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Source: http://www.doksinet CONFECTIONERY INDUSTRY OF UKRAINE by Assosiation "Ukrkondprom" Source: http://www.doksinet General information Confectionery industry, that employes 170,000 professionals - one of the most developed in the food industry of Ukraine. Total production capacity is over 1 million tonns per year, that meets the demand both of domestic and foreign markets. Confectionery industry of Ukraine has rich history and traditions. The majority of confectionery factories were built at the end of 19th - the beginning of 20th century. The range of products, produced by Ukrainian confectionery enterprises, reaches over 1000 items. All products are traditionally divided into three groups: sugar confectionary, chocolate products and pastry. All products are of excellent taste characteristics, original design and artwork wrapping. Also, they are certified in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP. A wide range of products are

certified in accordance with Halal principles. Confectionery factories are located in almost all regions of Ukraine Chernigov Rovno Lvov Ivano-Frankovsk Zhytomyr Kiev Cherkassy Poltava Kharkov Lugansk Vinnitsa Dnepropetrovsk Donetsk Mariupol Odessa Kherson Source: http://www.doksinet Confectionery facilities C.C Roshen, c.Vinnitsa JSC. "Konti", c.Donetsk AVK Company, c.Donetsk Corporation "Biscuite-Chokolate", c.Kharkiv ALC "ZhL", c.Zhytomyr JSC "Poltavakonditer", c.Poltava Other leading Ukrainian confectionery enterprises: LLC. "Nestle Ukraine" JSC. "Rovno confectionery factory " JSC. "Odessakonditer" LLC. "Lisova kazka" JSC. "Lasoschi" JSC. "Jasen" All enterprises are certified in accordance with the international standards: Source: http://www.doksinet Map of export Ukrainian confectionary products are exported to more than 50 countries all over the world:

Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Czechia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia; Russia, Belarus, Moldova; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan; China, Mongolia, Japan; Iraq, Israel, United Arab Emirates; Canada, United States, etc. Production and export of Ukrainian confectionary* Geography of Ukrainian confectionary export Year Production Export Export 2012 % 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 1001.6 1084.4 1116.9 1068.3 1088.4 1066.1 1074.9 1003.9 281.0 336.4 373.9 383.4 437.2 438.4 438.8 423.2 CIS countries Asian countries EU countries USA Other countries 86% 7.8% 5.6% 0.5% 0.1% *thousand tons Source: http://www.doksinet Chocolate Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts Aerated White Chocolate Aerated Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate with Sesame Seeds Milk Chocolate with Chopped Hazelnuts Brut Chocolate Aerated Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate with

Chopped Hazelnuts and Raisins Source: http://www.doksinet Wafer sweets Korolevskiy Shedevr (Royal Masterpiece) – sweets with whole nut in crispy wafer iced with milk chocolate 1.1 with almond filling, 175 g 1.2 1.3 with hazelnut filling, 175 g 1.4 with with almond filling, 300 g hazelnut filling, 300 g Na Desert (For Dessert) – delicate cream with wafer crumbs in crispy wafer iced with confectionery glaze 2.2 Na dessert (For dessert), 100 g 2.1 Na dessert (For dessert), 195 g Korolevskiy Sharm (Royal Charm), Choсolates Couturier – sweets with delicate creamy filling in crispy wafer iced with chocolate 3.1 with cream filling 3.2 with chocolate filling 3.3 with hazelnut filling Source: http://www.doksinet Wafer sweets Choсolates Couturier – sweets with delicate creamy filling in crispy wafer iced with chocolate with cream filling Confetel – non-glazed, garnished wafer sweets in the form of double crispy wafer pyramids with cocoa and milk 6. Prihot’ –

chocolates with delicate cream and wafer crumb in crispy wafer 6.1 with creamy taste Kto skazal “Mu?” (Who Said “Muuu?”) wafer sweets – sweets with soft cream filling in thin wafer shell iced with milk chocolate glaze KreAmo – sphere-shaped sweets with delicate creamy filling in crispy wafer iced with milk chocolate with chocolate filling and whole hazelnut 6.2 with chocolate taste Source: http://www.doksinet Wafer sweets Tsarskaya Nagrada (Royal Award) – sweets with whole hazelnut in crispy wafer iced with chocolate 9.1 with hazelnut filling in milk chocolate 9.2 with creamy filling in white chocolate Kto skazal “Mu?” (Who Said “Muuu?”) – multi-layered wafer with milk filling, iced with chocolate glaze 9.3 with almond filling and crushed almonds Korol’ Velikan – enlarged wafer sweets with praline filling based on coconut oil Barhat nochi (Velvet of the night ) – five-layer wafer sweets with praline filling and grated nut Gostinets vid

yizhachka (Gift prom hedgehog) With fatty filling and condensed flavour Source: http://www.doksinet Wafer sweets Tsarskaya Nagrada (Royal Award) – pyramidal crispy wafer bars with whole hazelnut, garnished and iced with chocolate glaze Kto skazal “Mu?” (Who Said “Muuu?”) – milk flavoured crispy wafer bars with glazed bottom and garnished top 14.1 Who Said “Muuu?” 14.2 Kto skazal “Mu?” (Who Said “Muuu?”) Domior – pyramidal crispy wafer bars with milk flavour, delicate chocolate cream and whole hazelnut, iced with dark chocolate Source: http://www.doksinet Sweets Source: http://www.doksinet Combined sweets Parizhel – chocolate-iced sweets with two-ply filling (jelly and condensed milk) 1.1 with creme brulee flavour 1.2 with mocha flavour 1.3 with toffee flavour 3.2 with tiramisu flavour 3.4 with mocha flavour 3.5 with toffee flavour 3.1 with creme-brulee flavour 3.3 with Irish cream flavour Source: http://www.doksinet Combined sweets

Sufleyka – three-ply sweets: frappe, souffle and lemon jelly iced with chocolate 4.1 Sufleyka Malinchello original – delicate milk jelly with raspberry filling iced with chocolate 4.2 Sufleyka Lemondini – delicate milk jelly with rich lemon filling iced with chocolate Musse – delicate milk jelly with cheesecake flavour iced with chocolate Source: http://www.doksinet Combined sweets CLYOVO! – NOUGAT mini caramel-peanuts Bagryanets – Glazed delicate praline sweets with peanuts DOBRYSHA with chokolate flavour – Dark praline-like vass with crunchy balls and caramel crumbs, covered wirh chocolate RICHWELL ITALIAN – Non-glazed delicate rougat with peanuts BATONCHYK (PRALINE BAR) – Light praline-like mass with dairy products, corn balls and pieces of peanuts ZAMIRA with baked milk flavour – glazed sweets with fondant filling Source: http://www.doksinet Combined sweets SOULE with chocolate flavour – glazed sweets with fondant filling MIRAMI with cherry

flavour – Glazed sweets with chocolate and fruit filling MOTRYA with apple jam and orange flavour – Lglazed sweets with cgocolate and fondant filling Kto skazal “Mu?” (Who Said “Muuu?”) – sweets in dark chocolate glaze with boiled condensed milk filling 1.1 Who Said “Muuu?” with classic flavour with milk Source: http://www.doksinet Praline sweets Vesennyaya Trel (Spring Warble) – praline sweets with powdered milk and wafer crumbs iced with confectionery glaze Silach Bambula with peanut – praline sweets with crushed peanut and caramel filling glazed with milk chocolate Сamelia – praline sweets with delicate filling between milk and chocolate layers iced with chocolate StarLight Toffee – praline sweets with toffee filling iced with confectionery glaze Source: http://www.doksinet Pastry Fruktberry with cherry – butter creamy – honey biscuit filled with natural cherry jam Lovely with boiled condensed milk – butter cream-honey biscuits with

condensed milk filling Zakuska k otdykhu – salted snacks. Extrusion products 3.1 with boiled crawfish flavour 3.2 with flavors sour cream and herbs 3.3 with mushroom flavour Source: http://www.doksinet Pastry Frutta – vkusnaja minuta! (Frutta – a tasty minute!) Fruktberry – cream and honey biscuit filled with fruit jam Limondi – butter biscuit with delicate filling, contains apple and orange puree Strawberry biscuit – butter biscuit with delicate filling, contains apple and strawberry puree Zavidnoe with milk filling – cocoa biscuit with milk filling Lovely Nero – chocolate filling biscuit with garnish Lovely Nero with peanuts – butter biscuit with chocolate filling and crushed peanuts Source: http://www.doksinet Pastry Dnepro – cookies of high quality flour К chau s molokom (For tea with milk) – sugar wheat golden cookies with milk Pshenichnoe so slivkami (Wheat with cream) – sugar cookies with cream Vanilnoe (Vanilla) – sugar cookies

with vanilla flavor Аrahisnoe (Peanuts) – sugar cookies with crushed peanuts Source: http://www.doksinet Pastry Bam-Buk – sladkij zvuk! (Bamboo – sweet sound!) (Kresko) – sweet snack based on extrusion technology with pine-apple, cupuasu taste, condensed milk taste, yoghurt-strawberry taste filling Mazhor (Hrusters) – sweet snack based on extrusion technology with cocoa, orange or cherry filling 22.1 Mazhor (Hrusters), 1000 g 22.2 cherry, 38 g 22.3 with cocoa, 38 g Bubochki – sweet snack based on extrusion technology with filling 23.1 with strawberry filling 23.2 with milk filling Source: http://www.doksinet Pastry BABUSYNI KORZYKY (GRANNYS BAKES) – Short dought cookies with raisins MARIA – sugar cookies with vanilin SAHARA – sugar cookies with baked milk slavour Artek – classic wafers Marletka – classic wafers 3.1 with milk 3.2 with cocoa Source: http://www.doksinet Contacts Assosiation "Ukrkondprom" Association of

confectionery, foodconcentrates and starch-syrup producers of Ukraine Ukraine 01001, c. Kiev, 3a, Mala Zhytomyrska str, ukrkondprom.comua e-mail: ukrkondprom@cyfra.net phone/fax: +38 044 279 69 13