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“This simple home cleared up my hormonal HEALTHY LIVING “I never imagined one tablespoon of this oil would have such rapid and dramatic results!” Michelle marvels After entering perimenopause, Michelle Montoro spent five years struggling with painful cystic acneuntil she found an easy, all-natural fix that cleared her skin, restored her confidence and left her feeling great! Share your own inspiring story with us, and we’ll pay you $250 if we publish it! Read or heard someone else’s story you think belongs in Woman’s World? Send it to us! If you’re the first to share it and we publish it, we’ll pay you $100! Email the story with your name and phone number to: Or mail to: Scoop, Woman’s World, 270 Sylvan Ave, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 22 3/30/20 Woman’s World We pay $250! Getty P utting the finishing appointments with her primary touches on her makeup, care physician and gynecologist, Michelle Montoro exam- who prescribed

various topical ined her reflection in the mirror. medications Much to her chaIt’s no use You can still see them! grin, she saw zero improvement. she groaned, despair filling her To make matters worse, the heart. All her life, Michelle had treatments caused her skin clear skineven in her teens. to become super-dry, which But when she turned 40, she exacerbated the itchiness. suddenly started getting For five years, cystic acne on her Michelle struggled cheeks during the severe “Omega-3–rich with her period and twice-a-month flaxseeds can mid-cycle. And breakouts. the red bumps balance hormones She hated weren’t just leaving the and tamp down unsightly, they house durinflammation for ing those were also very painful and times, but the clearer skin” itchy. stay-at-home Michele Green “What’s mom had errands M.D going on?” she that needed to be asked her doctor. “I done, meetings at her kids’ never thought I’d have school and engagements with to deal with acne at this

her husband and friends that point in my life.” couldn’t be postponed. So she’d “You’re probably do her best to cover up the in perimenopause. bumps with makeup and carHormonal changes cause ried concealer in her handbag many women to develop so she could do touch-ups. acne,” he explained, and Finally, last fall, Michelle her gynecologist echoed had had enough. his assessment. There has to be something uts seed oil, she had painful breako flax ng taki ted star e In the coming months, that can help me heal this, hell Mic ore Bef in! days (right), her skin was clear aga Michelle had countless she thought. (left), but after using it for just nine remedy acne!” An amazing cure Michelle began researching natural remedies and learned that special plant estrogens in flaxseeds and flaxseed oil help regulate hormone levels in the body to reduce fluctuations. She also discovered that they are one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to

dramatically reduce inflammation and hydrate skin. This might be exactly what I’m looking for! Michelle thought, her hope rising. To try it out, Michelle began adding a tablespoon of organic flaxseed oil to her daily breakfast smoothie. Within just days, not only did the deep, painful cysts shrink and disappear, but the surface marks and scars lightened as well. The itching also ceased, which in turn minimized the redness and irritation. Michelle was so amazed that, when she forgot to reorder her oil supply and her acne came back full-force, she decided to post timeline pictures of herself on her blog when she restocked, so her followers who might be suffering from the same problem could see the rapid and miraculous transformation. Today, Michelle, 45, makes sure to always have a full supply of organic flaxseed oil on hand, and at $25 per month, she can work the expense into her budget. “My skin has never looked better,” she beams. “But best of all, I finally feel good about

myself againit feels like freedom!” Hannah Chenoweth The surprising health perks of flaxseeds Speed slimming! Not only are flaxseeds rich in filling fiber to curb appetite, they’re a great source of healthy omega-3 fats, which help burn fat by prompting your body to use calories more efficiently, says Caroline Apovian, M.D, author of The Age-Defying Diet. “I grind them to put into shakes!” Boost energy & mood! Flaxseeds contain lignans, “good estrogens” that restore hormonal balance to improve mood and energy, says nutrition expert Magdalena Wszelaki, author of Cooking for Hormone Balance. Add 2 Tbs. of ground flaxseeds a day to soups and salads or sprinkle flaxseeds on sliced avocado for a tasty snack. Lower blood pressure! Adding 21 ⁄2 Tbs. of ground flaxseeds to your daily diet can bring a 10-point drop in systolic BP (the top number) and a seven-point drop in diastolic BP (the bottom number)better results than you’d expect from prescription meds. Researchers in

the journal Hypertension reveal flaxseeds’ unique mix of alpha linoleic acid, lignans and fiber work together to relax arteries so blood flows more easily. The perfect KETO DIET companion! REAL WOMEN, REAL RESULTS SPECIALS KETO OVER 50 Complete plan plus. Relieve chronic pain Heal a slow thyroid Reverse diabetes Detox a sick liver End tiredness Lift depression Krista lost 176 lbs Sunny lost 255 lbs 101 delicious recipes Dessert Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner ON SALE NOW! Brought to you by the publishers of Woman’s World and First for Women, this new 99-page special issue Keto Over 50 features a 6-page plan, more than 100 recipes and 18 real life success stories to help guide your personal keto journey. Pick up a copy everywhere magazines are sold or order online to be delivered right to your door at