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Wood Fired Hot Tub Guide Date: November 14. 21:17:51, 2022
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Can you imagine a more relaxing outdoor experience than chilling in a wood fired soaking tub? No matter how hard or depressing your day was it gives you the sentiment of peace, silence and gratitude. It also gives you the feeling of satisfaction while your body warms up, you take deep breath of cold fresh air.

This mini home wellness routine shortly empties your brain giving back your exhilaration and drive, new momentum for the next few days. Great leisure time for your family and friends.

It sounds luxurious even though it needs no fat wallet; most of the middle-class can easily afford it. Okay, but what aspects should we consider before buying and which dealer goes with less risk? Let’s take a plunge!

Where should I install the cedar hot tub?
The Tub is better to be placed on a concrete or wooden block with the ability of bearing weight of some tons. Only some square meters and 5-15 cm height above the ground level is needed.

How big should I choose?
The average extension is about 71 inch (180 cm) wide, which is enough for 7 adults, while 78 inch (200 cm) is comfortable for 9 people, but it depends on your space demands. This rule of thumb fits for hot tubs equipped with integrated heaters and external heaters too. Internal heaters take a lot of space in the tub, so cleaning can be challenging; it’s not really recommended in this regard.

All in all it’s subject of shape and size. The biggest one is usually square shaped and can be comfortable for up to 10 people.

Types of Heaters
There are three types of heaters:

External heater can be good where space is not an aspect. The exterior parts get hot, it requires more attention, mostly in families with children. Comparing it to the internal heater, it takes a bit more space for heating your tub. Cleaning is easy. If you have a limitless source of wood, and time to heat up, then it’s a great choice! There is no lost space due to the heater outside, which is a nice addition to consider.

Internal heater takes a lot of space in the tub, cleaning can be challenging as we mentioned above. Heating can be a bit more efficient because of the submerged stove in the water and it takes less time to heat the water up, usually 2.5 hours from cold to 38 degrees Celsius.

Integrated heater does not require any additional garden place. This is the most popular solution because it can bring the water temperature to the desired 38-39 Celsius more effectively.

What Material is the Best for Hot Tubs?
Nowadays most of the manufacturers craft the shell of wood, fiberglass, polypropylene, acrylic or even steel sometimes.

Traditional wooden cedar tubs usually shrink, which is absolutely natural. It’s usually the most natural and cheap way of having a hot tub. It’s also made of oak larch, cedar, pine, larch or beech.

Fiberglass tubs are regarded as the most luxurious wooden hot tubs. Due to superior structural properties of fiberglass the seats are often ergonomically shaped to feel more comfortable. This attribute makes fiberglass lined hot tubs able for having an integrated external heater.

Polypropylene lined hot tubs are the middle ground between the wood-fired hot tub and fiberglass hot tub. The wooden exterior is fitted internally with a resistant plastic liner, separating the timber exterior from the soaking water. This allows using chemicals to maintain water hygiene for longer, extending the time between drain downs and cleaning. The interior also makes it very easy to clean and no scrubbing is required at all!

Ofuro hot tubs refer to the oval shape of the wooden hot tub. It’s first crafted by the Japanese and it’s also dubbed Love Tubs for their intimacy. The secret of Ofuros is that only one or two people are able to use it at one time.

Stainless steel tubs require minimal cleaning and almost no maintenance. You can leave them empty when you are not using it for an extended period. Here you can see a great user guide of a Stoked wood fired hot tub crafted of steel.

Dealer and Manufacturer Recommendation
If you successfully convinced yourself about buying a wood fired hot tub then this section is going to spare you some time and money. We have sorted out some vendors based on their value proposition.

Sauna-Badetonne’s main goal is to offer customised hot tubs, barrel saunas, hot tub and sauna accessories and grill houses. The core of their company has been around since 2004 and at that time concentrated primary of wood processing and production, but today they export an impressive range of products. Their customers come from all across Europe such as France, Germany, England, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2009, they have a branch in Baden-Württemberg (South Germany) where it is also possible to see and try the goods.

EZ Shopper offer wood fired hot tubs with free delivery to mainland UK. Integrated and externally heated tubs are available at competitive prices, and fully customisable using the 3D configurator, with augmented reality for viewing your hot tub in your garden.

Maintenance of a Cedar Hot Tub
There are some aspects of maintenance which takes only a few time and costs almost no money:
1. The appropriate pH level is from 7 to 7,5.
2. Water should not contain too much chlorine, the appropriate level is between 0,3-1,0 mg/L.
3. During the first use of the tub, leakage is quite common. There are only two things you should do:
   a. Do not worry! It’s made of natural wood, so it happens quite often.
   b. Filling your tub may make the hot tub swell, tiny holes on it will disappear!
4. Do not leave your tub with no water during the summer except for stainless steel hot tubs.

Let’s take some Medical Advice
When the water is close to 40 Celsius or more it’s better to take a bath in a standing position for the first time, this way your heart could get acclimatized to the new conditions.

Always cover your ear during the winter period!

Disseminate the information between the hot tubers: taking hot baths outside has a strong remedy against influenza and cold while it also boosts your body’s immunological power.

Interesting Facts and advantages of Wood Fired Hot Tubs
Chilling in a hot tub reduces the effects of everyday worries and it may help relieve physical, emotional, and mental stress.
The warm water increases the production of the hormone dopamine in your body while dopamine is released by the parasympathetic nervous system related to pleasure and relaxation.

The release of the hormone reduces nervous tension and has a calming effect. Immersing yourself in the water of a hot tub will help to reduce muscular discomfort and stress.

Athletes and bodybuilders also like having a hot bath to improve their performance. Before competition it helps them in warming up their muscles and after a competition or a workout, it’s useful for pain relief and also helps recovery.

It’s great against the headache! During bath time your blood circulation increases while blood pressure rises slightly. The warm blood penetrates deeper into the skin tissue bringing more oxygen. Warm water around your spine and neck can help reduce the occurrence of headaches.

A study of biomedical engineers reveals that bathing one or two hours before bedtime in water between 40C (105F) and 42C (109F) can significantly improve the quality of sleep.

Some researchers found that an hour-long hot bath can burn around 130 calories, which is the same amount you would burn with a 30-minute walk.

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