Betekintés: Macbeth Review, Act I Questions and Answers

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Brit Lit Macbeth Review Act I 1.) In Scene ii, why does King Duncan give Macbeth a new title? Macbeth had proven himself an honorable and loyal solider who had a large role in leading Duncan’s troops to victory. 2.) In Scene iii, after greeting Macbeth as the Thane of Glamis, what two prophecies do the witches make? Thane of Cawdor and King hereafter. 3.) What is the prophecy the witches give Banquo in Scene iii? His sons (descendents) will be king. 4.) Who does Duncan name as his heir (Prince of Cumberland)? His son, Malcolm. 5.) In Scene v, what fears does Lady Macbeth express about Macbeth’s character? He is too honorable and loyal to kill his King. Why does she ask the spirits to “unsex her”? She needs to harden her emotions in order to convince Macbeth to murder. 6.) Explain Lady Macbeth’s proposed plan in Scene v? Get Duncan’s guards drunk and kill Duncan with their daggers. Replace the daggers and smear the guards with his blood. 7.) What reasons does Macbeth give

for not killing Duncan? He has lately honored him (Cawdor) and now has the King’s, as well as other Lord’s, favor. He should enjoy these new respects while he can Also, Duncan obviously trust him to come to his home. Coppola Brit Lit Macbeth Review Act II 1.) Describe the object Macbeth imagines that he sees (scene i) He sees a dagger before him that eventually becomes covered with blood. 2.) What deed is Macbeth about to commit? Murdering his king (Duncan). 3.) What has Lady Macbeth done to the king’s servants? She poisoned their drinks to make them extremely drunk. 4.) What does Lady Macbeth do with the daggers that she takes from Macbeth? She places them with the guards and smears them with Duncan’s blood. 5.) Contrast What Macbeth and Lady Macbeth say when about washing Duncan’s blood from their hands? Macbeth feels no amount of water can clear the blood on his hands (idea of his hands forever being figuratively dirty) while Lady Macbeth says “a little water will

clear us of this deed” showing that she is not mentally/emotionally affected. 6.) After Macduff has discovered Duncan’s body, Macbeth rushes in and kills the two guards. What reason does he give for doing this? He was so passionately angry at seeing the men who could do such a thing to his king that he couldn’t control his rage and killed those who should not live. 7.) Explain what Malcolm and Donalbain decide to do after learning of their father’s death and why they decide to take this action? What are they later accused of? The sons flee (Malcolm to England, Donalbain to Ireland) because they do not trust the Scottish lords and fear for their life. They are accused of convincing the guards to kill their father. Coppola Brit Lit Macbeth Review 8.) At the end of Scene iv, who is named king of Scotland? Macbeth Act III 1.) Why does Macbeth fear Banquo? What is meant by the “barren scepter” Macbeth refers to? Macbeth knows the witches said Banquo’s children will be

kings. He’s afraid Banquo will take action for the throne, just as Macbeth did. A scepter is an ornamental rod held by kings. Macbeth’s is “barren” because his line in barren, meaning his sons will never be king. 2.) Macbeth instructs murderers to kill Banquo and whom? Why? Fleance; In order to prevent the witches’ prophecy for Banquo from coming true. 3.) What reason does Macbeth give for his mind being “full of scorpions?” He can’t think or feel easy knowing Banquo and Fleace live still. 4.) What happens to Fleance? He escapes the murders. 5.) What unwelcome guest appears at Macbeth’s banquet (scene iv)? What psychological effect is achieved by this? Banquo’s ghost arrives at the feast, which is debatable whether or not Macbeth is simply hallucinating. However, he is the only one who sees him 6.) What is Macbeth’s reaction to this sight, which he alone can see? He believes they are playing a prank on him and starts reacting as though Banquo is real. 7.) What

explanation does Lady Macbeth give for her husband’s strange behavior? Macbeth has had momentary “fits” since his youth and they pass soon. Coppola Brit Lit Macbeth Review 8.) In Scene v, Lennox and a lord discuss the events in Scotland What do we learn about Malcolm and Macduff? What is Lennox’s tone? Macduff has gone to England to get Malcolm and gain the assistance of the English in overthrowing Macbeth. Lennox is optimistic Act IV: 1.) Act IV begins with Macbeth returning to the witches Three apparitions appear to Macbeth What prophecy does each give? Beware Macduff, no man worn-born can kill him and he won’t be vanquished until Birnam Wood comes to Dunisane Hill. 2.) When Macbeth insists on knowing what the future holds for Banquo’s children, what pantomime of apparitions do the witches show him? Explain why. A line of kings who all look alike followed by Banquo. One is holding a mirror They represent all of Banquo’s future generations who will be king. 3.)

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After seeing these visions and receiving news that Macduff has fled to England, what resolution does Macbeth make? He will act on his emotions and first instinct. He will send men to murder Macduff’s family. 4.) In Scene ii Ross, trying to explain to Lady Macduff why her husband has fled to England, describes what Scotland is like under Macbeth’s rule: a.) What does Ross say about Macduff? He is an honorable man who thought his actions through. b.) What does he say about Scotland? All people are afraid and uneasy 5.) What happens to Lady Macduff and her children after Ross leaves? Coppola Brit Lit Macbeth Review They are murdered on Macbeth’s orders. 6.) In Scene iii Macduff has come to England to pledge his support to Malcolm Explain how Malcolm tests his loyalty. He claims to have horrible vices and contains no royal traits. 7.) What news does Ross bring? Macduff’s family has been murdered. 8.) What action will the three men take? Gather English forces to meet with

Scottish forces to overtake Macbeth. Act V: 1.) Lady Macbeth talks while sleepwalking What are three past events she mentions? The murders of Duncan, Lady Macduff and Banquo. 2.) In Scene iii Macbeth insists on disregarding the advancing armies Why? He uses the latest prophecies as reasons of why he cannot be vanquished. 3.) What does Malcolm order his soldiers to do while they are in Birnam Wood? Cut down and carry branches to hide their numbers. 4.) What news does Macbeth receive in Scene v? Lady Macbeth is dead. 5.) How does Macbeth describe how he now views life (summarize the “Tomorrow speech”). Life only leads to death. 6.) How do the prophecies in Act IV come true in Act V? Who kills Macbeth? Who is crowned king after Macbeth’s death? Coppola Brit Lit Macbeth Review Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane Hill, Macduff was born of a “C-section” and Malcolm is king. 7). Is Macbeth a tragic hero? What is his tragic flaw? His lust for power and his self-confidence/false

sense of security. 8.) Did Macbeth have seeds of ruthless ambition before he received the prophecies from the witches, or did the witches plant the seeds? Were his actions of his own making or did others influence him? In the end, who is ultimately responsible for the various murders and Macbeth’s downfall? Coppola