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Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis Folded Paper Brainstorming Follow each of the directions below carefully: 1. Fold a piece of unlined paper into quarters 2. Write the name of your favorite or least favorite character from the play in the center of the page. 3. At the top of each of the four squares, write a different personality trait for your chosen character. 4. Under each trait, note three to five scenes in which the trait is demonstrated Try not to list the same scene more than once. 5. Locate a quote from the play to support each trait It may be spoken directly by the character you’ve chosen or something that another character has said about him/her. Copy the entire quote, and be sure to cite where you found it (ie Act , scene , lines ). 6. Flip your paper over In the top left square write the heading “Appearance” Describe your character’s physical attributes, citing quotations from the play that support your description. 7. In the top right square, write the

name of the person closest to the character you have chosen. Explain their relationship and discuss what this indicates about your character’s personality. 8. In the bottom left square, list facts about your character that you can glean from the play. 9. In the bottom right square, write one sentence that sums up what makes this character unique. 10. Once you’ve finished, seek out other students who have chosen the same character you have and share ideas. Update / revise your paper as needed Congratulations! You’ve just finished the prewriting activity for your final character analysis essay! Romeo and Juliet Final Essay Character Analysis Write a literary analysis essay in which you discuss your thoughtful interpretation or understanding of the character you have chosen. What was your honest response to this character and how do your chosen references from the text support this? How to begin: Step One: Figure out what you want to say about your character. A good place to

start would be with your earlier statement on what you felt was unique about him/her. Is he/she noble? deplorable? misguided? Etc Has he/she grown/changed over the course of the play in any significant way? Step Two: Write a thesis + organize your paper. You may choose to organize your paper around three central traits or major characteristics of your character (i.e Romeo is a because he is X, Y, and Z); around character growth (i.e Juliet changes from X to Y and finally to Z); or you may do something more sophisticated. Step Three: Collect your proof. (You’ve already done this in your prewriting activity You just need to identify which pieces of information you gathered about your character are most pertinent to what you want to say about him/her.) Step Four: Write the paper. You need at least five paragraphs Paragraph #1 = Introduction Three parts: 1. Attention getter / Hook 2. Essential information a. Author’s full name b. Title of the piece of literature c. Brief

plot summary which should lead into your thesis 3. Thesis (which you’ve already written) Paragraphs #2 – 4 = Body Essential parts 1. Topic sentences 2. Examples/details from the text 3. Explanations (What is significant about the details you’ve chosen? What do they demonstrate / show?) Paragraph #5 = Conclusion Essential parts 1. Restate your thesis in a fresh new way 2. Conclude by wrapping up the interpretation of your character that you have proven in the body paragraphs of your essay Step Five: Have someone proofread your paper. Read your paper out loud to yourself and listen for errors. Make any necessary changes in order to polish the piece. Step Six: Turn that bad boy in! I need your folded paper brainstorm done at the beginning of this project, your rough draft that looks like someone else read it (in other words, it needs to be written on), and your final draft. (The final draft should be on top.) You’re finished! 