawwirabbas@gm Mr. Habib urRehman Khan Mr. MAtta-urRehman Mr. Fayyaz Malik

Managing Director 05-9205122 03335555554 md@opf.orgpk Assistant Chief Chief ,PPU 03008992280 051-9219618 Mr. WaqasMaqsoo d Section Officer,Feder al Investigation Agency Deputy Director 03145634292 051-9262457 051-9261955 directorimmigration Deputy Director Director Database Additional Director General 03339116144 03465155165 0333247559 m.aurengzeb60@gma Deputy Director 051-9204335 Federal Investigation Agency Immigration & Passport Immigration & Passport Bureau of Emigration Mr. SajidAkram Chaudhry Mian Aurangzeb Mr. Nadeem Rehman Mr. Ghulam Hyder Khaskheli, Board of Investment Mr. Lal Dino 16 fayyazam@hotmail.c om --- --hyderkhasakheli@ya --- Pakistan International Airlines Capt.SAdnan Haris Director Safety & Q 03212484905 aero Pakistan International Airlines Pakistan Housing Authority Overseas Employment Corporation Overseas Employment Corporation Civil Aviation Authority Mr.

Shoaib Ahmed Dahri General Manager Focal Person Director General 03232320909 Gm.sbu@piacaero Executive Director 0519253245 03135099989 051-9253241 Hameedrehman2003 03028274322 m Civil Aviation Authority M/O Information Broadcasting M/O Information Broadcasting and &National Heritage Capital Development Authority Capital Development Authority Capital Development Authority Associate Press of Pakistan Associate Press of Pakistan Associate Press of Pakistan Ministry of Finance Mr. Muhammad Irfan Mr. Hameedur-Rehman Mr.ShahrukhN Managing usrat Director Mr. Obaid-urSr Joint RehmanAbbasi Director Legal Mr. Iftikhar Sr. Joint Ahmed Mir Secretary Mr. Shahzad Deputy M. Vaseer Director 03335113470 03336154947 03214110306 --- Srukh2002@hotmail. com --smvaseer@hotmail.c om Mr. MustaeenAlvi Deputy 051-9203310 Secretary/F. P Mr. Arshad Afridi Assistant Director 03329987089 --- Mr. Rafat Ali Director( IT) 03335570793 grievance.cell@cdag

Mr. Ali Asghar Director (HR) 03330584446 --- Mr. Sheraz Latif Mr. Farooq Ahmed Mr.MJamil Managing Director Director 03425197033 03335223692 03009723846 051-9206818 03335685268 Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Chief Comp Engr Joint Secretary (HRM) 17 --- ----Mj chaudhary@hotm Iftikharahmad 78@y Federal Board of Revenue Federal Board of Revenue NADRA HQ NADRA HQ NADRA HQ M/O Information and Technology National Information Technology Board Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Radio Pakistan Mr. Masood Ahmed Additional .Collector Customs Mr. Secretary RahmatulaVist (Customs ro Wing) Col. Khalid Director Usman Mr. Aamir Director Bukhari Col.SohailMeh Director mood 0519280446 0519215308 --- 051-9215308 Anti.smuggling@fbrg 03008557192 03225100029 051-9215770 03325195160 05190391912 051-9206277 Khalid.usman@nadr a.govpk Aamir.bokhari@nadr a.govpk Sohail.mehmood@na dra.govpk Syed Khalid Gardezi Joint Secretary Syed Iftikhar H. Shah Executive Director

051-9208207 siftikhar@moit.govp k Mr. Nayyar Jamal Director Programmes 051-9214932 jamalnayyer@gmail.c om Mr. Khurshid Malik Controller External Services Controller News Sr. Joint Secretary Deputy Secretary 03007342759 031-5552992 controllerexternalser vices@ m --- 03005252246 Msaleem1964@yaho Joint Secretary (Admin) Director 03335685268 noorzamanenv@yaho 02132453522 0300703785 051-910837 Akmal.bhatti@sbpor 03334516368 Khansa5000@gmail. com Radio Pakistan Mr. Riaz Ahmed M/O Housing Mr. Akhtar and Works Jan Wazir M/O Housing& Mr. Works Muhammad Saleem Religious Mr. Noor Affairs Zaman State Bank Mr. MAkmal Chief Commissioner Islamabad Capital Territory Anti-Narcotics Force Ms.NadiaSaqib Director (Admin) Mr. Muhammad Ayub Assistant Director 18 051-9209602 --- Airports Security Force Federal Board of Revenue Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Mr. Khalid Waqar Chief

Security Officer Mr. Akhlaq Chief Ahmed Khatak Customs Mr. Bilal Rasul Director (Chairman Secretariat Islamabad) 19 03345113919 m 03008370315 akhlaqkhattak@gmai bila.rasul@secpgov pk 111-117327/327 TELEPHONE/FAX AND E-MAIL ADDRESS OF PRESS OFFICERS ABROAD S. No. Name of Mission Name of Officer/ Designation Tele Office Tele Home Fax & Mobile No. E-mail and address 1. Ankara Mr. Abdul Akbar 00903124270243 00903124392695 infosec anka m Press Attache M:009053056928 28 00903 1246703 37 HoC: abdul.akber 00903 1246710 23 2. Beijing Mr. Asif-urRehman 00861065323072 Press Attache 3. Berlin Mr. Ghulam Haider M:008613581761 517 0049-3021244140 Press Counsellor 4. Brussels Vacant Press Counsellor 5. Cairo Press Attache 00861065321917 0049-3088627449 M:004917662951 846 0032-26632727 0032-26128019 M:003248733154 2 002-0237487806 002-0237499606 002-0237487677 M: 002011422990 04 20 00861 065322 569

pressbeijing 00493021244 240 presssection b@hotmail.c om 0032267326 69 inforbrussel m 0020237486 965 pakinfocairo dgilani@gma ghaider56@h 6. 7. Colombo Dhaka Mr. Muhammad DaudEhtesh am, Press Attache 0094-112055815 Ms. Ambreen Jan 0088-029880892 0088-028832488 Ex: 0088028825388-9 M:008801766677 283 Press Attache 0094-114737245 M: 009471360675 3 00941120556 83 papahic@gm 00880288347 55 presscounsel m HoC: 00880288324 88 8. Dubai Mr. Abdul Wahid Khan 00971-43970692 Press Counsellor 9. Hong Kong Mr. Ali Nawaz Malik 0097143551160 M: 0097156322594 2 Jeddah Mr. Sohail Ali Khan M: 0085265046103 0085228276 786 presssection m 0096626605814 0096626989217 00966 266374 54 pakpressjed 00932023024 91 infokabul@y Press Counsellor 11. Kabul presscounsel lordubai@g mail.compre sscounsellor dxb@gmail.c omp 0085225780510 Press Attache 10

00971439736 86 M: 0096656157698 0 Mr. Muneer Akhtar 0093752023663 0093752004594 Press Counsellor 009320223 0439 (M) 009379955355 0 21 12. London Mr. Minister Press 13. London Mr. Muneer Ahmed 0044-207664-9216 0044-2079019096 0044-207664-9253 M: 004474248075 17 0044-2076649253 M: 004479615738 34 Press Attache 14. 15. Moscow New Delhi Raja Abdul Qayyum 007-4992547838 007-4991259206 Press Counsellor 007-4992549791 M:00792651271 24 Vacant 0091-1126886165 00911126145948 Minister (Press) 16. New Delhi Mr. Manzoor Ali Memon 00919910 337864(M) 0091-1124101980 Press Attache 17. New York Mr. Masood Anwer Press Counsellor 18. Ottawa Mrs. Nazia Khalid 0091-1124114757 M:009199710652 91 001-2128798600/1 26 00191786000 98(M) 00164684002 80 (R) 001-6132387881- 22 001-6134242893 00442076649226 ministerpres s@phclondo 00442076649226 pressoffice@ phclondon.o rg 00749523294 36 pressection moscow@ya 00911 126888 330 Khalidsarwa

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00982166944 887 infopaktehra m 0081354213 612 presswing to kyo@yahoo.c om 0081354212 610 00120268614 95 pressministe r@embassyof pakistanusa. org 24. Washington Mr.Ahmed Nadeem SadiqHotian a, Press Attache 001-2022436501 001-703 533 1135 M: 001301 318 6668 00120268614 95 nhotiana@g pressattache @embassyof pakistanusa. org pressinfodiv @embassyof pakistanusa. org dcpressclipp ings@ebassy ofpakistanus 24 STATISTICS OF OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS ABROAD, COUNTRY-WISE S. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. Name Of Country Afghanistan Algeria Angola Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan and Georgia Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium and Luxembourg Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Darussalam Bucharest Bulgaria Burundi Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Comoros Congo Cote Devoir Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark

Djibouti Ecuador Egypt (UAR) Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Finland France Gambia Germany 25 No. of Pakistanis Living in this Country as on 31-12-2014 71,000 60 70 45 100,000 10,000 478 110,000 988 15,000 07 20 220 3000 590 100 150 70 175,000 760 17,992 62 15 110 36 10 600 3500 500 35,000 200 1,800 2000 80 57 270 1,700 104,000 76 90513 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. Ghana Greece Guinea Guinea Bissau Hong Kong Hungary Indonesia Iran India Iraq Ireland Italy Ivory Coast Lao PDR Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lebanon Libya Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Mauritania Mauritius Mexico Moldova Morocco Myanmar Nepal Netherlands New Zeeland Niger Nigeria North Korea Norway Oman Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar 100 70,000 24 04 18,780 162 500 7000 10,000 4,000 12,000 119,331 45 35 11,119

14,000 1,500 3500 114,142 600 44 400 12,000 65 415 100,000 92 50 40 289 200 10 160 64 94 35,000 4000 22 2,500 08 38000 238,556 05 600 1,300 431 2000 107,000 26 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. Romania Russia Russian Federation Rwanda Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia and Montenegro Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Slovak South Africa(Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique 101. South Korea (Republic of Korea) 102. Spain 103. Sri Lanka 104. Sudan 105. Surinam 106. Sweden 107. Switzerland 108. Syria 109. Tajikistan 110. Tanzania 111. Thailand 112. Tunisia 113. Turkey 114. Turkmenistan 115. U.SA 116. UAE 117. Uganda 118. Ukraine 119. United Kingdom 120. Uzbekistan 121. Vietnam 122. Yemen 123. Zambia 124. Zimbabwe Total of Overseas Pakistanis as on 31-12-2014 27 562 3560 2,800 120 1,900,000 87 20 15 78 4600 50 100,000 11,209 82,000 203 2000 05 8,700 4,575 325 120 3000 65000 57 500 48 500,000 1,300,000 3800 2100 1,792,000 120 63 3000 350 470 7,467,803 STANDARD OPERATING

PROCEDURE S. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Procedure One Window Facilitation Desks will be operational round the clock (24/7) and all concerned Agencies will ensure the presence of their concerned officials so that no desk would be left unattended. Agency Involved ALL STAKEHOLDERS Names/insignia/flashy display boards of all the Agencies/stakeholders and Federal Ombudsman Secretariat will be displayed at prominent place of One Window Facilitation Desks for Overseas Pakistanis and other areas of Airports in coordination with CAA. ALL STAKEHOLDERS Equipment/furniture/fixtures/infrastructure/display boards for One Window Facilitation Desks and stationery will be provided by OPF and Bureau of Emigration. OPF and BOE Complaint Handling/Coordination Agencies will regularly submit weekly report to the heads of Agencies and Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis in the WMS. OPF & CAA Each Agency will provide the facility of computer to their officials and SKYPE facility

(audio chatting only) at their computer at the Desks, enabling the complainant to directly correspond with the relevant representative of the Agency if he/she so desires. ALL STAKEHOLDERS All Heads of Agencies shall regularly submit fortnightly reports on the complaints and suggestions received from Overseas Pakistanis at respective airports or on their websites and action taken on those to the Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis. ALL STAKEHOLDERS Surprise visits for monitoring the attendance of staff deputed at airports at Desks as well as adherence to the SOP for efficient functioning of these Desks will be ensured by Heads of relevant Agencies. ALL STAKEHOLDERS 28 8. 9. 10. 11. Duty officer of each stakeholder/Agency working at airports will properly maintain the record of resolved queries independently and will follow-up the unsettled queries till their resolution under intimation to the complainant. The respective Agencies will submit report to their

respective Heads and to the Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis on weekly basis. Suggestions/Complaint box will be placed at One Window Facilitation Desks and at other suitable places in the premises of the airports. Immigration/Clearance Desks at Lahore Airport for facilitation of Overseas Pakistanis will be increased. ALL STAKEHOLDERS CAA BUREAU OF EMIGRATION & OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT FIA/ CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT/CAA Facility of tracking of complaints/issues of expatriates will be provided on websites of the Agencies. ALL STAKEHOLDERS 12. Electricity and landline telephone facility will be provided free of cost to the Facilitation Desks. CAA 13. Surveillance cameras for security purpose will be installed at One Window Facilitation Desks which will be controlled by Airport Security Force. CAA/ASF 14. Universal Toll Free Number, Fax Machine and Email facilities will be made available to all One Window Facilitation Desks. Expenditure in this regard would be jointly

borne by BOE &OE and OPF. BOE &OE and OPF 15. 16. Water dispensers inside airport lounges will be installed to facilitate the Overseas Pakistanis. Each Agency will be bound to display their contact numbers/e-mail/web addresses on boards for the information of Overseas Pakistanis. CAA ALL STAKEHOLDERS 17. PIAC will attend to and facilitate their passengers at airports in case of delay of flights and in any emergency situation. PIAC 18. Ministry of Religious Affairs will also look after the M/O RELIGIOUS 29 passengers proceeding on Hajj and Umrah. Monthly report in this regard will also be submitted to the office of Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis 19. 20. AFFAIRS URL for online complaint website (Urdu & English) will be displayed at the Facilitation Desks for the purpose of raising awareness. ALL STAKEHOLDERS All the Agencies will regularly submit the 60 days duty roster/chart to the Grievance Commissioner for Overseas Pakistan on email.