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CARPE DIEM SAIL TRAINING Ahead Basic Sailing Terms Forward Abeam Abeam Aft Astern Carpe Diem Sail Training - Basic Sailing Terms CARPE DIEM SAIL TRAINING Parts of the Boat Cleats Forward Hatch Deck Midships Hatch Cabin Fairlead Main Hatch Cockpit Helm (Tiller/Wheel) Carpe Diem Sail Training - Parts of the Boat Companionway Traveller CARPE DIEM SAIL TRAINING Tang Back Stay Parts of the Boat Fore stay Topping Lift Shrouds Mast Goose Neck Main Sheet Lifelines Pushpit Boom Boom Vang (Kicking Strap) Windlass Winches Rudder Carpe Diem Sail Training - Parts of the Boat Pulpit Keel Chain Plates Hull Stanchions