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A vizsgázó személye, életrajza, életének fontosabb állomásai (fordulópontjai) My name is Marosán Petra. I’m a 19 year old woman/girl and I’m from Hungary. I was born on 6th of January 1988 in the 10th district of Budapest My family is quite big in my opinion.I live in a house with my relatives in 17thdistrict of Budapest The house is stroreyed. My aunt, uncle and my 2 cousins live on the second floor I live with my mother on the first floor. My parents have lived apart unfortunately since I was 1 year old. My mum is 41 She is a chemist, but she hasn’t been working in her profession for 15 years. She works as a seller nowadays She still wants to work in her original job, but it’s impossible. My grandmother is a 64 years old She is a pensionar. My grandfather died 3 years ago My father lives with my other grandmother. He is 42 years old He works as a crane operator His primal profession is a taxi driver. We have got a dog. His name is Rio He is 9 months old Me and my

cousins adore him. Rio is a full-blood German shepherd dog He is a very rational animal My younger cousin has got a very nice rabbit. I would like to talk about myself a bit. I’m a short and slim woman/girl I have got brown eyes and dark, long hair. My personality is quite controversial because I’m a lovely, friendly, faithful and sensible, on the other hand I’m a lazy, stubborn and sometimes I offend my loved ones. When I was 3 years, I went to Nursery School. From 1995 to 2003 I attended to Kertvárosi Primary School. After that I started my studies in this, Economic Secondary School. I have met my best friend, Rita in this school We have a lot in common and we spend a lot of time together. My most beautiful experience in this school, is my school leaving ball, when my dreams came true. I danced rocky with my classmates and a fascinating Veinnese waltz with my boyfriend. I had got a marvelous coming out dress In this evening my family was proud of me. I have had a boyfriend for

15 months. We got to known each other on the internet. Everybody is suprised when I tell this story I didn’t think that I would find my couple on the net. I don’t know how long we will be together I hope as long as it’s possible. I passed a proficiency examination in English. Next year I will obtain my driving licence. Now I want to pass the final exam as well If my plans succeed I would like to remain in this school and I obtain a logistic manager trade. When I graduate from this school I want to go to (a Historical profession of) ELTE to study history. After that I will find a superb job in the commerce as well. I would like to earn a lot of money of course. If I have got lot of free time, I will get more several degrees In the future I want a big house in a silent part of Budapest and I want an exellent car for example Honda Civic or Aston Martin. It would be good, if I found a sweetheart and provider husband. I want to have 2 children I know that they aren’t small plans,

but everybody must set an aim. In my opinion plans keep alive I hope that my plans come true. Perhaps some purposes won’t succeed in my future. It doesn’t matter My only real purpose is to find a happiness and my life will be well-balanced