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Macbeth Essay Assignment Now that you have read and analyzed the play, you will write an analytical essay on Macbeth. The essay is worth 150 points and will be the first major assignment of the 2nd Semester, so I expect everyone to work on and submit this assignment so that the 2nd Semester starts on a positive note. Choosing a Topic and Writing your Thesis Statement Option 1: Trace how Macbeth’s character changes from the beginning of the play to the end. Examine the progression of his internal conflicts and external actions as he develops from one stage to the next. Thesis skeleton: In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the tragic hero changes from a loyal thane to a tyrannical leader. This change in Macbeth occurs because of , and . Jot down some ideas: Option 2: Evaluate Lady Macbeth’s character and how she is such a major influence in the play. Analyze her role by weighing her strengths and weaknesses. Consider her motivation,

courage and punishment Thesis skeleton: In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the character Lady Macbeth is a driving force in the action and outcome of the play. The factors that contribute to her powerful role are , and . Jot down some ideas: Now, choose the prompt that you feel you were able to write the most about and you are ready to create your thesis statement. THE THESIS STATEMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR ESSAY. Everything that you write in your essay is connected back to your thesis so it needs to be strong Write your thesis in one or two complete sentences being sure to include the title of the play, the author’s name, your claim and the three points that back it up. Write your thesis here: Calendar for Macbeth Essay 1/17 M.LK’s Birthday No Classes 1/24 Review for Final Exam 1/18 Read/Enact 5.1-3 In groups of 5 – 3 actors and 2 directors to act out the “Out damned spot” scene. 1/19 Read and View 5.4-9

H.W Take notes for 51-3 H.W Take notes for 5.4-9 1/25 Discuss play as a whole 1/26 Final Exams Final Exams H.W Study for final. Notebooks are due at the start of the exam (Acts 3-5 –90 points possible) 1/31 Meet in Computer Lab – Rm. 323 to type 1st Draft 1/20 Discuss Macbeth Essay assignment handout Creating a Thesis Statement Lesson H.W Finalize your thesis and get a flash drive 1/27 Writing Workshop: Secondary Sources Readings and quote search Find 1 quote to back up each of the 3 points of your thesis (3 quotes total). Writing Body Paragraphs H.W Finish finding quotes and draft body paragraphs 1/28 No Classes Writing the Introduction and Conclusion 2/1 Writing Workshop: Present Sample Essays and Macbeth Essay Rubric 2/2 DDI Testing H.W Rough draft of essay due on Monday 1/31 2/3 Writing Workshop: Essay Revisions Peer Editing H.W Typed draft due Tuesday 1/21 Writing Workshop: Incorporating Quotes H.W Make hand written edits to essay based on peer and self-edits

H.W Make handwritten edits 2/4 Meet in Computer Lab – Rm. 323 for final edits and finishing touches Essay due at the end of the period Requirements • Your essay must present a clear and arguable thesis statement. • Your essay must be five paragraphs long. • You must have three primary source quotes (from Macbeth) to support your thesis. • You must have one secondary source quote (from a critical essay about Macbeth) to support your thesis. • Your essay must be typed and follow all MLA format. • Your essay must be submitted on February 4th.