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Weather and clothing I like the weather when it’s sunny and the temperature is not lower than fifteen degrees. My favourite season is spring because it is warm again after the long, cold winter days. In spring the weather is bright and sunny. But sometimes it can get cloudy and windy Occasionally there can be heavy rainstorms with thunder [dörgés] and lightning [villámlás]. After the rainstorm I like looking at the rainbow. In spring the snow melts [elolvad] and nature awakens [felébred] from its winter sleep. The trees begin to grow leaves and the flowers begin to bloom. The birds begin to sing again and everything is wonderful I get up easily in such weather and I like going for a walk in spring. I like that the sun goes down later and the nights are very pleasant. I like looking at the moon and the stars on the sky I love the sunsets [naplemente] and the peaceful dawns [hajnal] too. It’s usually hot in summer. The sun is shining and the temperatures are over thirty

Occasionally there are showers but they don’t last long. After the shower the sky is blue again and it is even hotter than ever before. I hate the heat Everybody sweats [izzad] and becomes crazy. I don’t like summer in the town, it’s better in the country or near a lake Most people take their holidays in summer and go to Lake Balaton or to the seaside to enjoy the hot weather. When they are on the beach either lie in the sun or swim in the cool water On the beach women wear a bathing suit or a bikini and a sun-hat. Men wear swimming trunks I don’t like sunbathing because my skin is very sensitive so I become sunburnt immediately. I always wear a sun-hat and sunglasses. In autumn the leaves of trees slowly become yellow, brown and red and then they fall. There are some fruits though which we harvest [betakarít, szüretel] in autumn. Some of there are plumps, grapes, nuts. The leaves are beautiful but I don’t like autumn because it’s the rainiest season. I hate when it’s

rainy and cloudy I don’t like puddles [tócsa, pocsolya] and I hate that I always have to take with myself my umbrella because I can use it to protect myself from the rain. In autumn is often foggy [ködös] and cold and sometimes it’s frost [fagy] Occasionally there is a strong wind which is called a gale [szélvihar]. In winter the temperatures are usually below zero. It’s cold and frosty It often snows and the roads become slippery. I always enjoy snow I like icicle [jégcsap] I like building snowmen and snowballing. I like sledding [szánkózni] too I have to wear warm clothes but I don’t mind it. I like hats, gloves and scarves 1 The weather is wet, rainy and foggy in England. It usually is very changeable It’s colder in summer and milder in winter than in Hungary. It rains more but it rarely snows I think I don’t enjoy the weather of England because there isn’t true spring and winter. In winter you must wear warm clothes. In cold weather people wear hats,

gloves, scarves, warm sweaters and trousers, thick [vastag] overcoats [nagykabát, télikabát] and winter boots. In summer it is enough to put on a light dress or a T-shirt with shorts or a skirt. On our feet we wear sandals. A man wears a shirt, a pair of trousers, a tie, a suit or a jacket. On his feet he wears socks and a pair of leather shoes. A woman wears a blouse, a skirt or a dress or a suit, a pair of tights [harisnyanadrág] or stocking. Jeans never go out fashion. They are very popular with young people in all colours They are worn with long T-shirts. Tight trousers, leggings and mini skirts are also fashionable today. Girls like wearing fashion ear-rings, bracelets [karkötõ] and necklaces 2